BARELY HANGING ON (perfection part 3)

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Tra was told to bring the drinks. She did so. First depositing the sissy drink of the other woman in her perfectly manicured hand. The man came next. As she placed his drink in his hand she watched as his eyes stared intently at her nicely tanned tits. The tops almost spilling from the lacy bra. Her nipples hardening more at the smoldering look he gave her. His tongue traced his lips, his mouth gone dry. He shifted his hips. The movement causing her to glance into his lap. His cock jumped and her eyes flew back to his face. He grinned. A lecherous grin, that made her look away and to her Master for help. He motion for his drink. The move to hand it to him pointed her delectable ass in the leeches direction. The feel of a wet tongue on her cheek, caused Tra to jump and almost spill his drink in his lap.
As bad as Master felt for her, he couldnt help but smile. She should know to anticipate any touch, when they are with others. Altho he sternly reprimanded her for not paying attention, it didnt show in his eyes. There was only sympathy for her embarassment.

For a while the guys talked as the pets sat at their Masters feet. Every so often Master would touch Tra intimately. Either a brush of breast, a tweak of a nipple, a graze of his fingers along the edge or her panties. Twice he let his hand slip along the warm, wet fabric between her legs. She was breathing heavy and squirming. Partly wishing Master would get on with it. Kind of glad he hadnt.

Apparently the other man was thinking the same thing. He stood, and called his pet to him. She knelt at his feet. Head bowed. There was an almost broken look about her. Tra was again reminded that she was lucky and Loved. She watched as the man told his pet to suck his cock. She looked up and hesitated. The resounding slap made Tra cringe. Master jumped up and took hold of the man’s hand. “There is no need for that here.” The man looked sorry and gently kissed and apologized to his pet. Something rarely seen among owners.

Master took hold of Tras hand and asked if she would like a shot. She nodded and he immediately poured her one. He waited for her to swallow her shot and then took her mouth in a hungry kiss, that told her he was done playing nice. His hands wrapped themselves in her hair and he ground his mouth into hers. Their tongues dueled and faught. Her breathing rasping out. She clutched at his shirt. Pressed her pussy into his hardened cock. He picked her up and she wrapped her long silky legs around his hips. The heat of her snatch burning into his pants. He could feel the throbbing of her sex calling to his cock. His hands gripped her hips hard and he drove his tongue deeper into her mouth. She accepted without hesitation. Driving back with her own. She wrapped tighter around him and started rocking her swollen, aching bud against his jean clad hardness. He tore from her mouth, devouring her neck. Biting and licking her collar bone.
His breathing came in a harsh in and out pattern. He undid the clasp to her bra. Freeing her beautiful tits. His mouth covered one nipple and the the other, sucking like a starving babe. He was emiting little moans of delight. His hands pulling her hard against him.

The man stopped the slow petting of his own slave and walked up to the writhing couple he put his hand between them feeling the sopping wetness of her panties and the precum soaking his jeans. “Hey bro, your loosing control here.”, he said.

Slowly as if in a drug induced fog, Master looks to his associate and his words register. He looks at Tras kiss swollen lips and the bite marks on her neck. Her naked breasts, down her heaving belly to the spot where they are still clothed but joined as closely as possible. He suddenly feels the wetness of his clothes. The aching hardness of his cock. The tightness of her thighs around his waist.

He looked at her face, her heavy eyelids and the blazing fire told him she was almost ready. He couldnt believe how close hed come to being enslaved by her.

He set her down a little more harshly then intended and order her to the previous room. She walked into the ajoining bedroom, closely followed by the other couple. She could hear the man telling his pet, “see thats how you should behave. Do it the first time you are told.” Again Tra caught the underlining jealousy as the woman, dipped her head and mumbled,” And we are not all so lucky to have him”, she angled her eyes in Masters direction, “as their Master”.

After entering the bedroom, Tra was order to remove her panties. She did so and handed them off to Masters outstretched hand. He held the soaked material to his nose. As is sniffing a fine wine. Then handed them off to the other man who did the same and took it further to put them in his mouth and suck them. The whole time staring at Tras silky smooth pussy. An audible “mmmmm” escaped his throat as the taste of her juice entered his mouth

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