Back at the Book Store, Part 2

“So do you think I have read any of this woman’s books?” my wife, Mary, asked as she stepped into her panties.
“Oh, I doubt it,” I replied, buttoning my shirt. “She writes about anthropology and stuff, not really women’s subjects.”
“What do you mean, not women’s subjects?” Mary replied snippily as she drew a bra up to cover her small but perky tits. “What makes you think women aren’t interested in serious subjects?”
“No offense,” I said quickly, because I didn’t want to begin the evening with an argument. I had strong doubts about how it was going to go, anyway.
Mary already had her back up. She had been wondering aloud why a guy who owned a small suburban bookstore would be entertaining an author. That had never happened to me before. And why did Mary have to put herself out, she demanded, letting it be known that she would rather spend the evening watching TV sit-coms. So much for the intellectuality of women–at least, MY woman.
“I suppose this lady author is a dried up old prune,” Mary suggested while slipping into a trim little dress.
“On the contrary,” I said. “She is young and attractive.”
Mary looked at me, and I wasn’t sure what she was going to say next. Actually she said nothing. But at least she quit bitching, and that was good enough for me.
I had done a lot of thinking since Angela had suggested this crazy threesome, asking myself whether I really wanted to retain my marriage on any basis, and I wasn’t sure. Mary had been cold as ice toward me for quite some time and had given me no reason to look forward to a thaw. Also, I had never gotten an inkling that she was secretly interested in having sex with a girl, as Angela suspected. I had concluded that sex didn’t really mean much to Mary at all. There were people who were like that, I had read.
Looking over at her now, standing there in her white bra and panties, she didn’t have much sex appeal. But that was only because I knew her. She had pushed me away too many times. A stranger would no doubt consider her cute with her little turned-up nose and her blonde hair that bobbed just above her shoulders. Coming from a long line of Swedes, she was a real blonde, and that should have thrilled me in the bedroom, I suppose. It did once. But what was the use of golden curlies on a refrigerator door? Could Angela turn that fridge into a toaster-oven? I was very doubtful, but anything was worth a try, since I had just about reached the point of no return.
The idea of a menage-a-trois aroused mixed feelings in me. Perhaps it would be a kick for awhile, if it worked, but then what? And if it DIDN’T work? What if Angela didn’t like Mary or Mary wouldn’t touch a gal? Well, at least I would be no worse off than I was now.

