Doing my science teacher 2

Ok I got some emails requesting for part 2 of this story. If you havent read part 1 then read it. Thank you now on to the story.

I had been sitting on Ms. Burksins’ chair with her on my lap, legs spread and both of us naked. My thick black cock was still in my teachers loose, wet, cum filled pussy when the principale entered the classroom. She stared at us as if we were aliens, her eyes glaring at the sight of my teachers pussy. She shut the door and locked it then shut the blinds and walked over to us she was wearing a short grey skirt and grey jacket like a business suit. She sat on the desk facing us and grinned an evil grin. “You know you should really learn to be quiet Burksin otherwise the whole world would hear you.” the principale said “Im-” “SHUT UP!!!” the principale roared, her eyes were a blazing fury. “You know the rules of this school about student/teacher relationships. Pack your things your fired.” The principale stood up and headed for the door, I got Ms. Burksin off my lap and ran to the door and held it close with my strong arms and glared at Miss. Steinburke. “What are you doing nigger?!” she said to me. I had wondered if she was racist because she had treated me like crap since I got here but now i knew and this made it even more exciting. “Your gonna re-hire Ms. Burksin.” “And if I don’t” I grinned and walked towards her. She slowly began to walk back, fear in her eyes. I was still naked so my dick was sort of limp but it began to get its feeling back and I noticed that she was looking down at it, at the cum dripping off the tip and its thickness then she looked back up at me and glared once more showing she wasn’t afraid. Ms. Burksin was sitting on her chair watching like an innocent child. I continued to walk over to Miss. Steinburke and then she unwillingly sat on one of the desks, she hadn’t seen the desk behind her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close to me, she began to protest by scratching and hitting at my chest but it did her no good, she was helpless. “I saw you looking down at my cock. You’ve never had black cock have you?” my voice had resumed its commanding voice once again. “I dont like you niggers thats why!” “Well your gonna like this trust me just ask Ms. Burksin.” Miss. Steinburke looked at Ms. Burksin and Burksin just nodded in agreement. I slid my right hand up the principales right thigh slowly then reached her ass and grabbed it with some force, she let out a moan of soft pleasure, her eyes fluttering slowly. I slid my left hand up her other thigh and grabbed the other part of her ass and began to massage it slowly, moving her ass cheeks it small circles. Her moans got a little louder. I picked her up by her ass, having her lean on me, I could feel her nice huge breasts push against my chest and i sat her down next to Ms. Burksin who had slowly been rubbing her pussy with her left hand. “Enjoying yourself?” I asked, playfully. She nodded. “What are you going to do to me?” asked Miss. Steinburke “I’m gonna fuck your brains out and let Ms. Burksin sit on your face while you eat her out bitch. You got a problem with that?!” “Y-” I slapped her ass hard, my hands were still holding onto it. “No.” she said. “Good.” I began to unbutton her jacket button by button then threw it off with the other clothes and she was wearing just a black bra. her breasts were noticeable at the top area and thats it. I unlatched the bra and threw it off, not caring where it landed and Miss. Steinburkes’ breasts were fully noticeable. They were a bit bigger then Ms. Burksin but sagged just a small bit probable because of her age which I still did not know. She had a small nipple ring on her left breast which was silver and it caused that one nipple to harden. I pulled on the ring softly with my pinky and that caused Miss. Steinburke to moan loudly in pure ecstasy. Next I slid off her skirt, she told me it could be unzipped from the back but I was getting impatient and my cock was getting hard as a rock once again and it was screaming for some pussy. I threw the skirt off on the ground and I was shocked to see no underwear on the principale. Her legs were closed but I quickly opened them, ignoring her protests. Her pussy was tight and was trimmed. I wasnt planning on eating her out. Ms. Burksin just continued to watch, I felt her eyes on my cock and I gave it a little stroke with my hand and she began to rub her pussy once again a little slowly this time. “Lie down.” I said to the principale and Ms. Burksin got off the desk and stood at my side, watching the principale get on her back on the desk. Me and Ms. Burksin moved everything off which now allowed room for 2 people to be on the