Crystals First Orgie.

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We walked along the beach with our drink’s in our hand’s.

When we got to Mike’s house I secretly wanted to be in his bedroom, the door was closed and I heard someone in the other room. I asked: “So who’s here?”

He smiled and told me: “I invited a friend over and I know you are going to love him. Literally!

We walked into the room and there with no clothes on we saw a black man naked mmm wow he was huge his cock went from 5 inches to 10 for real.

I could feel myself getting moist already.

He said: “Oh hi I’m Trevor! I didn’t hear anyone come up in. Can you hand me that towel on the sink?”

It was a very small towel and I thought good I wouldn’t want to miss a second of this and I knew Mike knows.

Mike was the type who always knew what a women wanted and needed. He never failed in the bedroom. Very oral he would spend countless nights eating my shaved but hot redheaded pussy so good.

He could lick and flick his tongue on my clit all night and sometimes I think I fell asleep while he was sucking. He was about 5’9 ft tall and very cute dark brown hair and eyes nice thick cock mmm I’d say at least a good 7 but it was the thickness in his 7 that got my clit throbbing and my wetness dripping. 

Mike handed him the towel and he pulled the shower curtain open and wrapped the towel around just half of his body. From the look I got, he was getting ready to please me and

I couldn’t wait one minute more.
My pink nipples were hard the min we walked in.

He asked: “Are you Crystal?

Mike has told me all about you!

All about Me I said with a smile! I’m very glad to meet you.

Give me a minute and I’ll be right out.” Trevor stated

Mike smiled and told him: “Oh no we’ll wait for you right here. In fact we’ll help dry you off okay Trevor?”

I didn’t know what to say but finally said: “If he wants help, yes, I’ll be happy to help!” And, I smiled! Mike told me: “Oh he wants help.

But, not drying off, he wants you to show him how you suck hard cock! Me too Mike said to Trevor, show me too!”

I was embarrassed, but looked at Mike and Trevor and continued to dry the back of his round black ass “I told Crystal here about your wonderful tongue Trevor.

I told her about how you did my old friend Dawn at the hotel and some of the other places. She has never had a man lick her ass before. She is wondering if you’ll show her how it feels?”

I looked at Mike and said: “You know we were not going to tell anyone about what we have been doing, it’s dangerous to both of us.” I smiled and told us both:

“See I told you it was a bad idea.

He doesn’t want to do it!” I told her: “No Crystal, No! It’s not that at all.

But, I ‘m married and don’t want or need that type of trouble if my husband learns about this that’s all!”
Trevor told me:
“Well we’re not going to tell anyone! We just want you to do us, both of us!”

I didn’t know what to say, so I told them: “OK. Let’s go into the bedroom and talk a little more about this!

“I was both mad and excited. I had never had two men before in my life and these two were ready, and able!

I sat on the bed and Mike sat in the chair. I told him: “Look I don’t want any more people involved in this OK?” I mean, I’m worried we’ll get caught and I don’t need the problem. So no more! OK? Mike told me: “OK! No more people! I promise.

Trevor shook his head and told me: “OK with me.
I smiled then and stood up. I stood in from of them and looked down at Mike and he looked up at me.

I could see some worry in his face, like he didn’t know what to expect. I asked him: So Trevor, you want oral sex?

Have you ever had another man watch you have sex with a woman?
” he told me: “Yes, a few times but no oral sex.” “And, you want me to give you some?”, I asked.

Mike he told me: “Yes, we both do actually!” I said: “OK Trevor will be first since he has never had it before.”

Trevor asked sheepishly: “What do you want me to do?” I told him to first stand up and take the towel off. he had one wrapped around his body.
He stood and took his hand and his very long cock fell down between his legs. It was beautiful and so was he! My hands went to the top of him.Just then a knock on the door shit I told you both no more.

Trevor said I’m sorry I called someone to join me I was a little nervous I mean I just turned 18 yesterday.

In came the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Okay besides Me.