Dinner went smoothly. Mary was a clever cook with light Frenchy things, and Angela put out a line of patter about anthropology that made me think she might have worked this scam before. I didn’t care. I knew she was a smart lady, and I felt she had been straight-forward with me. That was what I most appreciated about her–that and her sizzling sexuality. She was the hottest woman I had ever known. What a contrast I had at my table that night!
“I wish you had brought a copy of your new book,” Mary told our brunette guest and bestowed on her a sweet smile as we enjoyed our creme brulee. My wife was showing more personality this evening than she had in a long while. That, I figured, was inspired by the fact that Angela was lavishing attention on her. I didn’t mind since I knew what Angela was up to, and I was secure in the belief that she really wanted me and not my wife. Oh, she would play with Mary if Mary would play, but I was numero uno.
“I didn’t bring a copy because I doubted if you would have any interest in such a dry subject as anthropology,” Angela said. “But I’ll sign one at Will’s shop and he can bring it to you. Incidentally, it’s called ‘Ancient Man in the Crimea’ by George Summerville. That’s me. I write all kinds of different stuff so I always use pen-names.”
Mary seemed to accept that, but I nearly fell through the floor. There really was a book by that title, and the writer was an old fart who taught at Yale. Angela obviously had seen the display in my store. Pretenses came very easy to her, I was finding out, and that made me uneasy. It didn’t jibe with what I thought I knew about the lady I had fallen in love with. But I shrugged off any incipient doubt and tried to prepare for interesting developments. They weren’t long in coming.
We settled down in the living room on pillows which Angela had scattered on the floor, taking charge in a way that surprised me. She immediately moved close to Mary and purred, “You are such a pretty young woman! You make me wish I were a man.”
I gulped. What happened to subtlety? But evidently it wasn’t needed in this case because Mary glowed in response. I gazed in fascination as Angela took Mary’s hand in hers and asked, “May I kiss you?”
Another shock. Perhaps the whole evening would blow up. But no. Mary blinked, showing that she too was taken by surprise, but she clearly was not offended. After a moment, she giggled, and Angela swooped in for the kill. As they kissed, I couldn’t tell if she slipped Mary some tongue, but I believed she did because Mary suddenly grabbed hold around Angela’s back, and they smooched like a guy and gal. My cock began to harden.
From that point on, there was no doubt in the world what was going to happen. Mary started watching me closely to see my reaction, and I knew from the look on her pretty face that this was something she had wanted for a long time, something she might even have tried in the past but had never told me about.
Though uneasy as hell, I forced a grin. “Hey, you girls are really getting it on!” Angela was passing a hand across Mary’s breasts and smiling warmly at her. She nibbled at Mary’s lips, and I saw a flash of tongue then. My WIFE’S tongue. Ye Gods, I had lived with her for three years and never had a clue!
Glancing at me, Angela caught my look of consternation and purred, “Don’t worry about it, Will. We’re just having fun, aren’t we, Mary? It doesn’t mean we’re queer or anything.”
Mary squirmed pleasurably to the touch of Angela’s hand which was now blatantly rubbing her tits. I couldn’t help touching the bulge in my left pants-leg. While Mary had her eyes closed, Angela winked at me as if to say she was doing this for US, but I was no longer certain. However, I was caught up in what was happening, and it was sure as hell too late to stop it.
Mary continued laughing as Angela began to disrobe her. Now it was my wife’s turn to solicit my approval: “May we just play, Will? You don’t really mind, do you?” she persisted.
“No…no, of course not,” I managed to reply, though I was astounded. Mary wasn’t drunk, I knew that. She’d had only two glasses of wine and hadn’t even finished the second. The obvious fact was that my wife was into girls! So how come Angela had known that and I hadn’t? Was it just a lucky guess? I had lots of things to think about, but this wasn’t the time.
Mary’s dress came off, and Angela began kissing her body. I was very hot, and I had reached a what-the-hell stage. Just look at what the two women in my life were doing and, though they had made solicitous remarks, they obviously didn’t care whether I approved or not. They were going to do what they were going to do regardless.
I decided to be just as daring and unzipped my pants, taking out my cock. It was long and still a bit limber, but as soon as it was in the open it assumed the rigidity of a flagpole, with a knob instead of a flag at the end of it. I stroked my dick slowly as I watched the two women writhe on the pillows, my slender blonde wife and my voluptuous brunette girlfriend who once more was dressed in mannish pants and shirt. I wondered if the only skirt she owned was the one she wore that first day, when she came to my store to seduce me.
