College Experiment Part III

This is part III of college experiment.
The story left off in Holly’s bedroom. Erica and Holly were fucking with a double dildo and someone knocked on the door.

Holly hesitated because she did not want to stop fucking Erica. Erica did not want to stop either. They were enjoying each others company and both feared that someone else might ruin this moment.

“Who is it?” Holly asked.

“Nicole” Holly’s housemate.
“I don’t mean to interrupt but I thought you might like to know that there are like 10-15 people sleeping downstairs and we can hear a lot of things going on up hear that’s all.”
“But don’t stop on the count of us I just thought you would like to know.” Nicole said.

“O, thanks. We were just… I mean we are…Tell them to use their imagination” Holly said.

Holly told Erica, “Well, I am used to an audience so this does not bother me. I kind of makes me feel like I am role playing” The college actress said. Holly was the lead star actress in last nights play.

Erica felt sexy to have made out with the college actress. She felt relieved to finally release the sexual tension between them that she has felt for the last fifteen weeks. Talk about heavy sexual tension. They did not tell each other how they felt or even touch each other except by “accident”.

Holly suggested, “Let’s create our own fantasy with the rest of the crew.”
“Let’s let them imagine what went on in here. It will drive them crazy. For all they know it could have been an orgy or a threesome.”

Erica liked the idea because she really wasn’t ready to come out with the whole situation. She never told anyone that she was bi and she really was not ready to face her friends with the news. Both agreed to act like it was a crazy night, they were drunk, and they don’t remember that much.

The story does not end here. In fact it continues next semester during a student directed pay…

Holly and Erica did not keep in touch over the summer but they each had fantasies after fantasies of each other. They lived to far away to visit and they were both unsure of what the other one would think about the whole experience. Erica tried to date other guys and have fun at her summer job. She even tried to stop thinking about Holly, but every now and then she put on some sensual music and drifted in to another world. She masturbated more that summer than usual, maybe because she wanted to imaging Holly was there.

Holly was the opposite. She dated Kevin and they had sex often. When he ate her out, she pictured Erica’s tight ass, tan skin, thin stomach, nice eyes, and defined body. When Erica ate her out she did it differently than Kevin. Kevin did not know how a girl felt or what it feels like to be eaten out, so his tongue was not as soft or gentle. Erica on the other hand, knew where to lick, how long to tease her, when to stick her fingers in and how to move her fingers around. Holly realized that she liked Erica’s personality and she liked being intimate with her. She wanted to get to know Erica better.

After Holly and Erica returned back to college, Holly became one of the student directors of a play called, “Orange River Death”. She carefully chose her cast. The try- outs went well and she got along very well with everyone she picked. After several rehearsals she began looking for a backstage crew. By this time Erica never called or came by the theater to visit. Last year they saw each other in class ever week, but this semester, Erica did not need the extra credit so she did not come around. This made Holly disappointed because she thought there would be something else happening between them, like another night kissing, touching each other, exploring, etc…

Erica started classes and became the student director of the student activities. She was working every night and she was glad to be so busy. She thought about Holly and how maybe she would stop by the building. Erica saw some of the theater crew every now and then. They always smiled at her and were amused with her. Erica never talked about that night but she knew they wanted to know. They always invited her to come by the set and say hi to everyone. Erica usually said she would visit soon. One day, Derrick, from the crew, told Erica to come by the set and work in one of the plays.

He persuaded her by saying, “Holly needs a backstage crew and, if you are free, I know she could use a hand.”

Erica smirked, “Hmm. thanks for the word, I will try to stop by this week.”

One night, Erica told her housemates that she was going to the theater to possibly work backstage. They were excited, but didn’t know the reason why Erica was really going to the theater. She was going to find Holly. No one knew Erica was bi. However, they might have been wondering because of all the clues like she hasn’t dated anyone for a long time; she is usually flirty with her “girl” friends, which they like about her and she is secretive sometimes. They couldn’t figure her out and they figured that was Erica.

Holly was stretched out on the floor holding the lead part script in the hand while two actors were getting in their places.

“I like when you turned around and looked surprised. Do that again from the top” Holly told Chris, an actor, as she directed the play.

Erica’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Holly’s voice. She quickly turned around and went the other direction. She looked for someone to talk to about the plays. Adam, another actor, told Erica to be in their play because they need a light’s person. Kelly, a sexy student director, saw Erica looking at the vacancies and asked her if she wanted to help do backstage for her play called, Old Maid and the Punk Rocker. Erica lied and told her that she was already in Holly’s.

“What am I doing?” Erica thought to herself. I am nuts I need to get out of here. I knew this wasn’t a good idea.

“Erica, are you looking for a part in the play?” Holly asked.
“The parts have been filled, which is too bad because I could have used your acting abilities for one of my parts, but like I said all parts have been filled.” Holly smiled.

