Dana’s late night excursion

It was midnight and Dana couldn’t sleep. She glanced over at Gemma, asleep naked beside her, and grinned. They’d spent the evening with their faces buried in each others pussies and it had been heaven, but while it had tired Gemma out Dana was wide awake. She lifted up the covers and watched Gemma’s heaving chest, deep in sleep. She lightly brushed her nipples to see if they’d react and after a while they hardened and a slight smile appeared on Gemma’s sleeping face. With her other hand Dana reached down to her naked pussy and started rubbing it gently. Her fingers were soon wet. She let out a moan and rubbed harder, slipping her fingers in and finger-fucking herself. Afraid of waking Gemma she moved her pillow onto the floor and lay down, her eyes screwed shut and her fingers screwing her soaking cunt. Her other hand shot to her nipple and she pinched herself hard, jamming her fingers in and out of herself. Her moans became louder and she shoved the pillow over her head to stifle them. The moans were still just as loud though, and then she realised that only some of the noise was her.

She sat up. They were coming from the room next door. It was Gemma’s older brother Jake’s room, she knew; her dad’s was down the hall. After she and Gemma had got up to such fun at school she had come over to stay the night and while she knew the house well from when they were just friends she didn’t know her family that well. But then again, she thought to herself, maybe it was the perfect opportunity to do so?

She grabbed a nightshirt out of the closet and crept out of the room. There was a light coming from Jake’s room and pressing her ear to the door told her it was definitely the source of the moaning. She opened the door quietly and tiptoed in. At the far side of the room Jake was in bed, his hands under the covers and a laptop on his lap: the source of the noise. He was so engrossed he didn’t hear her shut the door behind her and only looked up when she was right by his bed. “Hey!” He jumped out of his skin, almost sending the laptop flying. He hastily stopped the video and tried to hide the image left on the screen. “What are you doing in here?!” he demanded. The real-life girl standing in front of him in a thin nightshirt didn’t help the hard-on he was trying to hide, especially when Dana was so stunning. She had long dark hair that just reached her full breasts and very long legs. She had obviously borrowed the nightshirt from his shorter sister as it barely covered her obviously bare ass.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said innocently. “And I heard that you were still awake so I thought I’d come and say hi. What were you watching?” She leant forwards and momentarily distracted Jake with the view down her top. She pressed play on the video and the moaning started again. On the screen were two naked girls, a blonde naked and writhing while a redhead fucked her with a dildo. “I want to watch.” Before Jake knew what was happening she was under the covers with him, her head on his chest, and the video playing. With a low number of sexual experiences under his belt Jake wasn’t about to turn down the chance of another so put his arm around her and kept watching. They watched as the redhead pulled the dildo out of the blonde just as she started to squirt. She covered the girl’s face in come and Jake didn’t know how much more he could watch without playing with himself. When they started kissing he moved his hand back to his hard-on and started stroking it again.

After a minute another hand joined his and he locked eyes with Dana as she pulled his cock from his boxers and began rubbing it up and down. He let go as her other hand played with his balls and she jacked him off. He came quickly, and to his astonishment she threw the covers off and cleaned him up with her tongue, sucking on his head and then licking all over his stomach until there was no come left. She grinned, closed his laptop, and put it on the floor. She started kissing him and soon he was hard again, his young cock not used to someone like her paying it attention.

She pushed him flat on the bed and climbed on top of him, lowering her pussy onto his dick and letting out a moan. He groaned in agreement as she rode him, feeling his balls slap against her and his cock deep inside her. While she loved being eaten out she also loved having a dick slamming into her. She became louder and pinched her nipples. This always pushed her over the edge and she came, covering him in her come and slowing her pace. Suddenly Jake grabbed her and lifted her off, pushing her back onto the bed. He moved over her and thrust himself back into her cunt, his hands gripping the bedsheets. She cried out at the change in position and he moved his hand over her mouth, stifling the sounds. He fucked her hard, pummelled in and out of her until he was on the verge of coming again.

“Shall I fill you up?” he asked.

“No,” she groaned beneath his hand, knowing better, but she didn’t really want him pulling out when she was feeling another orgasm rushing through her. “Okay!” she tried to cry, but instead had to nod vigorously. He moved himself slightly, rammed into her harder and let loose as her pussy clenched over him. They came together in one rush of pleasure and collapsed on his bed, panting. He rolled off her happy and she nuzzled into him. After a second she caught herself, got up, and cleaned herself off.

“See you at breakfast,” she said, smiling. She crept back into Gemma’s room, took of the nightshirt, and got back into bed. Maybe she would stay the next night too.

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    I would love to meet Fana!

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