Chandra. Pt. 1: Meeting Chandra

The New York steak on my plate tasted very good after a day of boring meetings. I wasn’t looking forward to another half-day of it tomorrow. As I finished the last of my steak, a woman of incredible beauty caught my eye across the room. She must have been about 5′-10″ tall, 140lbs. Her black raven hair cascaded over her almond-colored shoulders, halfway down her back. Her lips were thick, full, and inviting. Her sparkling dark blue eyes, rimmed with thick black eyelashes, immediately captured and held my attention. As our eyes met, I felt strangely drawn to her. She moved my way, hips swaying, 36D breasts lightly bouncing, and every man in the place swooning. Every inch of her said fuck me.
She said, “My name is Chandra” and as she said it, she placed her hand on my shoulder. Instantaneously, my lust, and my cock, grew even more.
” My name is Joe,” I said, a little woozy from the effect of her touch.
“Did I zap you? Must be the static from the carpet,” she laughed.
“That must be it” I replied, ” Would you like to sit down?”
“Sure,’ she said, and gave me a full view of her cleavage as she settled down on the chair across from me.
After we sat down, it was as if we had known each other forever. I told her about my wife Maria and my kids, James, who is 20, and my daughter Allison, who is 17. I told her how I was just visiting Las Vegas on business, and that I was returning home the day after tomorrow. She didn’t say much about herself, but I didn’t mind. Just being with her at that table was good enough for me. And as we talked, I felt more and more connected to her. So much so that when she suggested that we go to a party she knew about, I didn’t even think twice about following her.
After her limo pulled up and we stepped inside, she gave motioned the driver to get started. Once we were moving, Chandra looked into my eyes. It was as if she had entered my soul and shared it. She leaned over and kissed me. Suddenly, I was overcome with her presence; I could feel an incredible energy surge through my veins. She let down a strap of her dress and offered her breast to me. I took both my hands and brushed them lightly around her areola, which was about three inches across. As her nipple rose and hardened from my touch, I took it into my mouth and sucked it gently. When I licked it in long strokes, I could see her breasts swell. Her chest rose and fell more quickly. I pulled down her other strap and went wild, madly kissing and kneading her bosom. The more I massaged that skin so soft and warm, and the more I tasted her, the more I wanted her. I was completely in her control.
As the limo slowed to a stop, she kissed me and I went crazy with desire. I wanted to take her there and then, but she had already left the limo. I quickly followed her into a brick building with no windows on the ground floor. After we entered the building, we went to a room at the end of a long hallway.
Inside the door, was a plushly furnished room with large pillows and soft furniture. People were fucking and sucking everywhere. My cock was hard and throbbing.
Chandra had vanished, but soon I came upon a blonde woman with small, pert breasts. I kissed her without hesitation, and she responded by tonguing my mouth voraciously. Between kisses, she told me her name was Gerri. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but my lust had overpowered all resistance. Our tongues met and danced together, and we fell to the floor. As I was removing my clothing, Gerri grabbed my 7″ cock and began to stroke it. Soon she was sucking the tip and licking me into orbit. As she worked on my cock, a tall brunette named Joan, with big brown eyes, lowered her pussy in front of me. My mouth dived into her sweet mound. I spread the lips of her pussy and slowly lapped at the edges, moving toward her clit. As I found her clit, my every tongue stroke was answered with a moan and a shutter. She ground her clit into my face, as she was out of her mind with pleasure.
It was getting very hard to concentrate, as Gerri worked me to a lather by massaging my balls, licking my shaft, and running her arm across the tip of my cock. As she sucked my shaft, the sensation surged throughout my body. I was close to climax. As she swallowed my cock up to my balls, I exploded and pulsed semen down her throat, pumping her face with each spurt. Immediately after, Joan then went over the edge. Her back arched and she let out a yell, spraying my face with her cum. We all came for what seemed like an hour. After we had finished, I was still very hard. I couldn’t believe it. I had never had that kind of rebound before.
Another man had plunged into Joan’s ass. My lust was still unquenched, so as she was lying on top of him, I slammed into her pussy full length at once. She shuddered, then immediately started to caress my nipples. The feelings of pleasure went from my nipples directly to my groin, increasing to the point that my body became a fucking machine. I could feel that hard cock in her ass moving in unison with my cock in her pussy. When I felt the ribbed hardness of his cock against mine, I started to pump her even harder and faster. With each stroke, you could see the amazing sensations sweeping Joan’s body.
As this was happening, a thick 10″ cock was stuck in front of me. Without thinking, I opened my mouth and licked it, then devoured its tip. Again, I was confused why I was doing this. But as soon as I felt the power of that hot, throbbing cock in my mouth and tasted the sweet salty pre-cum, my lust took control. I gagged at first when the cock entered my throat, but as I took it down to the balls, I relaxed and breathed normally through my nose. The warmth and power of that pulsing cock was addictive. I sucked it greedily as it pumped my face and my tongue embraced it. I could see why many women found such pleasure in giving head.
As the pleasure plateaued at an amazing level, I felt someone spreading my buttocks. Then suddenly, I felt the head of a cock enter my ass, and then it pushed to the balls in one stroke. I almost fainted from the pain, but soon I was overwhelmed with the experience. I surrendered to him, and he now drove the rhythm of the entire group. Every time his cock brushed my prostrate, I felt a wave of pleasure rush over me like a shock wave. The force of his thrust sent me forward, ramming Joan’s pussy and swallowing and sucking the cock in my mouth. This crazy seesaw rhythm continued as my cock was getting incredibly hard. I could sense the guy underneath Joan was getting close too, and the pace quickened until everyone filled the air with sighs, moans, and shouts. We were a mass of arms, legs and bodies writhing madly, quicker and quicker.
I heard a low moan as the cock in my ass sank deep into my bowels and flooded them with hot cum; I could feel it flow out of my ass. Right after, the cock in my mouth erupted, filling my mouth with so much cum that it dribbled out of my mouth and onto Joan’s breasts and face. As I continued to ride her wildly, I cleaned up every drop with my tongue, and then gobbled up the cock again. Joan and the cock in her ass came next. She clutched my body tightly as an orgasm rolled through her. Her shouts of lust enflamed me even more, and soon she came again, and I came with her. I felt an incredible rush surging through every inch of my body. We continued to fuck for another hour, with wave after wave of ecstasy. When we finally finished, we collapsed onto each other.
After a few minutes, I realized my cock was still hard. Chandra soon appeared and said it was time to go. I untangled myself, dressed, and thanked my companions for their company. I accompanied Chandra into the limo. I was very tired.