desk if in the right position. “Good. Now spread your legs as wide as you can.” she did and to my amazement they were very wide. I got on the desk and sat in between her legs, my cock now once again erect and hard I rubbed the tip against her pussy. “No! Don’t please!” she begged “Why not?” “I-Im a lesbian and ive never had a man so please dont!” “so in other words your a freakin virgin in the pussy and ass area am i right?” she nodded. “What made you think that was gonna stop me?” I thrusted my cock in her pussy as far as it could go, popping her cherry. She let out a load moan of pleasure and pain from my thick being in her tight pussy. Her tightness nearly caused me to shoot my load in her but i pulled it out quickly. “Ms. Burksin sit on Miss. Steinburke’s face now.” I knew by now I was running this little sex feast of ours and that made me extremly happy. Ms. Burksin did as told and she got on the desk then straddled her legs on Miss. Steinburke’s chest. She moved her hips close to the principales mouth. “Now lick her pussy Steinburke!” I ordered. From the loud moaning of Ms. Burksin, Miss. Steinburke was doing a good job. Ms. Burksin grabbed her breasts and started to massage them as she moved her hips back and forth on Miss. Steinburke’s face. I took my cock and slid it back into Miss. Steinburke’s tight pussy which was now getting wet by the second. I grabbed her hips and began to slide my cock in and out of her tight pussy, going slow at first then increasing in speed and hardness. The moans from the two school employees grew louder and louder by the second, each thrust i did to Miss. Steinburke caused her to moan louder and louder until her moans were almost screams. We all shouted at the same time “IM CUMMING!!!” and we all did. I came in Miss. Steinburke’s no longer virgin pussy and she came on my cock and Ms. Burksin came on Miss. Steinburke’s face. Me and Ms. Burksin got up from the desk and switched places. I sat on Miss. Steinburke’s face, my cum covered cock at her mouth and Ms. Burksin was grinding her pussy on Miss.Steinburke’s cum filled pussy. Miss. Steinburke opened her mouth, allowing my huge cock to enter and it did. She wrapped her lips around it and began to suck slowly, her tounge moving around on my shaft slowly. She wasn’t as good as Ms. Burksin but she did pretty well. I began to move my hips back and forth, my cock moving in and out slowly out of her warm mouth. I looked around and saw Ms. Burksin’s face buried in Miss. Steinburke’s pussy, she was eating her out and lapping at her like a dog. Miss. Steinburke sucked harder on my cock and she moved her head back and forth quickly, going faster and faster, her tounge moving all around it like a snake. I gritted my teeth then heard Miss. Steinburke say that she was cumming and I said the same. I came in her mouth and saw some of my sperm leak out of the sides of her mouth. I got up and she licked up the rest of the sperm and i rubbed my cock on her tits, getting the rest of the cum off. Ms. Burksin joined me at my side and smiled as she finished licking off the cum on her face from Miss. Steinburke. I pulled Miss. Steinburke off the desk and then bent her over it, her chest on the desk and her ass out. I guided my cock in her ass slowly then began to move back and forth, her moans and groans of pain and pleasure aroused me enough to move in and out faster and harder , my hands were on her hips now and i kept her ass firm
ly in
place. She had a heart shaped ass and it was nice and tight, good for fucking. I went back and forth faster and harder and began to rub her pussy with my right middle finger, running it up and down on her nice wet slit. She let out loud moans and groans saying “Oh fuck me good and raw make me your bitch make me your slave!” I pulled on her hair with my left hand and it caused her to look straight then i whispered in her ear “You already are.” Then I shot my last load in her nice ass. We were in that position for about 4minutes when Ms. Burksin’s moans of pleasure snapped me back to reality. She had been masturbating to this whole scene and just came. When I pulled my cock out of Miss. Steinburke’s ass I said “You two are my slaves now got it. Whenever I want sex you give it to me or suffer my wraith!” “O.K” they both said and I went to kiss Ms. Burksin on her lips with ecstasy. Then I heard someone hic up outside and saw it Was Tammy, the dark skinned cheerleader with perfect tits and a nice ass. She had seen everything and had got caught. I quickly put on my shorts and ran after her as she ran away.
Ok there was part 2 of the story not sure if it was good as part 1 but lemme know via email or comments

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