Doctors orders

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I was told by my doctor to see a psychologist so i did. I sat
quietly in the room waiting for him, finally he entered
the room and sat behind a large desk. ‘I see here that you have homosexual urges” he
started. ‘Your doctor would like to know just how deep
this goes’ He stop and looked at me taking off his glasses
and looked at me over his nose.
‘Tell me why you like to dress as a woman” he said
bluntly. “well” i started nervously. “I simply
like sex with men more then women. I love the feel of stockings
against my naked legs and the power a man can have over me’
I stopped and looked at him eyebrows raised and a slight
‘Have you had sex with a man?’ came the question.
‘Yes many times. I love the feel as he pushes his cock
into my hole’ I answered bluntly back with nothing
to loose. ‘When to give oral do you swallow if asked to?’
He sat there now crossing his legs. ‘I am a submissive bottom. I love to be told what to do
and yes if master tells me to swallow i do without any more
thought on the matter’
He looked at me as if he had heard it all before. ‘You
sound like you have made up your mind already to be a girl’
he says sitting up and taking me all in with his eyes. ‘I wish i was a girl. I would be the best whore of all time and i would be able to offer three holes instead of two’
I said confidently.
‘Well’ the doctor started. ‘I think we can
tell you want to be a woman. We are out of time today but i want
you to come back tomorrow, and since you want to be a girl
dress like one when you come” He pushed his chair back
and stood offering his hand. I was somewhat shocked at just
how short we met and now good bye. As i stood i offered my hand
palm down. I caught a glimpse of his crotch and it was hard
explaining to me, he was too aroused to continue.
The next day i walked into the office full dressed as a woman
with makeup and all. My mini dress was low enough to cover
the garter and stockings. I had bare shoulders showing
and a long black wig with bright red lipstick.
Once again i was asked to sit in the office and he sat behind
the desk. ‘How do you feel” he started. ‘I feel sexy and horny’ i stated. Keeping my legs
tightly crossed, so not to show my red matching thong that
matched my bra.
‘Do you wish you had breasts?’ He asked me. ‘Yes very much, but when i asked my doctor he sent me to you” The doctor produced a subscription for female hormones.
‘These are needles to be taken twice a day for three
months. I want you to start taking them right away; also
if you are serious about being a woman i want you to get a permanent
hair transplant. If you do all this then i think you really
want to be a girl’ he said handing me the subscription
but he stayed sitting.
‘I don’t just want to be a girl’ i said. ‘I
want to be a sex slave slut’ I said smiling from ear to
He looked at me and smiled himself. ‘You don’t have to
be a girl to be a slut’
‘It’s better though’ i snapped back.
‘I want to see you in three months and hopefully you
will be fully transformed’ He said and waved his hand
towards the door and remained seated.
The three months flew by quickly and once again i sat in the
waiting room with new hair new breasts (‘C’ cup and a new
butt plug sitting in my ass. Once again i was asked to wait
for the doctor in the room. I sat there legs crossed but this
time loosely so he could get a peak at my white thong that showed
through my black stretchy dress. My push up bra was white
as well and showed my new large nipples right through the
dress like i wanted.
The doctor walked in with file in hand. ‘I believe that
you just needed someone to tell you to do what you really
wanted all along’ he said while keeping his nose in
the file and not looking at me. Soon his head looked up at me and his jaw dropped. He got up
and walked around his desk. ‘Well i must say the hormones are working well, and
did you get your hair done like i said?’ he asked now
standing beside me looking down my top at my new breasts.
‘I did as i was told’ i replied to him. ‘And do you still feel the need to be submissive?’
he asked resting his hand on my shoulder.
‘Oh yes i would love a master to fuck and suck til the
cows come home’ i answered him.
‘Good’ he said and his hand grabbed my hair and
pulled me out of the chair and onto my knees. ‘Let’s see
how submissive you can be’ he started. As much as i was
surprised i was equally excited hoping to get his cock and
all of his cream this very day.
