be here at 7 (part2)

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I stood there in the middle of the room for what seemed like hours. A voice told me to get down on my knees and put my hands behind my back. I replied a quick ok. SLAP a hand hit my bum. Ouch what was that for I asked? SLAP again I was smacked across my bottom. The voice said if you do not call me sir the slaps will get harder. Damn I forgot about the sir bit and my bum was stinging. His hands started to caress my shoulders. It felt good as he rubbed his hands across my body stopping to tease my nipples. He moved his hands down to the bottom of the dress and slowly lifted the hem. SLAP. What the hell was that for SIR I protested? I let you clear instructions on the letter o wrote on what you should wear. Shittttttttttt I had left my pants on. I’m very sorry sir I was excited and forgot to take them off would it please sir if I took them off for him now. He allowed me to remove my pants. I was knelt before him now and was his to command. I was not allowed to speak unless I was spoken to by him. I heard the zip of his trousers being pulled down. A few seconds later I felt his hard cock on my lips. Open your mouth he demanded and suck my hard cock. I felt his hardness grow inside my mouth. I was now feeling horny and wanted him inside me. STAND UP he shouted. I jumped to my feet. I am going to take you upstairs he told me. Great I thought at last I would get to feel him inside me. I was led still blindfolded to the bottom of the stairs. He said I will guide you up the stairs I want you to trust me. I said ok I would trust him. Shitttttttt SLAP. He led me slowly up the stairs and into a room. I was told to turn around and hold my hands above my head. I felt the hand cuffs click onto my wrists. The cuffs were then locked onto something to keep my hands up high. RIPPPPPPPP. The dress was ripped away from my body. I was now stood before him naked. His hands were all over my body squeezing me pinching me licking me. Very soon I heard a very light buzz sound and was told to open my legs. The vibrator felt good as it entered inside me. My god it felt good in and out he went teasing me bringing me very close and then bringing me down again I could feel the wetness between my legs it was good and I wanted more of it. The room was getting very warm and he asked me if I needed a drink. I said yes please sir I would love a drink.


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