Day 5 At The Resort

We woke up early the next morning feeling rested and romantic.  We took a shower together and I caressed your body.  We were aroused but not ready to do anything about it just yet.  We went down to breakfast with the usual crowd.  You were wearing your sarong tied just over your breasts and open in a V to the top of a very skimpy bikini bottom.  You were showing skin from the bottom of your breasts to your mound.  When you turned either left or right one nipple would come uncovered.  We all talked about what we did yesterday.  We mentioned Dunn’s Falls and Rick’s Café.  As usual, the single men were flirting with you.

I decided to go for a swim.  I took off my suit and swam a few laps.  You were beside the pool lying on a lounger.  There was a large muscular black man and a tall willowy woman talking to you.  I got out of the pool and they introduced themselves as Andre and Mary.  They worked at the resort spa.  They suggested to us that we get a couples massage.  We said sure, would 2 this afternoon be good?  All set they said.  I said to you come on in the pool.  You took off your sarong and bikini bottom and waded in.  I turned you around, cupped your breasts and your legs floated up.

Our friend John came over to us and said, smiling, this looks familiar.  He said let’s swap positions.  He came around and cupped your breasts.  I walked around until I was between your floating legs.  We were in the shade of a large Palm tree and had some privacy.  I began running my hands up your legs.  When I got to your knees you wrapped your legs around me and pulled me to you.  John moved his hands so that you were in a sitting position.  He started caressing you.  He then lowered you down onto my prick.  I started pushing into you.  The sensations of the warm water and two pair of hands on you had you rising and falling with passion.

Meanwhile, John slid his prick between your cheeks.  I could feel his prick as I was fucking you.  My plunging became more intense and you were moaning.  John’s hands were caressing you and he put his finger into your cunt where my prick was.  We got more excited he was rubbing his prick on your ass.  You groaned and started making sex sounds and talking dirty – Ohhh, feel me, fuuuuck me.  I pushed all the way in and you came on my cock and I came in you and John spurted all over your ass.  We both put our arms around you in a tender embrace and murmured sweetly in your ears as you continued to orgasm.  We all smiled and basked in the sexual afterglow.

We went back to the room and showered and got ready for lunch.  John had joined the regular crowd.  We looked around and whispered to each other, we’d fucked all the single men there.  In the lunchtime conversation, we mentioned that we had signed up for a couples massage at the spa.

We hung around the resort for a while then went up to get ready for the massage.  We walked to the spa.  The massage room was a three walled tent facing the ocean.  The room was very nice and smelled of flowers.  We got undressed and settled on the massage tables with our faces in the face rests looking out at the ocean.  Andre and  Mary came in.  He was wearing a silk loincloth and we could see his prick moving around.  She was wearing a long gauze gown that fluttered in the breeze and we could see she was naked under it.

Andre started on your neck and shoulders, stroking and caressing, his hands softened by the massage oil.  You sighed.  Meanwhile Mary started on me.  When she bent over I could see her beautiful body – small firm breasts, cocoa skin, slim hips and a shaved pubic area.  I sighed.

On your table Andre had moved down and was now massaging your ass.  His hands lingered and he ran a finger between your cheeks and softly inserted a finger.  Neither of you said anything.  I could hear you softly moan.  His loincloth was rising with an erection.  He asked you if he could take it off.  Yes, yes, yes you said.

Mary was starting on my ass.  She caressed it, ran her fingers down the crack and gently pushed one into me.  I groaned.  At that point she suggested we might want a little privacy from the beach.  She went to the open front and pulled down a gauze curtain.  She came back to my table and pulled her gown over her head.  She looked like a dream.  You and I smiled and held hands across the tables.

Andre started doing your upper thighs and he leaned over you and brushed his now hard prick on you.  Then he put his finger in your cunt.  He finger fucked you and I could smell your sex.  All pretenses of a massage were gone.  This was sex.

Mary moved down my thighs and pressed her body on me.  Her breasts were firm and nipples erect.  I could feel myself getting hard and she put her hand under me and stroked it.

They both said it was time to turn over.  We did and were naked and aroused on our tables.  Andre went immediately to your breasts and once again leaned over you and ran his prick over you.  He took one breast in his hand and caressed it, then leaned down and licked and sucked your nipples.  You had started breathing heavily.

Mary leaned over my chest and rubbed her nipples on my nipples.  It was an electrifying feeling.  She kept it up for a few minutes gliding her body over me.

At your table Andre moved his fingers down to your mound.  He inserted a finger in you and started finger fucking.  You were lifting your hips up and groaning.

Mary had worked her way down to my prick.  She put more lotion on her hands and started stroking it.  She then put in between her tits and slid it up and down.