‘We will have to make sure you know what you want don’t
we?’ he asked ‘Yes sir’ i answered ‘And what do we want’ ‘i want your cock and to taste your cum sir’ i said without hesitation. ‘What else do you want, how do you want to be treated’
he asked pulling my hair tight. ‘I want to be used like a whore sir and to be called names.
I finished sucking the doctor’s cock until he shot deep into
my throat. His hands pulling my hair to the point my mouth
would open with the thrill of the moment. After the doctor
finished unloading his cum into my mouth he wiped his cock
all over my face. ‘You’re a slut alright’ he said ‘And sluts are
to be used and treated as one. Is this what you really want?’
He asked in a professional voice.
I simply looked up at him from my knees and smiled then reply
‘Oh yes’ with a slight whisper in my voice.
He would tell me to come back to his office in two weeks for
a follow up exam which i cannot wait for.
As i walk down the side walk from the psychologist office
I was reminded that i should pay my regular doctor a visit and call
him for an appointment. I use my cell and call the doctor’s
office. Not that i really needed to see him but to rub his stupid
nose in my success in my transformation.
‘Doctors office’ the voice on the phone answers.
‘I like to see the doctor for a checkup’ i tell the
sectary on the other end. ‘Can i ask who’s calling’ I tell her and she puts me on hold for what seems to be ten to fifteen minutes, a topical doctors office for sure. After
some time she returns ‘The doctor will stay late today
to see you, but he would like to see you at his clinic, is that
OK?’ she asks
I get the address and appointment and sit in a cafe and wait
for the two hours to go by. I arrive at the clinic to find it to be an old house with no signage
to say it is a clinic. But i knock on the door to make sure i
am at the wrong place as this is what i believe.
The door opens and my doctor stands there in his lab coat
and invites me in. ‘so what name do you go by now?’ he asks me ‘Tanya’ i answer. I can hear other people in the back of the house. ‘OK Tanya follow me’ he says and i follow him down
some stairs to the basement. The place has been renovated
inside but the outside of the house looks somewhat rundown.
Once down stairs the basement looks more like the clinic
with small rooms on each side of the long hallway. ‘We are still renovating that’s why we only have curtain instead of doors’ he tells me. “Go into
this room’ he says holding the curtain back for me to
enter ‘and remove all your clothing, i will be in momentarily’
he smiles and lets the curtain drop close.
I hesitate to start removing all my clothing and look quickly
around the small room. I remove my mini dress and it falls
to the floor. I swing my long black hair back and tie it into
a pony tail. I then undo my bra letting it slide off my new
perky breasts. Although they are only a size B they stick
out nice and straight with my nipples standing at attention
brought out by the cold room.
I undo my garter and release the stockings. I throw the garter
onto the examining table and slowly role down my stockings.
Finally i remove my thong and put it onto the table with my
garter. I pick up all my clothing and put it all together
on a chair in the corner of the room.
The curtain flies open and the doctor walks in. ‘How
did the psychologist visit go” he asks. ‘Well’ i start to answer him still standing butt
naked ‘I think i look great and i feel even more sexy
then ever’ i tell him.
‘Turn around and spread your legs’ he tells me
‘Do you intend to have your genitals removed’
he asks me while he pulls up a chair behind me.
‘I might, i don’t have the money right now’
i tell him.
‘Pull your cheeks apart for me’ he says
I reach back and pull them apart waiting for his finger to
explore my anus. ‘So is Tanya your full name or do you have any other names
you like to be called’ he asks ‘And remember i have
to send a report to the psychologist so he will know if you
are telling the truth’ he informs me.
‘Well the truth is i love being called names. I wish
i could change my name to Tanya the slut or Tanya the whore’
I tell him honestly
I then feel something cold applied to my hole. It feels good
and i believe it is lubricant. ‘Well slut how many guys
have you slept with in the last three months’ he asks
me as he pushed in a finger much to my enjoyment.
‘Only one and i only sucked him off’ i said referring
to the psychologist.
‘That’s not true, your hole is loose and you want to be
a whore, try again’ he tells me pushing in a second finger
and then a third. I gasp with delight and push a little back onto his hand.
