Dear Diary 1

Dear Diary,
It’s July 31, 2003 and I’ve begun to slowly start packing my things for college. I’m really gonna miss all my friends and my boyfriend. My best friend and I have been through so much together, and she is going to college out of state. I love her so much, in more ways than one. I can tell her everything, and I love to stare into her beautiful deep blue eyes as she listens to my every word with such compassion. I want to reach out to her and tell her my true feelings, that I’m madly in love with her. I’ve told my boyfriend everything, and he doesn’t mind. He actually wants to watch, and eventually get together her and me.
I want to look into her eyes and tell her how I really feel, and get the same answer back from her. I imagine telling her everything then kissing her softly. Slowly kissing her face, and her neck. Nibbling on her ear, then taking her mouth in mine and passionately kissing her deeply. Stroking her long, silky black hair, and caressing her firm small breast. I’m getting so wet just thinking about sucking and teasing her perking pink nipples. Kissing and stroking her soft, ticklish belly, i can hear her giggle right now. She is always so much fun.
She would tell me to slowly find my way to her soft throbbing cunt. Which she told me is always fully waxed except for a small patch just above her clit. I would want so bad to just dive right in, but I know I would resist. Kissing and licking her toes and ankles, then slowly stroke her legs as I kiss my way up her smooth slim legs.
When I finally reach her juicy, wet punani she will be in for a treat. I’ll use my finger to flick and tease her clit to get her adrenaline going. My fingers will slowly thrust inside her, feeling her hot pussy pulsing as she moans louder and louder. I would take her engorged clit in my mouth and suck it and lick it, while I’m still finger fucking her making sure to get her G-spot.
I would play with my own clit, while eating her hotspot and moaning with her. As soon as she gets close, I will stop and put my pussy on her face, and let her suck me dry. When I’m close, I will start eating her again, doing sixty-nine with her. We would sound so sweet moaning in ecstasy together. I know when we come together, we will explode in waves of orgasms pulsing against eachothers bodies. Screaming together like sirens, while getting eachother’s juices all over our faces. We would cuddle all night in between sessions of ecstasy.
I only wish I could tell her how I feel, but for now, I’m really hot and horny. Bye for now Diary. My most sexy boyfriend needs to come pay me a visit in my bedroom to finish what my mind has started.

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