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Lying on the couch naked I watched my slut professor wash herself in the shower with the curtain open. She took a shower cloth and gently covered her entire body with soap and then bent over purposefuly showing me her slippery ass and started rubbing her clit. My cock started to get aroused again and she saw it. With out even turning she called me over to the shower. I walked over and thrust my cock into her plumb mound.

She polietly let me fuck her for a few moments and then slid herself off moments before i was going to cum. She grabbed my cock and scolded me. “You’ve already had your fun, young man”. She turned the shower off and led me back out to the living room by my cock. “You like fucking my ass?” She asked. “You like pounding on my little brown shit hole?” I nodded. She grabbed a small rope from her hand bag. I was a little nervous by her tone but definitly aroused by the prospects. She then tied my hands together and then tied them to the coffe table so that i was down on my knees bent forward. Then she slapped my ass real hard. “Now your gonna get your little ass fucked” she laughed. From her bag she pulled out a small bottle of KY gelly and squeezed the entire bottle out over my ass. Then ran the palm of her hand over my crack. I’d never been much for ass play but as her index finger ran circles over my ass my cock started to precum instantly. Then she shoved a finger in my rectum. Then another. Then another. It hurt a little but it the gelley was so warm my dick nearly burst with cum as her three fingers fucked me good. “You like that?” she whispered as she jerked me with her other hand. “Oh yes” i screamed as she fucked me. “My husband likes it too!” she informed me. “He also loves to fuck ass” as she spoke i heard someone else enter the room behind me but i couldn’t see nor did i care my whole body felt so good. “We have a deal, that i can fuck my students as long as he can too, would it be ok if he fucks your tight little ass?”

I’d never wanted to do anything gay before, but i’d never felt so good as i did at that moment. “Oh yes, please let him fuck me” i begged like a little slut. “He has such a big cock, he’s going to fuck you hard, young man” she warned. “Does your little ass want a cock in it?” I couldn’t talk i felt so good as her hand was now gyrating me hard and fast so i just nodded and moaned. I felt her hand come out of me and turned to see her sucking on her husbands nine inch penis. My dick was purple it was so ready to cum. She noticed me watching with my ass perked up to the air begging to be fucked. “You want some of this cock young man?” her husband asked? I nodded my head. He pulled out of her mouth and brought his cock to my lips. With out warning i felt the tip of his cock fucking the back of my throat. I started gagging and that just made him fuck harder. Pretty soon i took to his rythm and started relaxing my throat. I found myself taking him deeper and deeper until the whole thing was in. I pressed my face up against him so my nose was in his pubes. “You are a good little slut” he told me. Then he pulled out and kneeled behind me. Lorrine got up on the table and spread her legs around my face so that i could eat her dripping pussy. I felt the man’s cock slide its length up and down my crack slipping through all the excess gelley. Then i felt his hand push my right cheek hard and out. THen the tip of his cock pressed against my hole. He didn’t hesitate. he thrust in hard streching me out instantly and left himself deep in my ass. “Fuck me slut” he told me as he slapped my now full ass. I loved it, I couldnt believe how great it felt to be full of cock like this. I started pulsing my ass back onto the cock and could feel it pulsing within me. As i did so he started to fuck me full of his dick. “untie him baby” I heard the man say as he fucked my virgin ass. My professor untied my hands and i grabbed the ground and positioned myself to really take his cock deep in my ass. He started moaning hard as i rammed him. And then it happend, he shot a monster load right inside of me. I could feel his cum loading my hole. The instant he pulled out i through myself around and sucked him soft. He loved it and then i grabbed his legs and through them up as i jammed my cock deep into his ass. Lorrine jumped behind me and began licking his cumm out of my ass and instantly my dick was ready to blow. I pulled out and came all over his soft cock, giving me reason to lick him hard again. As soon as he was hard i turned around and begged him to fuck me once more. He had no problem entering my now loose fuck hole as i jammed my dick deep into Lorrine’s pussy. As he came in my ass i came in lorrine. We lay there for a few moments before he withdrew from my ass and started licking his cum out of me.

I couldn’t believe how much cum had come out of me and into me this afternoon, and the night had not even begun.

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  1. creameater

    catch me, catch me. Great story, my ass is throbing, as is my cock, yearning to be a part of this story.

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