‘It’s true i use a large plug to satisfy myself. I want
my tit a bit bigger before i look for a full time master’
i let it slip out.
The doctor pushes something new and large into my rectum.
It’s cold and solid. He continues to push it deeper into me
causing me to close my eye tight in some pain, then it ‘pops’
into my hole and the pain subside. ‘Did that hurt slut’
he asks me. But his word made me forget all the pain and i again
turn into the whore i really am.
‘Yes but it’s alright’ i reply.
‘Let go of your cheeks and stand up straight’ he
orders me. I slowly stand up straight and i can feel something
logged in my hole. I turn around and he reaches between my
legs and grabs a long leather strap and wraps it around my
balls and cock then puts a lock on it. Confused i look at him.
He again reaches around me and grabs yet two more straps
and they wrap around my waist and he again locks them with
a pad lock.
‘What are you doing?’ i ask him.
‘Turn around slut and put your hand behind you’
he orders me.
I turn around following instructions perfectly. He places
a collar around my neck and secures my wrists together and
to the collar. I cannot move my hands without choking myself.
‘I don’t understand’ i tell him
‘Your psychologist told me what you want. You want
to be some fucking whore, a slave to be used whenever the
master feels like, so i feel I’m going to use you as my
whore for a few days. Right here in the clinic. ‘You’re
a whore, a cunt and nothing more than a cum bucket for any
man to use in any way he sees fit. Got it Tanya the cum swallower?’
He says pulling my hair and making my head tilt back. But his
words got to me this is what i always wanted what i always
‘Yes sir’ i answered quietly. He clips a leash
onto the collar and lead me out into the hallway still naked.
He showed me a small control and then pushed a button and
the plug in my hole vibrated and sent shocks into my anus
almost making me fall to the ground in ecstasy.
We walked down the hall and then up the stairs as he lead me
with the leash. He opened a door and we walked into what use
to be the kitchen of the house. With the window wide open letting
in the sunset. Four men sat around a large wooden table.
The doctor handed my leash to one of the men.
‘Knee bitch’ he yelled at me. I quickly kneed before
him. He stood up and undid his pants and let them fall to the
floor, he wore no underwear. His cock sprung loose and dangled
in front of my face. He reached down and took hold of his cock.
‘You see this cunt?’ he pushed his cock into my
‘Yes sir’ i answered now wanting to suck his cock
‘My cock and everyone here needs it drained and when
we get hard again you will drain it again. Your name from
now on will be Cunt, now start suck Cunt!’ and then he
shoved his cock into my more than willing mouth. Loving
every inch i could take. It did not take long for him to get
hard and i could taste his pre-cum with delight.
‘Hurry up Cunt your taking too long’ the other men
cried out
Then the man who i was sucking grabbed my hair and started
thrusting deeper into my mouth and throat, turning me
on even more then i thought was possible. I started to
have pre-cum. Then he started to shoot his load as i sucked
madly to keep up. ‘Swallow it all Cunt, and don’t
miss a drop’ he yelled at me. I did of course swallow
every drop and now i wanted more.
I crawled around to each man suck him until they squirted
their loads. I was so horny now and wanted to be fucked hard
in my ass, but they had other ideas. As the last man pulled
out of my mouth i looked at the first man i did and he was hard
again. ‘Not a bad starts Cunt, but you are not finished
by far’ the first man said to me.
The doctor moved me over to a padded bench about four feet
long and only ten inches wide. They strapped me on my back
onto the bench, my hands still tied behind me. I could not
get off the bench if i wanted to and i did not want to, i was
having too much fun.
The doctor once again showed me the remote control and pushed
the button sending me into a uncontrollable horny state.
My hips thrust upward and my cock grew hard. Then the first
man straddled my face and forced fuck my throat, making me
gag with each hard thrust even stopping with his cock down
my throat. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat.
Every once i a while he would pull out and have me lick his
balls and ass crack as the others looked on waiting their
To Be Continued…

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