Dreams come true…

~ Dreams Come True ~

Ray walks into the room and sits down ordering a drink, when he looks up he observes a lovely angelic woman, standing at the bar, looking around as though lost or looking for someone.

As he watches this exquisite woman, she begins pacing as though something were amiss, concern etched on her face, and so Ray, being the gentlemen he is, carefully advances towards her.

She is 5’2 with honey colored hair that looks soft to the touch, her skin smooth as silk gives Ray the urge to run his fingers along the surface.

She is wearing a light yellow sundress and white pumps, with silver jewelry glamorizing the whole outfit bringing the ensemble elegantly together, her hair is loosely braided and nestles gently on her shoulders.

Her lustrous emerald eyes look bewildered as he approaches her, he introduces himself and in return she introduces herself, smiling demurely at him.

He asks her to accompany him to his table, and talk with him, she accepts and sits at his table crossing her voluptuous legs, seductively licking her lips watching him in his tight jeans and T-shirt, as he takes the seat next to her.

She notices him looking over her shoulder, so she peers over and sees her friend walking across the room towards her, she turns facing him, as if she didn’t notice, and engages in conversation again.

The man is polite and talks, while watching the woman approach. She is in a black mini-skirt, a pink very loose, very light shirt, heels and her hair held back with a clip, loosely framing her beautiful oval face.

She stands at a comfortable 5’9 with liquid brown eyes, her hair is a soft brown and her skin soft as the petals of a rose leaves Ray wanting her as much as he wants Christy-Lynn.

As she reaches the two at the table, she bends down, moves the hair of the lady in yellow’s neck to the side, and gently kisses her neck. The man watches in awe as the lovely woman in yellow smiles, and closes her eyes, and reaching up with one hand, she embraces the kiss on her neck by pulling her friend closer to her.

When her friend stands, they all make introductions; the man is Ray, the woman in yellow is Christy-Lynn, and her friend is Monique.

The introductions have been made, the drinks have been finished. Monique tells Christy-Lynn that she got the room and gives Christy-Lynn the key to the room, then tenderly kisses her on the lips, and leaves.

Ray and Christy-Lynn watch as she walks out, her hips swaying seductively as she walks, when she is out of sight Ray looks at Christy-Lynn, asking questions with his eyes.

Christy-Lynn softly laughs and answers him, telling him that Monique is a very, very close, friend.

She smiles softly at him, watching his reaction, as it changes from awe to impressed, she has noticed that he doesn’t stand too straight at the moment, knowing he is hiding his throbbing manhood from her she invites him to the room.

Monique is sitting at the table, playing cards when Christy-Lynn and Ray enter the room, she smiles at both of them, as they look at her. Ray sits in the chair across from Monique, and without a word she deals the cards, as Christy-Lynn takes the other chair.

The game is strip poker, and Ray doesn’t realize it right away, ’till the first hand is won by Christy-Lynn and Monique removes her top, so Ray follows suit.

As the game draws to a close, with Christy-Lynn victorious, Monique stands up and takes Ray’s hand, and leads him to the bed.

Monique assists Ray to lie down on the bed, with Christy-Lynn watching from the chair, Monique bends down, to pick something up off of the floor, and sets it on the table, taking careful aim with it and, if Ray had looked, he would have seen her turn on the camcorder.

She watches as Monique bends down to Ray, kissing him gently as her hands dance around Ray’s body, immensely turning Christy-Lynn on.

Monique’s hand finds Ray’s inner thigh, slowly making it’s way up to his, now hard, throbbing manhood. She takes him in hand, and gently glides her hand up and down the shaft, as his eyes close, enjoying it all afraid if he opens them it will all just be another dream

She bends down again kissing him tenderly letting her tongue probe his mouth just as his tongue is probing her’s.

Christy-Lynn watches Monique and Ray, her own hand begins to rub her inner thigh slowly, making circles and moving up, her fingers gently brush the lips of her labia, she gasps, and smiles at how wet she is, watching the two of them.

Christy-Lynn realizes she is intently watching, as Monique’s hand glides up his shaft and back down again, Ray moans in delight, Monique’s hand increases in speed. This is Christy-Lynn’s cue to turn on the music. As she does, both Ray and Monique pause to watch her, and she begins to dance.

