Day 4 At The Resort

We had breakfast with the usual crowd.  They were all talking about you and the wet t-shirt contest.  You were wearing a t-shirt printed with “dangerous when wet” with no bra.  The t-shirt was your prize from last night.  You were also wearing your tiny white see through bikini bottoms.  One of the single men touched your knee and started caressing your thigh. You gently removed his hand and moved away slowly. Everyone was talking about what they were doing that day.  We had arranged for the driver, Brian, who brought us to the resort from the airport to show us around the island and its hot spots.

You were in your t-shirt and bikini, he winked at us.  Instead of his shabby bus he had arranged a long black limo, stocked with champagne and weed.  As we drove away from the resort we started smoking some dope, which always makes us horny.  Our first stop was at Duns Falls, a famous tourist attraction.  The falls is set up so that you climb on flat rocks on the side of the falls with the water cascading all around you. Brian went over to a small changing room and came out in a small white speedo which emphasized his large black cock and balls.  You openly stared at him.

To climb the falls you go in single file, holding the hand of the one who is in front of you. Brian went first and took your hand.  I took your other hand.  The falls were beautiful and the water was splashing over all the rocks.  Your t-shirt was soaked and clung to your breasts.  About halfway up the falls there was a rest area.  It was set behind a grove of trees and grasses.  There was a bench that was very secluded.  We stopped for a rest and we all stared at each other.  We headed for the bench.  You sat next to Brian and he put his arm around the back of your shoulder.

You cuddled up to him then gave him a passionate tongue  kiss. He wrapped himself tightly around you. Then  you pushed yourself against his obviously hardening cock. I started feeling your ass and back and he was caressing your tits and fingering your cunt.  I reached down and pulled your bikini bottom off and he pulled your t-shirt off.  You were gloriously naked in the dappled sun and roaring falls. Brian sat down on the bench with his erection pointing straight up and some pre cum seeping out.  You looked at me and I just smiled.  You knelt in front of him and started licking his cock.  You sucked it, and stroked it moved your mouth all over him.  I could see it glistening from your saliva and your hands moving it up and down.  He held your head and groaned, started fucking your mouth.  Then you stood up, looked at me again and straddled his thighs.  I came over and rubbed his glistening black cock back and forth on your now wet cunt lips.

I then whispered to you, “Do it – you know you want to and so do I.”

You slowly sunk down on his prick sometimes pulling up until it almost came out.  Then you sat down and had him all the way in you.  I came up behind the two of you and reached around to feel your tits and then started fingering and licking your ass.  I kept whispering to you how much I loved you and how much I loved watching you fuck.  As you rose up and down I could see his prick wet with your juices.  Soon you were moaning sex sounds, “OHHH, AHHH, don’t stop.”  The sun came through the trees and you were such a beautiful sight.

I reached under you and took hold of his prick to get your flowing juices.  I lubricated some fingers and put them in your ass, opening it up.  Then I put some more on my prick and gently pushed it into your ass.  Once in I could feel your wetness and his hardness through your inner walls.  You were moaning and thrashing around on our cocks.  All three of us were caressing, touching and hugging.  We were all lost in lust.  You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  As we pumped and pushed into and out of you I was lost in a haze of love, sex and dope. You were the hottest and most beautiful woman in the world.  Your skin was luminous, your tits were pushed into his chest then his mouth and you moved with the rhythm of our fucking.

You again started with your familiar sex sounds, “OHH, AHH, FUCK, DON’T STOP.” I heard him groan and felt him pushing deeper into you.  Then his prick started throbbing and pushing against mine in your ass.  He came in your cunt and you got wetter and came with him.  I could feel his cum running down my balls and you went off again with your sex sounds, then you and I were in a frenzy of fucking while his prick was still deep inside you.  He pulled you close, sucked your tits and we came together.

After a while we all went over to a small pool in the falls and washed.  Brian had a suggestion for lunch.  He drove us there while we rested in the limo.  When we got there it was really cool.  It was a large thatch roof bar and grill set on a cliff overlooking some beautiful beaches.  There were about twenty bar stools and a soft breeze.  Some local young men were diving off the cliff and when they saw you in your dangerous when wet t-shirt they all whistled and gestured.  There was some reggae music playing and a small dance floor beside the bar.  We insisted Brian eat with us.  We had some hamburgers and wine and relaxed.  We asked Brian to take us back to the resort.  We thanked him for a wonderful day and you gave him a long, open mouthed clinging kiss.  We went to our room and napped.

