Be here at 7.

I got to be there at 7.30 pm not a minute before or a minute late. How am I going to time this it’s a 45 min drive. Well that’s my instructions for tomorrow night . What plans has he got for me?. My hubby tells me you will find out soon enough. I dozed off to sleep thinking would I enjoy it im sure I would. I was woken by the alarm at 7 am a full days work ahead and all I am thinking of is tonight. The day went very slow my mind kept wondering. At last its 3.30 time to go home. A quick cup of tea as the bath runs. A long hot soak with my favourite bubble bath. I had to stop my fingers wondering to much as I dreamed of tonight and try to guess what will happen. The towel felt very soft as I dried my self. Dressing gown on and time to have something to eat. My belly feels like it has a 100 butter flies fluttering inside. A quick nibble of my sandwich. What can I wear tonight I had not even thought about it. I know the sexy black dress with the 5 inch high heel shoes with a nice lacy bra and matching pants. God I feel horny putting my clothes on. 6 pm I reckon I better hit the road. The rush hour slowed me down a bit but still made good time. I arrived out side his house at 7.20 tight to have a quick cigarette. The dial on the clock shows 7.30. I walked up to his front door where there before me was a note pinned to it with my name on… I opened the note and read what was written. Under the brick close to your right foot there is a door key open the door and read the note on the stairs. I opened the door and there on the stairs was a note. The note instructed me to enter the lounge and open the box that was in the middle of the room I was to strip off all my clothes and put on the dress that was in the box. And also put the blindfold on that was also in the box and when spoken to answer everything with sir at the end… I slowly took off my dress looking around the room to see if I could spot someone or something. I then slipped off my lacy bra and slipped off my shoes. The red dress in the box fitted perfect and the blindfold took away any light I had.


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