She dances in slow tantalizing circles, moving her hips seductively from side to side, Christy-Lynn slowly turns, unlacing the straps to her dress, she lets it fall to the floor, and continues to dance in just her garter belt, stockings and heels.

She reaches up with one hand releasing the band in her hair, and shaking the braid loose, letting it flow softly over her shoulders. She whips her head so that her chin is resting on her shoulder, looking at Ray and Monique through thick, lovely, long eyelashes.

Christy-Lynn slowly glides to Monique and Ray, tracing a finger along Monique’s sensuous lips, while licking her own, Ray watches the two of them, and feeling his throbbing manhood in Monique’s hand, he finds it very hard not to let himself go yet.

Christy-Lynn leans in and passionately kisses Monique, letting her tongue probe Monique’s lovely mouth, her tongue running across the roof of Monique’s mouth gently sucking on her bottom lip.

Her fingers gently running down Monique’s arms, her fingernails running down her sides, giving Monique goosebumps all over her body.

Ray reaches up, and runs his hand down Monique’s back, and is pleased to hear a soft gasp escape her lips, at the touch of his hand on her back.

Christy-Lynn moves to kiss Monique’s neck, peeking at Ray but, as she whispers into Monique’s ear, both ladies turn on Ray, and begin to kiss him soft and passionately.

Monique from the earlobe down and Christy-Lynn from the ankle up, as the two meet in the middle, they kiss.

Giving Ray a perfect profile of them kissing, he can see their tongues probing each other, he moans, thinking to himself that this has to be a dream, to his amazement they both lean in and kiss him tenderly on the lips, proving to him that this is very real indeed.

Christy-Lynn stops kissing Ray’s mouth, and begins to kiss down his body, when she gets to his penis she watches as Monique glides her hand up and down the shaft.

Christy-Lynn leans down, flicking her tongue across the head a few times, then finally she can stand it no longer and she takes him fully into her mouth, with Monique’s hand still gliding up and down, her own tongue presses him to the roof of her mouth, and he groans in pleasure.

Monique carefully observes the two of them, her pleasing Ray, and Ray being so very much pleased, with a grin on his face as if he were in heaven, and Christy-Lynn taking Ray entirely into her lovely mouth, feeling him throb and pulse against her tongue, she smiles slightly and begins to hum a tune which has him completely erect now.

Monique watching the two of them, leans down slightly and slides a finger into Christy-Lynn’s wet, warm valley, gently sliding it in and out of her and, with every thrust Monique gives, Christy-Lynn meets with one of her own.

Monique slides her fingers out, gliding it across Christy-Lynn’s clit, rubbing it, feeling it and, as she brings her fingers out, she brings them to her mouth, tasting Chri
sty-Lynn’s nectar. She smiles softly at Christy-Lynn.

Monique leans over again, and slides her finger into Christy-Lynn, again hitting her G-spot inst
antly, Christy-Lynn moans softly, which in turn sends Ray soaring to heights of ecstasy, and he lets out a gasp of enjoyment, and brings his hands up to insert a finger into Monique.

With every thrust he gives her, she too meets him with one of her own, she begins to smile and at just that moment, he hits her G-spot, and she bites down on her lower lip.

Ray has Monique so wet now, and excited, that she moans softly and that was all Christy-Lynn was waiting for.

Christy-Lynn reaches out, and takes Monique by the hands, leading her in a position where Monique is right over Ray’s hard, throbbing, jerking, manhood, and she lowers Monique onto Ray. Slowly guiding him into her.

As Monique rides Ray, sending him to new heights of ecstasy, Christy-Lynn stands right over Ray’s face and lowers herself, and Ray embraces her readily.

As Christy-Lynn feels Ray’s tongue enter her warm, wet, valley lips, she lets out a soft moan and reaches out with her hands and tenderly rubs Monique’s breasts, gently rolling the nipples between her thumb and pointer finger, as she does this, she leans in to kiss Monique fully on the lips, so passionately she is left breathless for a moment.

Monique kisses down Christy-Lynn’s neck to her breasts’ perfectly round nipples, pointed, waiting to be licked and sucked, so Monique cups one with one hand, as she cups the other breast, and lifts it gently to her mouth, and suckles on the round full breast running her tongue over the nipple softly, as she does this, she feels Christy-Lynn’s fingernails rake up her back, and she gently bites down on the nipple.

