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It was about 11:30pm on a Friday night when I got a disturbing phone call from a good friend of mine named Nicole. “You know the girl that lives across the hall from me named Devina?” she said. “Well, she’s here in my apartment trying to get me to let her eat my pussy.” she explained. I found this whole thing amusing because I’ve known for months now that Devina had a thing for Nicole. “So are you gonna let her?” I asked. “Hell nah!!!” she yelled. “And here is the best part. In her efforts to get me to change my mind, she said she could eat pussy better than you.” she said. Now normally, I don’t let things upset me too much, and I don’t let people bait me into anything. But this bitch done crossed the line. “I’ll be there in 45 minutes.” I replied. I jumped in my ride and hauled ass over there.  I don’t mind if another guy claims he can eat pussy better than me, but a woman??? Hell nah. Not in this life time.
I knocked on Nicole’s door at about 12:20am. She answered the door laughing. “That was fast. What was your hurry?” she said. “I had to come handle some business. That’s all.” I replied. When I walked in the living room, Devina was sitting on the couch with her arms folded staring at me as if I had disturbed her. And for the record, Devina is the finest lesbian I have ever known. I mean she is beautiful. She’s about 5’6, maybe 140 pounds. Deep chocolate complexion with a short haircut that looks really good on her. She’s got some of the nicest legs, too. Long, fit, runners legs that go up and meet what I refer to as “Cakes.” Her ass is fat, but not too big.  I love to watch her walk to the mailbox. That booty is straight “hypnotic.” Her breasts are a nice, firm 34 C. Now, not to be out done, Nicole is bad as hell herself. She’s just a little bit lighter than Devina. She has longer hair, but she sometimes wears a pony tail because she knows I love her neck. I call her my “Thyck Lil Bit” because she’s only 5’2” tall. She weighs exactly 155 pounds and trust me, those extra pounds are all in the right places. I love to see her in heels because when you put those muscular thighs together with that big booty she’s got and lift it up a lil’ bit, OH LAWD, it should be a crime to be that fine!! And those big 38 Cs she’s got complete the package. “I heard you think you are better skilled than I am at something there Miss Lady.” I said. “Yeah, I am. What about it?” she replied. “We’ll see what you think when I leave.” I replied. Nicole sat down beside Devina with a big smile on her face. She knew I was about to give her a serious “Tongue Lashing.”
I kneeled down in front of Nicole, slowly pulled her thong from beneath her skirt, and as I was slowly pulling her thighs over my shoulders, I looked Devina directly in her eyes and I went to work. As my tongue slowly parted Nicole’s lips she tilted her head back, gasped briefly, then moaned softly. Her pussy was already very wet. I began my assault on her clit with slow, firm strokes. Making sure that the entire length of my tongue slid against her clit with every stroke. You see, I know her spot well. So it took almost no time for her to have her first orgasm. Devina, staring in amazement that I was doing this right in front of her, did not seem impressed. So, I slid over to her, reached under her skirt for her thong as well. “What are you doing?” she asked. “The best way for you to know that I’m better is to experience my skills for yourself.” I replied. I could tell she was not comfortable with this, but she did not resist. Her pussy was fatter than I had imagined. With my first two strokes, the only moisture present was from my tongue, but when that third stroke came she was flowing like the Mississippi. She was trying her best to hold back her moans. But the full length of my tongue on her clit was driving her crazy. And when she reached and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me closer, I knew I had found her spot.  “Mmmm shit!” she moaned as my tongue was in perfect rhythm with her hips. “I told you girl.” Nicole said. I swear her orgasm was wetter than I had ever seen. And I drank it up like I was dying of thirst. “Oh damn.” She moaned.  When I had tasted her last drop, I slid right back to Nicole and picked up where I left off. Nicole had the back of my head with both hands because I was showing her no mercy. I was sucking and licking her clit at the same time, and she loved when I did that. She told me the sensation was so intense that she could hardly contain herself.  “Oh baby, yes. Right there! Right there! RIGHT THERE!!!” she screamed as her second orgasm jolted her body. Again, I slid over to Devina, who welcomed me with opened legs. I repeated the same motion on her. “Shit!” she moaned. Her clit was so stimulated, that I swear it had grown some. It was like a small knob now, and I was wearing it out. “Gat Damn, suck that clit baby!” she yelled. When I reached up and put her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, giving them a light squeeze, the second orgasm erupted from her. “Oh FUCK!!” she yelled.  Again, once I was done drinking from her fountain, I slid back over to Nicole.  As I started on Nicole’s clit, I slid in one finger as well and found her G-spot. From that point on it was a double assault. My intention was to put Nicole to sleep this time. At first, Nicole was moaning as usual, but then her moans became muffled. I glanced up and found Nicole and Devina locked in a deep kiss. When Nicole’s last orgasm came, she broke the kiss and moaned so deep. I had never heard her moan like that before. Nicole just laid back on the couch, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. “That’s a damn shame that a man can wear me out like that with his tongue.” she said. Then I slid back over to Devina. I slid two fingers in her pussy but didn’t find her G-spot. From the moment my fingers entered her, I wasn’t looking for it. Her pussy was so tight. While I was licking her clit, I was just moving my fingers in and out. I had to have some of that. I turned her over and began to lick her pussy from the back. She loved it. She was sliding her ass up and down my face. Meanwhile, I was pulling my now rock hard dick out about to give something else she hadn’t had in a while. When I slid my dick inside her, at first she jumped, I’m sure out of shock. My first few strokes were slow.

I could tell she was a little agitated initially, but soon she had that ass meeting me half way on each stroke. She turned back and was looking me dead in my eyes on each stroke. “Yes. Fuck me.” she said softly. I grabbed her by her waist and began a ferocious stroke. I was hitting that pussy so hard, and so deep, that her moans and screams woke up Nicole.”Shit, so you do like dick.” Nicole said. When Devina’s third orgasm came, I just kept right on stroking. Her ass looked so good being fucked.  Nicole just sat back and watched with a big smile on her face. I fucked her from behind for another 20 minutes then for reasons I can’t explain, I reached forward with my right hand and grabbed her neck as if to choke her. “Yes baby!” she moaned.  As she said this I pulled out and shot what seemed like a gallon load all over her ass. Devina looked back at me and said “I admit it. You eat pussy way better than I do. But you have to admit something to me. I don’t fuck guys, but that’ some good ass pussy. Ain’t it?” She got no arguments from me that day.

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    Loved it! You got skills…{~_•}

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