Brothers teach each other

I’m Dick, a 26 year-old bi married male. And my brother confided in me that he is very curious. I asked him in what aspect. He responded that he wants to try to suck and be fucked. So I asked him if he wants someone he knows to teach him or some random person. He said some one he knew. I told him to pull down his pants and he had a massive hard on. So I got on my knees and he asked “What are you doing?” I want to be the one taking and I just started to deep throat his cock with no response and randomly took one of my fingers and slid it knuckle deep in his ass. All he could say is “Oh, I get it now.” I started fingering him and added another and then another all the while I was sucking him so he relaxed and enjoyed the best BJ he has ever gotten. I suddenly stopped, got up, and walked into my room and returned with a bottle of Astroglide. Then I told him to bend over. I pulled down my pants to show him my hard on and I shoved it in his face. He opened his mouth and hungrily gobbled it up. For the first time, he sucked he was a champ. No teeth and he was sucking so hard and deep I was ready to blow so I pulled out of his mouth. Then I walked around to the back of him, and drenched his rose bud in the lube, then rubbed it all over my cock, and lined up to his hole. I started to slightly push. He whimpered. I asked if he was Ok and he said yes so I pushed in farther. I stopped and gave him a minute to relax. After he got relaxed enough he pushed his tight ass back towards me until I was all of the way In. Then I without any kind of warning to him I started to pull all of the way out and all the way back in. Harder and deeper each time. He was moaning so loud I thought he was going to wake someone up. So I just made sure he was ok and kept going harder. He did wake someone up and they came in and we just froze in place  with me still in him. Luckily, it was our older gay brother and he wanted to play with us.  So he got in front of my little brother while I was still ramming hard and fast. I soon came long and hard and so did my older brother in his throat. After we both finished unloading our loads in him, we pulled out of him, rolled him on his back, and deep throated his cock. I sucked him as hard as I could until he finally came long and hard in my mouth and I swallowed up every drop. Then my older brother was hard again and I really wanted to be fucked so he lubed up and fucked me good and hard until he came in me and I came all over our little brother who was sleeping because of the fucking he got from us.

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