We woke up to an early evening sunset and more reggae music.  We went down for dinner and drinks.  You were wearing a backless white gauze top that was completely see through and a new sarong that you wore very low on your hips.  Everyone talked about their day and we told them about the Falls and Ricks.  There was the usual banter and you were flirting  more than usual with the single men.  Shortly some dancing music came on and the floor gradually filled up.

At  the table one of the single men asked you to dance.  You looked at me and once again I smiled.  The first song was a slow romantic one and you put your arms around his neck and glued your body to his.  His hands were all over your bare back.  When the song ended and you pulled apart I could see your nipples were hard and his pants were tented with a large erection. You danced another slow sensuous song and you were rubbing against his prick. You both returned to the table flushed and breathless.

The other single man asked you to dance.  It was a slow sensuous song and you had your arms around his neck and he was caressing you on your back and up your sides to your breasts. During the next song you put your leg behind his and rubbed your cunt on him.

When you  got back to the table you whispered, “Lets take them to the room.”

I tapped each of them on the shoulder and asked if they would like to smoke some weed. Both said yes.  We left the table and you were holding both of their arms and leaning into them.  When we got to the room I made everyone a drink and rolled a few joints.  You were sitting on the couch between them.  We lit up, said cheers and here’s to a wonderful night.  You were rubbing each of their legs up to their cocks.  One of them untied your top and then they each started fondling your tits and then each of them suckled on a tit.  You leaned back and moaned.  I sat and watched and moaned too.

They then untied your sarong and you were sitting there naked between them.  They caressed you and fingered your cunt.  You looked over at me and I smiled.  They started to get undressed and soon stood there with hard erections.  I got my clothes off too and put some lube on my prick.  They pulled you to your feet and pressed against your naked body with their pricks rubbing all over you.  You pulled them over to the bed and lay down on your back with your legs spread.  One of them lowered his head to your mound and started licking you from front to back.  The other lay by your side and lavished your breasts with his tongue and mouth.  You moaned.

You looked at me and asked if I was coming over.  I said, “Not right now, I want to watch you fuck.”

The licking and caressing kept on for several minutes.  Then one of them lay on his back with his erection pointing straight up.  You put your legs on each side of his head and lowered your cunt to his face.  The other one moved up and was caressing and licking you all over.  You got off of his face and got on your hands and knees, your sex glistening.  One of them got behind you with his erection brushing against you while the other slid beneath you with his breath on your cunt.  Slowly the first one put his prick in you with you directing it and the other one started licking your cunt. He also licked his friends prick as it went in and out of you.

I sat stroking my erection and started talking to you about how you were such a dirty girl, how you liked to fuck and how you liked so many different pricks.  You bent down and took the one who was licking’s cock into your mouth.  The room filled with the sounds and smells of sex.  Everyone was groaning.  I got out my digital camera and took lots of pictures of all of you in the throes of lust.  You then spoke up and asked for a change of positions.

You had one lay on his back and lowered your cunt over it then bent forward and gave the other one some lube.  He put some in your ass, slowly opening it up.  Then he put some on his prick and pressed slowly into your ass.  You all sat still for a few moments savoring the sex and lust.  Then they started gently pushing into you and pulling out.  I walked over and started caressing your tits.  You were babbling incoherent sex sounds.  It seemed to go on forever with the moonlight streaming through the window, the sound of the surf outside and the sounds of sex inside.

Next the one on the bottom started to grunt and groan and was coming in you, the one in your ass tensed and came in you and then you thrashed around and came with loud sounds.  I was frantically stroking my erection and then I was coming all over the three of you. We all collapsed on the bed, sighing in contentment.  After a while we all got in the Jacuzzi and washed each other down with lots of caressing and fondling.  By that time you and I were exhausted.  They got out and were drying off when you got on your knees and gave them a farewell blowjob.  They left.  We snuggled and slept the sleep of contentment.


(Image Source: New Sensations)

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    Love to hear a true story about your wife.

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