Do I really want this ?

For sometime Ally found the luxurious sensation of wearing lingerie under his clothes very enjoyable.Although it isn’t something that is socially acceptable by most.When wearing such items he felt sexy and feminine,but definately NOT gay.Periodically Ally would correspond with others who seemed receptive to what he was into.Which had him longing for a friend who would be understanding,encouraging and willing to develope a friendship.In most cases when wearing lingerie,Ally would shave all his body hair,as the luxurious sensation was too much to resist.The usual was to put on a garter belt attached to black lace top stay up stockings,bikini panty’s and an underwire push up bra.Sometimes Ally liked to wear thong panty’s,as the feel of the strip of material rubbing along the crack of his ass was enjoyable.One day when Ally was out shoppping for some clothes a man stood nearby where Ally was down on his knees trying to find his size.The strange part of this was that they were in the lingerie section and Ally wondered why the other man was there too.When Ally turned slightly,he realized the man was rubbing the obvious bulge in the crotch of his pants.The man stepped closer,leaned down and whispered “I like a man who wears sexy lingerie”.Ally froze and wondered what prompted him to make a comment like that.The man then stated “I see you like wearing lacey thongs”.That was when Ally realized his shirt had come out of the waistband of his pants and the man could see the back of the thong panty’s he was wearing.Similarly the way it happens when females bend over.He then wanted to know if Ally would show him what else he had on.The man asked if Ally would like to come to his place and show him ? Did Ally have anything else with him that he could put on and change into ? Well,as a matter of fact he did and said so.The man then had Ally follow him back to his residence.Ally put a few things into a sports bag,then went in to the man’s place.Once inside,the man introduced himself as Bill and Ally told him his name.He directed Ally to the bathroom where he could change.Once in there,Ally removed his shoes,pants,socks and shirt.Then opened the sports bag to get a skirt,blouse,brunette wig and three inch black heels to put on.Ally slipped on the skirt,put on the blouse,did up the buttons,put on the wig and slipped on the heels.Then walked out to find the man sitting on the sofa with a camera.Bill asked if it would be ok if he took some pictures ? Ally already had an idea of how this was going to go.Bill had Ally pose sitting in a somewhat ladylike way.Then made suggestions about undoing some of the buttons on the blouse to show the lacey bra cups.Then to spread his legs to show the lace tops of the stockings.Hiking up the skirt to show it all and to get down on his knees.Bill came over and stood in front of Ally with his crotch right in front of Ally’s face,where he could see the obvious bulge in the crotch of his pants.Bill then said “I think you know what I want you to do now ?” Ally looked up at Bill’s face and noddded.Bill then said”Then do it!” So,Ally reached up and caressed the bulge in Bill’s pants.Slowly lowered the zipper,undid Bill’s pants,tugged them down and found a hard cock sticking out in Ally’s face.Ally put his hand around the cock,stroked it,licked it,then took Bill’s cock into his mouth.Bill gasped and groaned as Ally began to suck on his cock.Occassionally when Ally looked up,he found Bill taking photographs as Ally slid his lips up and down on Bill’s cock.Soon the wet slurping and sucking sounds were combined with Bill’s moaning and groaning,as Ally bobbed up and down on Bill’s cock.After awhile,Bill began calling Ally a slut,cock sucker,whore and complimented Ally on his being a rather talented blow job artist.Ally had done this before but had problems with finding those that were receptive to his desire to be dressed up playing the female role.Ally knew enough from limited experience that Bill was going to cum soon.He began sucking and stroking Bill’s cock more vigorously,sqeezing his lips against Bill’s cock as he bobbed on it.Ally felt the familiar throbbing and pulsing in the shaft of the cock.Shortly afterward,Bill began to moan and groan more loudly.Then his cock exploded in a cum gushing eruption.The cum squirted into Ally’s mouth,which he swallowed each burst of.When the flow subsided,Ally slowed the motions to a more gentle sucking and licking to make sure he got all of Bill’s cum.As Ally sat back releasing Bill’s cock from his hand and mouth,Bill stated that he has some friends who would be interested in having Ally suck them off too.

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