You see, I WAS doing some thinking about the situatio
n I was in, but I couldn’t carry it very far because I was too caught up in the excitement of the scene before me. Gazing at the girls who were getting it on, I slowly stroked my hard cock up and down.
Angela removed Mary’s bra, murmured “oh, how pretty!” and began to lick her rigid pink nipples. Mary squirmed, obviously in heaven. She had her eyes closed and was breathing hard. She was hotter than she had ever been with me.
The brunette aggressor slipped off my wife’s panties and, still fully clothed herself, lifted Mary’s sleek legs and spread them wide apart. I just sat there and stared while playing with myself. Strangely, I felt a new sense of freedom. What the hell, indeed! It seemed that no restrictions mattered any more.
Angela bowed into the V of my wife’s thighs, and her tongue traced the fissure in Mary’s sparse growth of blonde hairs, gradually sinking into her oozing slit. “Ooh…ooh…ooh…” my wife panted as her hands threaded into the hair on Angela’s burrowing head, gripping tightly as the wiser and more worldly woman slurped up the sweetness of her cunt. Mary obviously didn’t give a fig for me at that moment. Neither woman did. So I just sat and stroked my cock while I watched the two of them cavort.
I didn’t feel like a fool, as you might assume. I felt fucking FREE for the first time in my life. I stroked my prick pleasurably, as I had been doing almost daily since my marriage had gone into the deep freeze. I watched Angela put a hand into play, joining her mouth on my wife’s pussy. Two slender fingers stroked in and out of Mary’s joy-hole. Angela finally pulled them free with a sucking pop and brought them up to Mary’s face, offering them to her mouth.
Mary eagerly sucked the fingers that were coated with her own pussy juice, and that was the last straw for me. On my knees, still wearing all my clothes, with my dick sticking out and upward from my open fly, I scrambled closer to my wife. As Angela once more dived between Mary’s legs and resumed licking her, I gripped Mary’s blonde head and turned it toward me. Her eyes popped open and I feared she might reject the rock-hard erection that I was holding down and pointing toward her face. Instead, she thrilled me by moving her mouth to it, stuck out her tongue, and began licking the head of my cock. My extremely aroused pecker quivered and seemed to grow even harder as Mary’s pink tongue swirled all around and over it, and she made excited little sounds in her throat.
Was this the Mary I knew? Was anything that happened at that place and time REAL? I had to believe it because it was happening before my eyes. Mary opened her mouth and let her lips crawl completely around my fat cock-head, taking it in. I stroked my love-maker slowly in and out of her mouth as my girlfriend continued pleasuring her down below. I reached and caressed Angela’s bottom through her trousers. My God, I was enjoying myself–really enjoying myself–and I didn’t give a damn.
Finally Angela raised herself from Mary’s now very wet and open crotch and began stripping her clothes off. She made short work of them. I decided to do the same. Mary sat up on a pillow and looked a bit apprehensively at me, with my stiff dick bobbing about as I got rid of the last items of clothing, my socks. Then she glanced at nude Angela, who was just tossing her final garment aside, and her look turned to one of adoration.
Well, that made it clear! My wife was a lesbian, and I had never known it though Angela had, without having met her! That defied explanation. However, I had reached the point where I didn’t care as Angela sprawled atop my wife, mashing her full breasts against Mary’s small ones, and they kissed some more.
I gazed at Angela’s ass, the cheeky ass that had so excited me from the first time we met, and I bowed to lick its perfectly contoured divisions, which were quivering now as Angela squirmed. My eager tongue stroked her satiny buttocks and I gripped them, squeezing the pliant flesh, my thumbs in her crack. Spreading her butt-cheeks apart, I licked up and down between them and drooled saliva into the enticing dimple that dwelled there.
The women, who seemed oblivious to me now, changed positions. This time Angela stretched out on her back, her tits wobbling to a stop, nipples standing rigidly erect, and my wife settled atop her. Mary immediately attacked the other woman’s boobs with her ardent mouth. It was quite something to watch my wife’s pink lips surround one of Angela’s nipples and tug it way up, then let it go with a snap, making her titty quiver. Now her tongue came out to lick all around the pebbly aureola while the passionate brunette stroked my wife’s blonde head and murmured sweet sounds. Neither woman seemed to give a damn whether I was there or in Mongolia. I went back to stroking my dick as I watched them.
Mary’s mouth meandered down my girlfriend’s delightful body, pausing at her navel to take a lick, and then it snaked into Angela’s dark bush. The latter spread her legs very wide, lifting them. Without the slightest hesitation, my sweet wife accepted the invitation, and she who always had acted as if she was doing me the world’s biggest favor when she let me put my cock in her mouth, began to eat Angela’s cunt, eagerly and with intense pleasure. I stroked my cock harder.
