Come Into Our Parlor

This story is a short fan fiction based on a crime drama television show from the 1970’s called “The Streets Of San Francisco.” While I did not create the main characters, there might be some characters in the story that are not from the show; the words and idea for the story though, are all mine.

He had never been able to take his eyes off the young man. Oh, he knew he acted all gruff and gave him a hard time for the most part, but that was to cover up his attraction to this young man in front of him. There were so many times he would find his eyes glued to Steve Keller’s crotch; he couldn’t help but think about what was inside those slacks. He almost went so far as to reach out and touch one day, but his nerves would not cooperate.

So that day, that glorious day, when Mike Stone happened to be out of town, in fact out of the state, he devised a plan.

“Keller, are you sure you don’t mind typing those reports for me? If I didn’t have to get home, I would stay and get it done myself,” Captain Olsen inquired genially.
“No sir, not at all. I had no plans tonight with Mike gone,” Steve answered agreeably.
“Have you heard from him? I was wondering how Jeannie was doing?” Captain Olsen asked, concerned.
“He called just before I came up here. She is fine, it was appendicitis. Thankfully, they got her to the hospital in time,” Steve stated assuredly.
“That is good news. Alright, well I am heading out now. And thank you very much,” Captain Olsen spoke amiably.
“Have a good evening, sir,” Steve said cheerfully, surprised that Captain Olsen was being almost nice to him.

Steve went back down to the homicide department and got busy on Captain Olsen’s reports. He had been asked if he could help catch up on some of the paperwork as the captain’s secretary had been out the past couple days with a little emergency of her own for: her son had to have a knee operation recently and could not get around on his own. Steve worked on the reports steadily while the captain was attending a dinner party with his wife. He had just finished the last report about 10pm when the phone rang.

“Homicide, Inspector Keller,” Steve answered professionally. He listened as the caller identified himself.
“Hello, Captain, yes they are all finished. I was about to take them up to your office.”
“I know it is pretty late, but would you mind delivering the two on Costas and Gardner to my house tonight? I really need to look those two over as soon as possible. The others you could put in your desk drawer with a note on the top file that they are for me. I can get them from you tomorrow,” Captain Olsen asked politely.
“Sure, that is no problem. I will see you in about 15 minutes. Okay, good bye,” Steve said nonchalantly.

The captain hung up with a wicked smile on his face and nodded at his wife as she looked at him questioningly. She smiled, thinking, this is going to be some evening for us older folks! She too had long admired the young inspector and dreamed of entertaining him some evening. That is, her and her husband entertaining him; now that dream was about to come true. She knew they would most likely have to drug a drink for Steve Keller to be more agreeable to this clandestine meeting, but whatever it took to have him stay the night, they were willing to do. She was dressed in her best nightgown and silk robe, the captain had put on his pair of silk pajamas and smoking jacket. They did not have long to wait, as just then there was a knock on the door.

Mrs. Olsen answered the door with her most charming smile for the young inspector, “Steven, come in. How nice it is to see you again. I was saying to Rudy the other day how we should invite you, and Mike and his daughter, over some Sunday for a barbecue. We were just having a drink, won’t you join us?” Margo Olsen invited courteously.
“Thank you, that sounds nice, Mrs. Olsen,” Steve replied graciously. “Here are the files, Captain Olsen.”

Steve sat with Captain Olsen to go over the files on the arrests that were made as Margo Olsen prepared Steve’s drink, putting a drug in it. She came back and sat the drink on a coaster on the table, noticing his jacket was still on.

“Let me take your jacket, Steven,” Margo Olsen said with a lilt in her voice.
“Thanks, Mrs. Olsen,” Steve said appreciatively and removed his jacket, handing it to her.

She took his jacket and hung it in closet, then sat down next to him on the couch, letting her breast brush his arm. He tried to act as though he had not noticed, but they both knew he had and the sneaky couple smiled at each other over his head as he picked up his drink and took a few sips from it. Steve finished off the drink and Captain Olsen got up to refresh it, adding another drug as well, while his wife stayed right by Steve.

“You work out a good bit, don’t you Steven?” Margo Olsen asked admiringly.
“I try to as much as I can, Mrs. Olsen. I like to keep in shape,” Steve spoke softly after clearing his throat nervously.
“Haven’t I told you to call me Margo?” Margo Olsen said emphatically.
“Yes, sorry Margo,” Steve said politely. Captain Olsen handed Steve his drink and put the files aside, “Thanks Captain Olsen.”
“Not at all, Steve. You were saying you work out, what exercise do you recommend for building up your legs a bit more?” Captain Olsen asked, interested.
“Well sir, no offense, but you should check with your doctor or a gym trainer before you start a regiment. However, I usually do squats and curls,” Steve offered candidly.