Andre pulled you down to the edge of the table, knelt down and began licking and fingering you.  You held his head to you, squeezing your thighs together.  After a few minutes he stood up, his face soaked with your juices.  His prick was erect, gleaming and proud and black.  You put your legs around him and pulled him to you.  He rubbed it against your wetness and pushed it into you.  You immediately began moaning, talking dirty and making sex sounds – Ohhh, black cock, cunt, fuck me, fuuuuck me.

Mary climbed on my table and straddled my cock and lowered herself down onto it.  She started rising up and down and I could see her wetness on it.  She arched her back and pressed down and I reached up and held her breasts.  You and I could see each other.  Our faces were flushed and our eyes glazed with sex.  We needed release.  You pulled Andre tight into you and went over the top thrashing and screaming fuck, fuuuck me, Ohhhh, Ahhhhm, I’m coming, I can’t stop.  Both of you came in an explosion of lust.  I was furiously pumping my hips into Mary.  She bent down and whispered in my ear – come in my cunt.  I felt my prick tingle, pushed up one last time and let go a copious amount of cum in her.  She shuddered and her wetness dripped on my cock.  Then she lay on top of me and we both sighed in contentment.  We were all silent and glowing for a few minutes.

Andre said to Mary it’s time to swap.  Mary went over to your table and got on top of you in a 69 position.  You both immediately began to lick and suck the other’s freshly fucked cunt.  Andre did the same to me.  I could taste you on his prick and his warm mouth revived my cock.  None of us lasted long.  You gave out a muffled scream and came again.  I felt myself stiffen and shot into his mouth and he filled my mouth with his cream.  After a moment I came over to your table, lifted you up gently and held and caressed you and whispered to you that I loved you more than anything.  We went to them and hugged them and thanked them for a wonderful time.  We had to get back to our room.

Once we got there we held each other tightly, sighed in contentment and napped.  We woke up to a late afternoon sun, our bodies glowing from our afternoon sex.  We washed each other gently and dressed for dinner.  You put on a new sheer top that tied behind your neck and had two strips of gauze that fluttered over your naked breasts.  You wore gauze harem pants with no underwear.  I wore a white shirt and linen pants.  We went down and had a martini.  The bartender couldn’t keep his eyes of your bare breasts.  We sat at our regular table and everyone asked about the couples massage.  We said it was wonderful.

We were quiet for a few minutes then you started flirting with the men.  Every time you moved or there was a breeze the strips of gauze would flutter and your breasts were bared.  We had a wonderful dinner and plentiful wine.  After dinner the music started.  We got up to dance to an old fashioned swing tune and every time I swung you around your breasts were swaying in the open.

A slow song came on and you put your hand out to John.  You put your arms around his neck and molded your body to him. He put both of his hands on your naked breasts and started kissing your neck.  You responded with a passionate tongue kiss.  When you came back to the table you were breathing hard and aroused. He tried in vain to hide his erection.  You two stood together entwined. The men at the table were looking at you with lustful eyes.  I got up and took you to the dance floor.  You put your arms around my neck and ground your cunt on my legs.

I whispered to you, what do you want to do?  You looked at me through hooded eyes and said I want to take him back to the room.  I groaned and said sure, but I’m still exhausted from this afternoon.  We went back to the table and you sat in his lap.  Your breasts were again bare, your nipples engorged and your face flush with lust.  You started kissing him and caressing his face.

I finally say to John let’s go to our room.  He smiled at both of us.  When we got there I made drinks and rolled a joint.  I sat in a chair and you and John sat on the couch.  The two of you started making out.  He kissed your bare breasts and then he took your harem pants off.  You stood there naked and flushed.  You took him to the bed and started stroking his prick.  Then you leaned over and started sucking his prick.  You licked and sucked it until he was groaning.  He started finger fucking you and I could hear and smell your wetness.  You gestured to me, but I said I only have enough energy to watch.

You then rubbed your body all over him and he rubbed his dripping prick on you.  You start eagerly humping him.  You suddenly stop and look over at me.  You got out of bed, John looking like he’s been abandoned.  You came over to the chair and kneel in front of me and start softly kissing my prick.  You looked at John and told him to get behind you and fuck you.  I’m starting to get aroused as you lick and suck my prick.  You keep it in your warm mouth and take the rest of it in your hands and gently stroke it.  John is pushing his prick back and forth in you.  You take your mouth off of me and tell him to fuuuuck you.  You both are getting frenetic and my prick pulses and I come in your mouth.  You start making sex sounds and talking dirty.  He comes in you and you come on his prick while holding my prick.  When you stop, I lift you up and embrace you as your orgasm subsides.  I turn and take John in my arms and we rub our pricks together.

We tell John it’s been an exhausting day and we need to be alone.  Before he goes we have a naked three way hug and softly caress each other.  When he leaves we gently hug each other and drift off, dreaming of our love and sex.


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