I looked at Mary’s slender bottom twisting in the air while she squirmed between her lady lover’s legs, and I got behind her. I had wasted enough time watching. I decided to get in on the action now. Gripping my stiff pecker in my fist, I wiggled the head of it into Mary’s cuntal folds, which were swollen to the max, wet and open because of the ministrations of Angela’s mouth. I sank my hard cock all the way into her, and began to fuck my sweet wife from behind as she licked and sucked Angela’s pussy.
Mary raised her head long enough to gasp but then returned to her passionate cunnilingus. As I pumped my prick in and out of her, fucking her as hard and fast as I could, Angela smiled up at me with great satisfaction, as if to say “isn’t this cozy?” I didn’t know what to think except that it was mighty weird. Still, I was excited like never before in my life.
The girls were grabbing orgasms. I caught indications of that, but I didn’t really care. I was detached, interested only in pleasuring myself any way I could with these two women, both of whom had been my lovers but whom I had just discovered I did not really know.
I pulled my dick out of Mary’s hot little fuck-hole and moved up to climb astride Angela’s face. She didn’t seem to mind in the least, and I helped prop her head up so that she could lick my dangling balls. I moved back a bit, using my free hand to tilt my pecker down, and her moist, velvety tongue made love to the head of it. All the while she looked up at me, letting our eyes commune just as she had when it was only the two of us getting it on. She really did respond to both a woman and a man…and at the same time.
Angela took the head of my cock into her mouth and, as I sprawled above her face, supporting myself as best I could, I slowly stroked my boner in and out. Her sucking lips were like a plush elastic band around my shaft, skidding up and down across my very sensitive ridge and taking me to Nirvana. She shut her eyes, obviously enjoying the taste and mouth-stuffing presence of my prick while she also enjoyed Mary’s mouth upon her most sensitive region.
Suddenly I was emboldened to take total charge. After all, I was the man of the house! I took my cock away from Angela, and her eyes popped open. I swung off of her and reached down to dislodge my wife from between her thighs. Both women looked at me a little glassy eyed, and Mary’s mouth was wet with my girlfriend’s honey.
“Stretch out on your bellies, both of you, side by side,” I ordered, my voice husky with excitement but very much in command. The women complied, both of them as docile now as lambs. It was amazing.
Kneeling beside them, I looked at both of their pretty bottoms an
d decided that they had to be punished
for being lesbian sluts. I began to spank them, first Angela then Mary, then back again. Pop! Pop! Pop! My hand came slapping down upon their quivering, wobbling ass-cheeks. They yelped and gasped. Mary said, “No…no…no!” Angela moaned…excitedly.
I kept spanking both women, using both hands–slap, slap, slap–their bottoms doing an erotic dance beneath my punishing palms. Their asses turned pink. They yipped and yapped, but strangely they didn’t try to get up, and when I grasped my wife by the hips and boosted her bottom in the air, forcing her to pull her knees forward, she cooperated without complaint. I next boosted Angela, and she went along with it as well.
So I had the lovely asses of both ladies aimed at me, and I admired the slits of their pussies, one lined with blonde hair and the other with dark, which peeped at me from between the tops of their thighs. I grasped my throbbing cock and moved up to the tempting erotic targets that the women displayed.
I first favored my wife because it seemed only fair, wiggling my dick into her cushy split and lodging it deeply in her love channel. Pumping in and out, I rippled her cunt-walls with the horny ridge of my dong. Mary’s face was right up against Angela’s, and they were kissing as I fucked my cock in and out of my wife’s blonde pussy. She ground her hips, bumping back against me, and made excited little sounds, but was her excitement caused more by my cock thrusts or by Angela’s tongue-licking kisses? I was beyond caring. All I knew was that Mary hadn’t responded to my lovemaking so ardently in a long time.
After while I withdrew from Mary and switched to Angela’s upturned bottom, swabbing my tallywhacker up and down in her crack and teasing her by rubbing it across her anus before I wiggled it into her pussy with my hand around the shaft. I began to pump, fucking Angela hard, slamming my straight front against her bouncy buttocks.
She tore her mouth from Mary’s to cry, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” in time with my lusty thrusts, letting me know that she really appreciated them despite the fact that she had a pretty young woman lying next to her.