She was about 5’5 medium length lite brown hair dark tan. Green eyes like mine. She was very out going came in all bouncy and said hey I’m Dawn and I can’t wait to get off with yall. A southern belle of course.

She came over to me and said is it true about redheads and them being on fire? I said of course. She went to the bathroom and returned in a towel in front of me.

She stood there as it dropped to the floor and now she stood in front of me completely nude. I took a step back and she covered herself with her hands and arms. This once just a few moments ago hyper young lady now so shy and full of innocence.

I took her arms and dropped them to the sides of her very curvy thick body. Her breasts were big and full large and her nipples were sticking way out nice dark brown circles made them seem even bigger. She shivered and I asked her if she was cold?

Dawn told me: “Yes, and a little afraid too I guess!”

I told her: “Relax this won’t hurt you at all. You will love it!”

Mike: “He very gentle told her don’t worry baby.”
he put a hand on Dawn’s leg and stroked it.

I asked her: “OK! Sit on the edge of the bed. Do you want me to start with oral sex or should we play around first?”

She looked down at my naked body and saw underneath me Mike’s cock already standing there and she smiled.

She told me: “Well, can I feel your pussy? I then knew what this whole night was for see I’m BI been Bisexual for yrs and Never had Dawn been with a woman. 

Most women I know haven’t” I told her she could do whatever she wanted with my body!

So Mike then told me and her both: “OK ladies! You sit on the edge of the bed “We did and the two men Mike and Trevor knelt in front of us.

They both began to play with my our wet warm pussies. They laughed and kidded with each other as they watched us get wetter and moan loud then louder I said harder baby harder. I looked down and saw Mike’s huge cock it was standing, Dawn bent down put her lips on the head and kissed and licked it!

Dawn’s nice lesbian virgin pussy in my face was like heaven warm sweet wet lips I spread them apart her slit already nice and juicy right then I knew I would call her my little juicy fruit, Trevor followed her and they both began to lick and suck on it! In about 3 minutes they had Mike moaning and straining not to cum! Trevor then got up and seen dawn’s cunt.

It was wet and her lips were somewhat opened. Because she was a little dark in color, her insides were pinker than mine.

Trevor told her:” OK! You ready baby?” And she sighed: “Yes Trevor oh yes! Do it!” Trevor lay back against Crystal and I could see Dawn using her fingers to squeeze and rub Crystal’s nipples!

They were already hard and sticking out about an inch. I licked down the inside of Dawn’s thigh and back up again. I moved closer and closer each time to her sweet musk. I teased her for about 2 or 3 minutes and then moved my face directly into her middle and kissed her pussy. I kissed her cunt lips like you would kiss a pair of lips on a face.

I used my tongue and licked around them just going on the inside. She moaned and I began to lick in her slit! I licked straight up and down a few times and then used my fingers t
o open her. She was bright pink inside and I licked every inch of that pussy.

I sucked it into my mouth and darted my tongue deep into her hole. In just a few minutes, she was moaning and speaking in words I coul
d not understand.

I knew they were the words of desire and passion. I could feel her body responding to my touch and lick. She was gone!

I sucked her pussy juice into my mouth and began to vibrate my lips on her cunt and she screamed and began to pump it into me with force.

I tasted her cum and knew she was having her first orgasm with another female! I didn’t stop!
I kept sucking and licking and blew warm air on her open hole! I would lick across her very thick very long clit that with the help of Mike and Trevor we had exposed nicely.

I heard Dawn scream” YES!! OH YES! OH YES LICK MY CUNT TAKE MY CUM. OH YES TAKE IT!!” And, she began to climax again!
I kept stimulation her as she got off and she had another orgasm right behind the first one!

Mike flipped me over took my ass pumped me inch by inch pulling my long think red hair as he came inside of my drenching wet red pussy. Mike looked over and he had already finished inside Dawn.

Dawn was so cute smoking her cigarette and just smiled as all four of us feel asleep.

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