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Answer to Ad

I was leafing through the ads in a sex magazine when I ran across an ad that looked
interesting. There was a couple in their early forties that was looking for a man to join
them for a threesome. The man was to be between the ages of 35 and 55 and have a cock
at least 7 1/2′” long. They also wanted him to be Caucasian and taller than 5′ 10″ l and
be of athletic build. Since I fit all the requirements I called them and they seemed very
interested. They asked if I could send an email with a full body picture, preferably with a
hard on showing. I told them that would not be a problem. I sent the picture and heard
back almost immediately. We set a time and place to meet. They wanted to meet in a
neutral place so we decided to meet in a quiet restaurant.

I showed up on time and they were already there. I joined them at the table and was
pleasantly surprised. The wife was really sexy looking and very warm. The husband was
a bit nerdy looking but actually attractive too. They seemed to approve of me also. We
ordered and had some interesting chat while eating. Her name was Lana and he was
Dave. He explained that Lana was much more highly sexed than he and he had trouble
keeping up with her. But other than the sexual thing they had a great marriage. They
told me how much they liked my picture and asked how big I really was. I said I was 8
½” long and about 6 ¾”s around. Dave asked if we could go in the rest room so I could
show him. I was a little apprehensive about that but said it would be ok. I told him I
would go in and get it hard and he could come in and see. He said that would be fine. I
got up and went into the restroom. There was an empty booth so I went in and dropped
my pants and played with myself for a couple of minutes and soon had a nice hard on.
The door to the restroom opened and it was Dave. He walked over to the booth and
opened the door. I was just standing there with my cock sticking straight out. He said,
“Wow it’s even more impressive in person”. He reached out and grasped it firmly and
said, “Lana is going to love it”. He stroked it a couple of times and turned and left. I
rejoined them at the table and we finished our meal. Lana had her hand in my lap a few
times feeling my cock through my slacks.

I followed them to their home and we went inside. Judging from the house they certainly
weren’t poor. Dave fixed us all a drink and Lana went off to get “more comfortable”.
Dave showed me around the house and it was impressive. We went back to the family
room and Lana was back. My cock jumped at the sight of her. She had on a short see-
thru robe and very little else. She had some body for a 40 year old. She came over to me
and gave me a big hug. “Hmmmm”, she said, I notice that you have something nice
waiting for me. She reached down and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. My
cock was straining at my shorts, trying to get out. She dropped to her knees and pulled
my pants and shorts down and I was swinging free. She gasped and said, “Oh my it is
magnificent”. She hefted my balls and grasped my shaft. I looked over at Dave. He was
grinning from ear to ear and was getting undressed. Lana held my cock in both hands
and licked the head. I removed the rest of my clothes and stepped out of my shorts and
pants. Lana led me by my dick to the bedroom. Dave was right behind us. He was hard
too. His cock looked to be about 6″ and kind of slim. Dave lay on the bed on his back
and Lana straddled his head with her head at his crotch. She started to suck his cock as
he licked her pussy. Lana said, “Get behind me Larry and fuck me as Dave eats my
Pussy”. I got on the bed and positioned my self to slide my dick into Lana’s cunt. I
started to slide it in but found she was very tight. I pushed a little harder and it went in.
She gasped as I slid it home. I held onto her hips and pumped in and out. I could see her
head bobbing up and down on Dave’s cock. I usually am a slow cummer but she was so
tight that I didn’t know how long I could last. I heard Dave sigh as he unloaded into
Lana’s mouth. Then I felt something warm on my balls. Dave was lick and sucking my
balls. I was really slamming it to Lana now. I had her big tits in my hands, rolling her
nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. It felt like Dave had both of my balls in
his mouth now. Lana was still sucking his cock. My cock slipped out and went down
under Lana’s belly and Dave instantly had my cock in his mouth. I gave his mouth
several strokes and then went back to Lana’s cunt. I was getting close to cumming. I
was stroking hard and fast and Dave had a finger up my ass. He was also licking and
sucking my balls. I screamed “Here I CUMMMMM”. Lana jammed her pussy back on
my cock and I shot a huge load into her pussy. Dave was massaging my prostate and
sucking my balls. It was probably the best orgasm I ever had. I held my cock deep in
Lana until I stopped cumming. When I pulled out Dave instantly sucked me into his
mouth and sucked and licked me clean. Lana turned around and French kissed me. I
could taste Dave’s cum on her tongue. We rested for a few moments and then Lana had
me in her mouth. She soon had me hard again. She lay on her back and said, “Fuck me
again Larry”. I got on top of her and slid it in. It went in easy this time. I sucked on her
nipples and slowly fucked her. After a few minutes of fucking I felt something warm on
my ass. I looked over my shoulder and Dave was licking my ass. He licked his way
down to my ass hole. He stuck his tongue into my hole. It was kind of disgusting but it
felt great. Then he licked my balls. I felt his finger poking my ass hole and he soon had
a couple of fingers in my ass. Then he pulled them out and I felt something else probing
me, it was his cock. A man had never before fucked me. I started to protest, but Lana
pulled my head down and kissed me. Then I felt his cock head entering my ass. It didn’t
hurt much, probably because I was pretty excited and his cock was slim. We soon got
into a rhythm. After a while his cock felt good in my ass. Lana said, “Ohhh I am
cumming, aaahhhhh”. Dave said, “So am I”. This set me off too and we all three came
close together. I ground my cock deep into Lana and Dave did the same to me.

After that we rested and lay side-by-side on the bed and talked. I told Dave that he was
the first guy who had ever fucked me and that I wanted to fuck him too. He said he
didn’t think he could take me up his ass. I said that he wouldn’t know until we tried.
Lana thought it was a great idea. We all dozed off and I awoke with Dave sucking on my
dick. Lana was fixing us a drink. I lay bay back and pushed Dave’s head down on my
dick until I could feel the back of his throat. Lana was back with the drinks and a jar of
Vaseline. She set the drinks down and proceeded to grease up Dave’s ass hole with the
Vaseline. He then pulled off my dick and she did the same to my cock. Dave was
already on his hands and knees. I got behind him and placed my cock at his ass hole. I
stared to push in and he pushed back. He grunted and groaned but we couldn’t get it in. I
grasped his hips and carefully putting my cock tip in the right spot gave a mighty shove
and the head popped in. Dave screamed “Oh god that hurt, but keep on”. It went in
easier after that. Soon I was all the way in. Lana had video taped the whole thing. I held
his hips and started to stroke in and out. His cock was hard as rock so I stroked him as I
fucked him. The friction in his ass was so great that I was soon ready to cum. I began to
hammer in and out. Lana was still taping the event. I left out a roar and blew my load
deep into his ass. He shot also, all over my hand. After I came I slowly pulled my dick
from his ass. It pulled out with a popping noise and cum dribbled out of his ass hole.
Lana set the camera down and came over and gave me a big kiss. She said’ “This is the
best fucking sex we have ever had and we still have the rest of the weekend to go”.

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    that was great!!!! I love the role change and you kept it intresting hope you write more soon.

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