I rolled both women over and fucked each of them from on top. Then I let them take turns sitting atop me and bouncing up and down on my passion prong. Angela’s big tits bobbed and I enjoyed squeezing and rolling them while she energetically fucked me. Mary’s smaller boobies only quivered, but her pink nipples stuck way out, and I tweaked them.
Anxious to re-mount me, Angela urged Mary to scramble forward astride my face. My wife mashed her dripping pussy down onto my mouth, and my tongue stuck way up inside her while hot Angela screwed my cock.
Finally it became more than I could take, and I slapped both women on their flanks. “Get off!” I blubbered against my wife’s wet cunt, and they both complied, which pleased me a lot because “getting off” was exactly what I had to do…in a hurry. I stretched out on my back, the women kneeling at either side of me.
“Jack me off, both of you!” I ordered, and they each put a hand around my shaft, starting to stroke in unison as they gazed at my big upthrust schlong, its rosy knob swelling more ominously with each down-stroke of their squeezing fingers.
“Aw, shit!” I exclaimed. “Lick it, you bitches, lick it!” The nasty name revealed my disillusionment with both women and also demonstrated my extreme lust, which was in the driver’s seat as I bumped upward through the squeezing circles of the women’s hands and their tongues flicked against my hot cock-head.
My corona swelled, and I let out a yell, my hard shaft twitching in the females’ grasp. Milky cum geysered upward from the expanding slit at the end of my organ. The first spurt struck Angela’s cheek. I growled and kept jerking, my next shot catching Mary on her lips.
Angela crowded my wife out of the way and fastened her mouth onto the pulsating head of my pecker to suck me as I kept erupting, now shooting my hot, thick semen into her mouth and throat. As she swallowed convulsively, the involuntary compression of my bulbous cock-head caused me to spurt even more. Angela took all of it. Mary had fallen away but was running her tongue over her lips, tasting my semen, which was something she had never done before.
The three of us lay on the scattered pillows, breathing hard, and I tried to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Finally I said, “Angela, you’ve got to tell me–how did you know Mary would go for this?”
She sat up with a smile. “An intimate girlfriend of mine described a girl she knew from college who had married a guy who owned a book store in this town. Well, business brought me here so I started checking out the stores. There are three, as you know, and two are owned by women.”
“Yes, but…”
“My friend said her college chum was very, very hot for girls.”
“Is that the reputation you had in school?” I asked Mary, dumbfounded because I had never suspected such a thing.
“Believe me, I fought it, wanting to be straight, and I do like straight sex. But I need the other, too. Finally I got so depressed that I didn’t want to have sex at all.” My wife looked at me, seeking my understanding. “I love you, Will,” she went on, “and I’m crazy about Angela. She’s perfect.”
“Yes, keep me!” Angela begged. “I’ll love both of you…whenever I can get to town, that is.”
I stared from one woman to the other, then gave each of them a great big kiss. After that, the three of us rolled into a ball, our arms wrapped tightly around each other, and we rocked to and fro on the pillows, laughing.

(Author’s note: Readers, please send me your comments. Also, I would appreciate suggestions for future story ideas. What do you say, ladies?)

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Back at the Book Store, Part 2, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. bakaw00t

    hehe! yay i like your stories..!

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  2. Dennis North

    Part 2 is better than the first. I hope you develop this story further.

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  3. klasp31

    Your writing is so visual to me, that is why it turns me on.

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  4. Jingellica

    I agree with Dennis – I wouldn’t mind seeing what these three get up to next ;-) No suggestions for topics. I know it can be difficult to write something that seems fresh and new (from my experience, just how many ways can I punish this slave? just how many ways can she be fucked that isn’t been done to death elsewhere?) but I think it’s probably best to go with what arouses you, with a slight twist every now and then.

    Wish you the best.


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  5. nurselori

    I was happy to read the very happy ending. Keep on writing. I’m a fan, will read all your stuff.
    Topics for further discussion? A husband brings home his old buddy, and shares his wifes oral talents. Just a dream……

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  6. mystic

    All your stories are great. Plot idea; shy woman gets dumped by her man for a hot babe, so she wants to become a “slut” to get him back. She finds a man to teach her how. He takes her through all of the various ways to be slutty. She finds delight in all the different ways and with men and women. What do you think?

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