Controlled and Dominated

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With a mighty whack her hand came across my petite naked little ass. It stung like hell but made my pussy juices flow. You could hear the echo through out the room. A second harder spank came and my pussy got wetter. Then a third spanking each seemed harder then the one before. Her pace was also definitely quickening, at first they were a few seconds apart then they were fast and furious. I wanted to count how many but I lost track at around 50. By the time she finished, I was crying and could tell my ass was red and swollen. I was also horny as hell my pussy ached to be touched, caressed, and petted. I need to cum bad!

I dared not touch myself because she had disciplined me for that before, but that is not what I was in trouble for this time.

I couldn’t help it I was so horny, I asked, “Please may I pleasure my little muffin, it needs attention?

NO! She shouted you are being punished. Now sit down.

But the chair is too hard, I whimpered.

Listen you will do as your told or you will get more, she said as she proceeded over to me. When she was standing next to me she pushed me into the wooden chair that was right behind me and bolted into the ground.

I tried to lift my ass cheeks of the chair put she pushed me back down and threatened me with worse punishment if I didn’t sit still and be quiet. When I couldn’t do as she commanded. My legs were tied to the chair and my hands tied behind me and I was gagged as well. She then proceeded to put Ice cubes on my nipples melting one after the other until they were numb. I tried to scream but couldn’t because of the gag. This was also excruciatingly painful and extremely arousing. I needed an orgasm more desperately then ever before.

She then brought over a vibrator and began me all over with it. When she put it on my pussy I thought I was finally going to get the relief I needed. But Just as I was about to have a mind blowing orgasm she stopped. She then said you are a very naughty girl who doesn’t deserve that kind of pleasure.

Are you a naughty girl? She asked.

I shook my head no.

She took the still active vibrator and placed quite hard under my chin. Then said, “Why did you do what you did?

I just shrugged my shoulders, as I couldn’t speak because of the gag.

She then again asked, “Are you a naughty little girl?”

This time I nodded my head yes.

Are you going to behave from Now On?

I nodded again.

Will you do as you are told”?

Another nod.

She untied my feet and ordered me to get up. I was still gagged and my hands were still tied behind my back. I was then blindfolded and the gag was removed.

I was then told to get on my knees and wait.

After a couple of minutes I felt a vagina against my face, hands grabbed my head and pulled me in the rest of the way. Now eat that pussy she snarled. Something about her voice didn’t seem right. But I had no choice but to obey.

I licked sucked and ate that pussy with reckless abandon for I don’t know how long. She also had more orgasms then I could count.

Once again I was told don’t move. As She walked away I could definitely hear two sets of footsteps. “Oh my God” I thought ” was either eating out some strange woman or the stranger watched while ate her out.

When she returned she said that I have now been good but all was not yet forgive. She then asked do you want to cum?

“Yes I desperately need to” I said

Well then come this way I’ll guide you.

We went into another room and even though I was still blindfolded I could tell this room was more brightly lit.

Her hands caressed my breasts and hips and then she felt my cunt and said “wow that has to be the wettest pussy I have ever felt “

I was then bent over a table and told to spread my legs I then felt something clasp around each ankle and I could no longer put legs back together. It was then I felt something enter each hole she was fucking me with a dildo in my asshole and my snatch. I could feel her soft sultry hands on my hips as they worked their way to my breasts and she started pinching my nipples. It didn’t take long for me to have my first orgasm. The pounding my holes took and the pinching of my nipples pushed me over the edge so many times I blacked out for a moment.

She then stopped and said stay still. She covered me with a sheet and gagged me again all of a sudden my pussy was being pounded again with a dildo bigger and harder then before. I felt hands on my hips and even through the sheet I could tell they weren’t hers, and most likely were not even female. I had never even kissed a man before. Now here I was getting a royal fucking by some guy and I had no idea who it was. I then felt a pussy against my face rubbing all over me and against the gag as she came on my face. I felt a strange sensation inside my pussy I then felt it a few more times it was then I realized this guy came inside me.

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  1. paul s

    loved the story.wish i was the man in the room who got to cum in you.

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