Bi Maid (Fiction)

I was invited by a bi male friend of mine (Mike) to be his maid at a party he was having
I trusted him a lot so I jumped at the chance, he tool me he will provide
Everything I will need.

When I arrived he gave me three bags and told me he would help me dress, there was
Only me and him there so I agreed, we put the bags on the bed and I said shall
I strip and he said yes so I did, so did he.

His enormous cock stood out in front of him and he moved closer to me and pushed it
Into my stomach, he looked into my eyes and said are you going to be happy to be abused
by my friends if I ask you, I thought for a moment and finding it so exciting and
trusting him I said yes, good he said now for your outfit.

The first bag contained a white corset but where the tits go it was clear plastic
with holes for the nipples to protrude and showing all my tits.

The second bag had a light blue almost white very short maids dress.

The third bag had white hold up fishnet stockings and white shoes with bows.

Well he said slipping his cock between my legs what do you think.

I shuddered and said there are no knickers, no you wont need them do you want to wear the
outfit for me, I thought a few seconds and said yes if you would like me to.

I had a shower then dressed, I looked at myself in the long mirror I looked so special
And so sexy, I went to the lounge where mike had dressed in a long white gown, you look a picture Susan he said.

Now I would like to take you to place you have often spoken about, that of a submissive maid.

Ok I said, this is a dream come true for me I thought to myself, you will greet everyone at
the door and serve drinks. Some will want to touch you I want you to enjoy and be enjoyed but
you can stop anything at anytime by saying HEDGE.

The time come for the first guest to arrive, I opened the door and made a small curtsy and said welcome sir,
and it felt so natural for me.

Over the next hour 10 men and 3 women came and I greeted them all and served them drinks, I was groped and fingered
and had my tits massaged by both men and women.

As the evening went on there were men sucking one and other off, men and women fucking and changing partners,
I was going around with tissue cleaning there cum and cunt juice up, one man wanted me to feel included so made me
kneel and two of them cum on my face and tits. Mike looked at me as much as to say are you happy I nodded yes, it was heaven.

When things settled down a little one of the women said to me whore come here I went over and she pulled my nipples so hard
through the end of my corset they became so hard and stood out, there that’s better slut she said slapping my tits hard don’t you think.
I said yes mistress much better thank you, she made me feel so sexy doing that I could not believe it.

Then I was made to stand on a small stool in the middle of the room, everyone was asked to judge me as a maid from 1 to 10.

As they went around they all voted 1 and 2 the highest 2.5, I was feeling rather down but then mike said, it’s a joke Susan
you were made for this role and everyone clapped and cheered me, one women said will you do it again, I said yes mistress I was made to be a submissive made.

I welcome any comments

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2 Responses to “Bi Maid (Fiction)”

  1. dungeonmaster

    I really liked the idea here. In my mind’s eye I can see her(you) walking around in such as outfit.

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  2. atrandom2323

    Enjoyed the premise.. would like to read of further exploits

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