“Hey… Holly… yeah… I was looking for a part, but I would rather help someone out with backstage because I am not available that much this semester.”

“Where have you been, Erica, we’ve missed having your sense of humor around here.” Holly asked.

“I am working a lot and taking a full load of classes, but I thought I would volunteer because I miss hanging out with… you guys. What have I missed?” Erica inquired.

“Well, I am in the middle of directing my first play. Why don’t you come around here at 8 tonight and I will recruit you as part of my backstage crew. I need an extra one…” Holly suggested as she pulled her dirty blond hair back in to a clip.

“Yeah, that sounds good; I think I can do that.” Erica said and started to turn around.

“Bye, talk to you later.” Holly added as she touched the back of Erica’s blouse and gently grabbed her arm.
Holly kissed Erica on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “you smell good, what are you wearing?”

“It’s Eternity.” Erica said.
It feels like an eternity since the last time I have seen you.” Holly quickly remarked and headed back to rehearsal. Erica smiled.

That night Erica felt like she was taking a risk. She wanted to see Holly and make out with her again, but she didn’t want to be desperate either. She respected Holly and trusted her too. They built a friendship and had a night of passion. She decided to enjoy every moment with Holly and be spontaneous because she was becoming more confident with each risk. She wanted to learn more and explore this bisexual fantasy…

At rehearsal, Erica watched Holly dominate the room with her refreshing personality, sensual body
expressions, and classy manners. They were looking at each other sometimes to see if the other one was looking. Holy was thinking of
what she wanted Erica to do. She was in total control now and she was good at it, almost too good.

Erica wanted to stand next to her all night but Holly was talking to the actors and smiling and laughing with them. This made Erica somewhat jealous. Later, Holly talked with Erica behind stage.

“This is where everything you will do will take place.” Holly said.

As Holly showed her around, they walked side by side almost hand in hand. They brushed shoulders and didn’t move away. They were always touching each other. They were dynamic together. Holly tried to move a set design and Erica stepped in and moved it for her. Holly looked around and saw no one looking and leaned in to kiss Erica on the lips. It was a spontaneous thing that Holly felt the urge so she did it. There was no thinking long about touching Erica anymore. Holly was definitely taking exploring to a new level. Now she was acting on feelings and instincts. Erica loved kissing her. The kiss was soft and sweet. Her lops were tender. Her tongue was smooth and warm. Erica’s nipples were hard and her pussy was pulsating. Holly touched Erica’s breasts and breathed heavier. They heard and noise so they let go of the moment. Holly licked her lips and coughed. Then she took a deep breath and walked up front to the stage. Erica brushed her dirty blonde hair and fixed her 36 C bra.

Next rehearsal, Holly was showing a crew member where to stand and shine the lights. Erica walked in below them and Holly called her up. She asked the crew guy to put on a pot of coffee for the crew tonight. Erica and Holly kissed as soon as he was out of sight. Erica s breasts were hard. Holly pulled up Erica’s shirt and sucked on her breasts.

Erica whispered, “Holly, you feel so good, don’t stop, please.”
Holly whispered, “I want you to cum, Erica.”

Holly was wearing a white blouse and a size 6 pair of blue jeans.
Erica pulled her blouse up and undid her bra and letting it fall to the floor. She unbuttoned her blouse so they could touch their flesh together. The feeling was shocking at first, but that was the best part. The rush was what they wanted. Their breasts were rubbing against each other and their tits were appealing. It made them both become very wet. Their panties were filling up quickly.

By now their faces were as pink as their clits. It was heating up so fast and they could not leave this moment without fingering or eating each other out. They had to cum and have an orgasm. Holly pulled Erica into the darker part of the lighting room. There was a door but there was a large glass window so anyone who cam up could see in. That was a chance that Erica and Holly were willing to take. Holly gently pushed Erica down on the table as she unbuttoned Erica’s jeans. Holly was preparing to eat Erica out and swallow as much of her juices as she could. She was hungry for it. She felt like super woman after she swallowed Erica’s cum last time so she wanted to feel like this again and she wanted to make Erica enjoy it. Holly licked her pussy. Erica’s legs were spread out. Holly stuck her tongue into Erica’s pussy. She licked and pulled it in and out again and again. She even used her fingers to spread her pussy out more so she could lick every spot. She licked her pussy like it was an ice cream cone or a strawberry lollipop. She imagined that Erica’s pussy was her desert. Then, Erica started to touch herself a little and suddenly she was having her orgasm. Her back was arched. She was telling Holly that, “You feel so good, I loved it, you are so good, honey, mmmm”

Holly said, “Erica, you taste like strawberries, honey you made me have an orgasm while I was eating you out. That was incredible.”

Both girls were breathing heavy. They helped dress each other. Then they split a piece of gum. Somehow they needed to act like nothing happen and go back downstairs. This was going to be a challenge.

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