At The Bar

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Mara was a girl I met at a bar one night, we were both bored sitting on those tall bar stools, slowing stirring our drinks. She leaned over and said, “Hello,” softly into my ear.
I was startled and I laughed a bit uncomfortably. She smiled. I had always been attracted to girls and had lesbian fantasies, and she was really turning me on.

“I’m Mara,” she held her hand out; she wanted me to kiss it. I just stared at her finely manicured nails and long fingers, imagining them deep inside of me.

I slowly leaned forward and kissed her hand; she laughed and pulled it away staring at me intently. “What’s your name?” she asked me.

“Julia,” I replied.

“This place is a little boring, don’t you think?” She slowly rubbed her hand up my leg and briefly rubbed my pussy with her index finger..

I looked around nervously, but no one noticed us, we were in the dark in the corner of the bar.

We flirted all night and bought each other drinks; Mara continued to tease me, grabbing my hard nipples and biting my neck.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom, but Mara said she wanted to come with me. She was smiling and making me nervous and excited, I was really wet.

I went to the bathroom, when I came out Mara was smiling and leaning against the bathroom counter, “You’re fucking hot,” she said and grabbed my ass.

I washed my hands and thought about how insane this night was turning out, I had come to the bar alone; I was a little depressed as I had just moved to this area. I was hoping to meet a guy, but meeting Mara seemed to be a lot better.

“How old are you?” Mara asked me, her green eyes were filled with lust and I wanted to grab her tits so bad.

“I’m 20,” I said a bit breathlessly, “And you.”

“I’m 19. Would you like to come home with me?”

I was a bit put off by this question. Although I was hoping to go home with this blonde bombshell, I was still taken off guard.

“I think you’re really fucking hot and I love to fuck girls, I want you. I know you’ve never done this, I can see it in your eyes, I want to be your first,” she leaned close to me and then began kissing me. She parted my mouth with her tongue and I immediately felt hot and bothered. “I’m gonna fuck you good,” she licked my ear and rubbed my pussy.

I was speechless as she grabbed my hand and led me from the bar.

Mara took me to her bedroom and practically flung me on her bed. She stripped my pants off, and stuck her two middle fingers deep in my wet pussy. I moaned softly, and kissed her lips.

“Take your shirt off, I wanna see your tits,” she demanded.

I did as she said, she began sucking my left nipple, squeezing my right and fingering my cunt as I rocked my hips and practically screamed with pleasure.

She stripped down, to show me her beautiful firm tits, her nipples were very small and erect, and she had a large clit which hung from her pussy.

I reached out to touch her, but she said no, she just wanted to get me off.

She pulled out a large dildo, and told me to turn over and get on my knees. She took me from behind, and played with my clit. Then she pulled me up by my hair so she could play with my tits from behind. I came hard, and she told me she liked my cum, and next time she wanted it on her face.

But, she wasn’t done fucking me, she had me pressed against the wall now, my ass sticking out so she could fuck my pussy right. I felt her stick her finger into my tiny asshole, and I said no.

“Oh, you’re gonna take it girl,” she said in reply.

I tried to pull away, but she yanked my hair and told me to just accept it, not to fight her.

Her finger penetrated me, and she still rammed the large dildo deep inside me, I was moaning and she knew I wanted her to fuck my ass.

I felt the large dildo gently pushing into my ass, I was afraid, but I wanted it so bad, I began to shake.

“That’s right, Julia, you want it.”

She pushed it in slowly, maybe taking 10 minutes to get it all the way in. All the while she grabbed my tits and pinched my clit, telling me I was a good girl to take it up my ass.

When she got in she fucked me with it hard, pulling it practically all the way out and then ramming it back in, I came twice and she laughed and said I was so good and horny she’d like to fuck me all night long.

When finally she stopped, I lay spent on her bed.

“You’re so good Julia, mmm, fucking your ass was amazing, and your pussy is sweet. Next time I’m gonna tie you up and eat you out for an hour before I fuck you. And when I fuck you I want you to scream my name, and beg for more…”

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  1. WillardS

    Very good! You got me hard and kept me hard, honey. I want to read more of your work…with guys involved…

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  2. horny_gal

    that was a very good story i was masturbating over it for ages more stories like this please

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  3. kinkycassyuk1

    mmmmmmm wow i love it got my pussy throbbing so much i had to play and lick my fingers afterwards mmmmmmmm i love to taste my own cum more please :-)

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