Are you really openminded

I have always been attracted to females who wear stockings with garter belts and sexy lingrie.After reading a story in some magazine where a married man dressed up in some of his wife’s lingerie and he recommended to others to try doing the same-I did.My first experience with same sex was with a neighborhood friend.We experimented with seeing each others cocks,rubbing our cocks together,stroking each other and to sucking each other.This led to my preference and his,that I be the one who does the sucking.The only part was that he did not know what I was wearing under my pants and shirt.Which was a garter belt,stockings,panty’s and a bra.In a few cases I have not worn these and did not feel up to sucking his cock.I have found it to be more pleasurable to be wearing these items under my clothes when I suck cock.Later on a married man caught me peeking in a window one night and seemed to convince me to suck his cock as a way of his not turning me in to the police.He also seemed to enjoy having me suck his cock and suggested we meet three times a week.That went on for several months until he stopped showing up.He also never knew what I was wearing under my clothes.I have since wanted
to have a similar sort of arrangement with someone else.Over the years I have corresponded with various people and related to them honestly what I am into.The thing is,I shave all my body hair and dress up in feminine items which go as far as wearing a wig,heels,skirt and top,but have not been able to get into the aspect of
makeup application.So,I’m not passable as the saying goes.Around where I live,I have found many married men who are turned on by how I dress up,as they have a wife who will not wear what I do.They also like the idea that I will play the female role by sucking them off,swallowing their cum,licking their cock clean and in some cases I even take a cock up my ass.I should also mention that I have met single females,married couples and single males too.The majority being married males.It also seems that males will say anything to get me to suck them off and to fuck me.Meaning that they are dishonest and consider me as just a hole to put their cock in and to get themselves off in.I have also come to understand how selfish some or most males are in regard to sex too.Meaning why many females stop having sex with their husbands.That is why many married men turn to other sources for sexual gratification.Well,some females also turn to other sources for getting themselves off too.I do not consider myself as gay.I am attracted to females the same way that most men are attracted to females.For me,I have to be dressed up as a female to have sex with a man or others.Most females do not seem very receptive to what I am into.Or at least they do not let on that they are.I have corresponded with some and met a few who claimed to be receptive to me as I am.I often find that i fantasize alot about encounters where the person or persons are receptive to me as I am.Even too,where the person does not know what I really am.Some females who I have corresponded relate about doing me up in makeup to make me look like a female,but I have my doubts as to whether it is really possible to do so.Most of the time I dress up and drive to distant places and tend to sit parked in my vehicle.At night when nobody else is around,I step out and go for walks into parks and conservation areas.Although it does not happen very often or as often as I would like,once in awhile I have by chance met up with an individual who seems to be receptive to me as I am.I must admit that this does not always turn into something sexual.As I am not pushy about getting into anything.Sometimes the person just talks wanting answers to questions.I think later after he leaves,he probably jerks himself off thinking about what he would have liked to have me doing.Sometimes I have sucked a man’s cock,swallowed his cum and licked his cock clean.But,like I said,it does not happen as often as I would like.So,I sit parked in my vehicle,view porn on my laptop,fantasize and play with myself in hopes of meeting someone who is receptive to how I am.

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