As she kissed me, I felt energy and lust enflame me again. I wanted her then and there, but Chandra said to wait until we got to my hotel room. My cock ached and strained against my pants all the way to the hotel. Once there, we left the limo and hurried up to my room. Our clothes were off seconds after we had closed the door. My hands were
all over her. When we kissed, I felt
even more strongly drawn to her. She moved down on me and took my cock into her mouth. The feeling was intense as her mouth sucked my shaft and her tongue teased the tip of my cock skillfully. I soon was pumping her face, a slave to her mouth. When I came violently, she swallowed all of my cum.
I moved to her bosom, mouthed her breasts, and massaged her nipples. Suddenly I felt an amazing sensation in my chest, as if my nipples were being sucked and kneaded. She pushed me off of her and eased herself onto my still hard cock. Her pussy was so tight that it was hard to tell where her pussy ended and my cock began. I felt pleasure rippling throughout my body. The experience was electric. As she increased the pace of her movements, I felt totally in sync with her as our breathing (even our heartbeats) found a common rhythm. Our energy and pleasure seemed to dance between us. Moments before we came together, we seemed to fuse together. As an ecstatic, amazing feeling swept over me, I blacked out.

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  1. creameater

    i do enjoy this type of story, lust taking over and enjoying the orgasms of others, thrusting down your throat, up your ass, wanting more and more, until you think you can go no more but still continuing

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