Christy-Lynn is enjoying the feeling of her breasts in Monique’s mouth and Ray’s tongue probing and prodding her valley, his tongue slides in and out of her body and his fingers working magic as well.

Ray runs his tongue across her clit, sucking and nibbling on it gently, and he feels her thighs tighten around his head, indicating that this pleases her very much.

He simply can not believe that his fantasy of having two women, at the same time, is really happening to him, right here and now, but he isn’t going to argue with such a heaven sent dream come true either (he isn’t a fool).

Ray moans as Monique slides down on him, she feels him pulsing faster inside of her, she slowly slides him out of her, and resumes working with her hand.

Ray moans louder, and the moans are more frequent, he can’t control himself any longer, and just as he releases, he leans back again, and watches as Christy-Lynn crawls over to Monique and kisses her tenderly.

Ray backs slowly away, keeping his eyes on the two women as they begin pleasing each other, their hands probing everywhere, their arms entwined making it impossible to tell the two apart.

Watching the two of them has his blood racing and, as he watches, Monique lays Christy-Lynn down, and begins kissing her all the way down to her lovely pink valley, he still just cannot believe that such a wonderful thing is happening, but stays quiet so as not to ruin what is happening.

Monique positions herself so that she is between Christy-Lynn’s legs, and able to insert her fingers, and probe with her tongue, gently running her tongue around Christy-Lynn’s pink lips, she slowly slides her tongue in, and back out, again.

Slowly Monique rolls her tongue around Christy-Lynn’s clit, causing Christy-Lynn to arch her back higher and higher, Christy-Lynn laces her fingers through Monique’s hair, pulling her into her thighs, enjoying it immensely as Monique probes faster and faster with her fingers, and her tongue. She listens to Christy-Lynn moan softly in delight. Monique loves the way Christy-Lynn arches her back.

As Christy-Lynn peaks to an intensity she hasn’t felt for a very long time, her legs tighten around Monique’s head, and Monique becomes more ferocious and vigorous, Christy-Lynn peaks again, making her whole body shake uncontrollably in pure ecstasy.

Ray watches as Monique finally comes up for air, as she does, Christy-Lynn sits up leaning in to kiss Monique tenderly, she gently pushes Monique back, slowly kissing, taking care to massage her breasts, flicking her tongue across Monique’s nipples.

Monique gasps as Christy-Lynn’s tongue and mouth work on her breasts, lying back, closing her eyes, she lets Christy-Lynn have her wantonly and without inhibition, letting her do as she pleases, and Christy-Lynn does so willingly.

Christy-Lynn slowly kisses down Monique’s body, letting her hands trail after the kisses, giving Monique goosebumps as she does. Christy-Lynn flicks her tongue across Monique’s clit, sending Monique shivering instantly, with pure exhilaration.

As Monique enjoys every minute of this, she gently guides Christy-Lynn, so she again has one leg around each side of Monique’s head, which is where Monique likes to be anyway.

Christy-Lynn begins to slide her tongue around Monique’s clit, and notes that Monique is playing follow the leader, so she gently slides a finger into Monique and is pleased to feel Monique do the same thing.

Ray continues watching the two beautiful women, as they please each other with their hands and tongues, noting a few things he did not know pleases a woman.

Christy-Lynn begins to moan softly and Monique’s back begins to arch, as she too moans, Ray leans in and kisses Christy-Lynn’s back, testing to see if he is still welcome to join the two of them, running his hands down her sides he feels Monique’s hand reach his manhood, and she starts to move her hand up and down, instantly making him hard again, and he groans with pleasure as she does this.

Again all three of them peak at the same time with such intensity that they all groan, as each of them work at finishing one another, the two women drink each others sweet nectar, with Monique’s hand still wrapped around his hard, throbbing manhood Ray reaches unbelievable, never before experienced, heights in his climax.

Each of them collapse with a soft sigh, the two women holding each other as their bodies finish shivering, and Ray’s arms wrapped around the both of them.

They lie there, holding each other, and watching all that transpired on the video, that Monique made of the three of them. They all agree it was a dream come true.

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