Margo placed her hand on Steve’s upper thigh to feel the results of his workouts, causing Steve to become flustered and down his drink a bit faster than he intended. Captain Olsen refreshed it once more, smiling at his wife as he saw Steve’s eyes watching her hand.

“I’ll be back, I need to check phone messages,” Captain Olsen stated calmly.
“We’ll be here, dear. I think Steve will keep me company while you are gone, won’t you Steve?” Margo Olsen asked coyly.
“Sure, be glad to,” Steve stated affirmatively.

Margo continued moving her hand up closer to Steve’s crotch as he sipped his drink. She pressed herself against him, watching his reaction, and could not help but notice he was becoming more receptive to this treatment. She very brazenly undid a couple of his shirt buttons and caressed his chest. He felt like his whole body was on fire. He knew this was the captain’s wife but he thought about kissing her anyway and seeing where the kiss would lead them. He felt her take his hand and move it to cup her breast. He gave a gentle squeeze and sat his empty glass on the coffee table. They moved back onto the couch, kissing each other with a hunger that Steve could not believe he was feeling. By the time Captain Olsen returned, his wife’s robe and Steve’s shirt had been removed and tossed on the coffee table, and the young inspector and the Captain’s wife were grinding against each other with a strong burning desire.

Steve felt Margo undoing his slacks and knew how far their kiss was going to lead. Captain Olsen left the room quietly and went to the bedroom to pull back the covers for all of them. He undressed and got into bed, then called calmly to his wife as though this was an everyday thing and not something they had planned so that both could have the young inspector in their spider web.

“Margo, time for bed. Bring your young man with you, if you like,” Captain Olsen spoke cheerfully.
“You don’t have anyone waiting for you at your place do you?” Margo asked hopefully.

Steve could only shake his head no as they got off the couch and she lowered his slacks, removing his undershorts. He removed her gown and she led him toward the bedroom where their third partner awaited their arrival. Steve saw the smile on Captain Olsen’s face as they walked in and he and the captain’s wife got into bed. He felt the captain’s hand on his dick and knew he was very far gone as he found it very titillating that the captain was touching him in that way. The captain released Steve’s dick from his hand as his wife moved between Steve’s legs and took him into her mouth. The Captain leaned over and gently kissed Steve so as not to spook him; he felt Steve get into it and increased the depth of the kiss, stroking Steve’s tongue with his and groaning softly against Steve’s mouth as he felt Steve’s hand working up and down his own dick. Margo could feel the sexual tension between the two men and knew this could be an all-nighter. She finally released Steve’s dick from her mouth after he had exploded deep in her throat, then sucked him to erection once again. She laid back on the bed beside the young inspector and watched him and her husband kissing each other. Captain Olsen finally broke the kiss, smiling as he had more plans for the young man than just kissing and jerking on each other’s dicks.

He spoke softly with a deep burning lust in his voice, “I think Margo could use a young man’s passion right now.” Captain Olsen looked at Steve’s dick to see the state of things. “And right now I think your passion is incredibly high.”

Steve moved on top of Margo and they begin kissing each other feverishly. She hooked her legs over his shoulders as he plunged inside her with a desire that she had not known in years. Captain Olsen watched them both for a minute, then reached for some petroleum jelly to coat his dick and Steve’s asshole. When he was sure both were coated well enough, he moved behind Steve and started entering Steve’s ass gently and slowly, so as not to cause too much pain; Steve felt it and grunted. He started to fuck Margo even harder, to the captain’s rhythm, as he felt the captain driving in and out of him. His mind felt like he was in a heavy fog, but he also found he was enjoying this new experience of being with the captain and his wife in such a way that he never would have dreamed.

Through that night the sex continued in all types of various positions…Steve even had his turn fucking the captain’s ass. His thoughts were going crazy at the possibility of doing this again as he knew they were all enjoying themselves. As the morning light came, and the captain had moved over for some sleep, Steve and Margo continued with each other until they could fuck no more. She held him in her arms and they lay there kissing lightly and talking softly.

“He has wanted you for such a long time, as have I. We both would drool over you when we would see you, so we finally made plans to have what we wanted. I hope you didn’t mind,” Margo said quietly.
“Not at all, honestly. I admit I was surprised with what we all were doing, but it actually was a huge turn on. I thought he always hated me the way he would act around the Bureau. I never would have thought he actually was…well, that he had the hots for me,” Steve stated calmly.
“He couldn’t admit it to anyone but me. It drove him mad though, having you so near and not being able to bed you, much less touch you. So if he acts all gruff and like he wants to rip your head off, remember it is a front,” Margo explained, smiling.

Steve nodded and they finally settled down to try to get some sleep. But as sleep started to overtake both of them, Steve’s last thought was to wonder what Mike would think…if he wanted to do this with him and Jeannie, or with him and Irene. Maybe Mike wouldn’t, but he knew Rudy Olsen always would.


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