Dubai Thai Massage

My wife and I recently went to Dubai for a short holiday. As expected the weather was very hot and the hotel was amazing. One of the facilities in the hotel was a traditional Thai health spa, offering massages and other treatments. I really fancied this, even though I  knew they wouldn’t offer extras! Certainly not in Dubai. My wife went to arrange a “Mens Spa Treatment” for me, as well as something for herself.

At 3 o’clock that afternoon we turned up for our treatments and the atmosphere was so tranquil and relaxing, sweet aromas and meditation music playing softly. I was really looking forward to this, even though it clearly said because of their laws that females would only massage females and males only massage males. Never mind, I thought, this is going to be amazing.

My wife went off first and I followed a stunning young Thai girl who showed me where to undress and put on a pair of strange see through black pants. To be honest, I know it was to cover my cock up but they were quite tight and actually hid nothing! Once stretched they were completely transparent!

She asked me to lay on my stomach on a warm soft bed and she began to pour warm oil on me. Bingo, no male masseur! She began at my neck and rubbed the fragrant oil on me, working her way down my body. She was very careful not to touch my penis directly, but she did brush past it several times, causing it  to become aroused. I was careful to pull the foreskin down and expose the helmet when I put on their pants as I thought it would feel nicer! By the time she had worked her magic and the oil into my feet, he was solid. I am lucky enough to be endowed with a fine and very thick seven inch cock with a lovely long foreskin. When fully erect it has a lovely upward banana bend in it.

At this point, she asked me to turn over and lay on my back. Oh no, I thought, he’ll surely be exposed outside the pants, but he wasn’t! He was, however, very, very erect and stretching the pants to their maximum. She seemed to ignore this and continued to massage my front. Again, she brushed against my cock several times, especially the swollen purple helmet. The sensation of the heat and oil was causing me to feel like ejaculating but I knew this would be bad!

At last she stopped and showered me with a hot soft water jet, and gently rubbed the oil off with some gel.

Next she asked me to lay on my stomach again, which to be honest was painful as my penis was still very hard. She climbed on my back and began a very hard intense massage which was bordering on pain. She locked her legs in mine and really rubbed into my muscles with her arms, elbows and hands. The thought of her doing this, made my cock ache with desire to squirt. I knew the helmet was even fatter now, I could feel it digging in my stomach. Eventually she stopped and told me to relax for a few minutes.

As soon as she went out of the room, I released my cock and touched the end. I turned over and looked at it. I was oozing a river of pure, clear precum; never before had I seen so much flowing out of my cock. I started to rub it into the purple helmet, desperate to cum. But I heard someone coming and quickly laid back on my stomach.

This time it was a small young Phillipino man who helped me up, passed me a towel and asked me to follow him. We went into a very hot steam room and I was to lay on the marble table, again face down. He said very little and began to wash me from the head down with a very soft slimy soap on a sponge. Although it was a male, and I am not gay, it really turned me on. I was dying for him to wash my cock and balls, but I knew he probably wouldn’t due to their laws.

When he got to my middle, he parted my legs and very very carefully began to wash my penis through the pants. I cannot describe what it felt like. How I didn’t cum I will never know. He massaged my heavy ball sac and washed up the length to the fat helmet and then stopped and moved down my legs to my feet. I then had to turn over.

By now, my cock was as hard as ever I can remember and pointing upwards like a banana with the foreskin pulled and stretched down hard and the helmet shiny and fat. It was however still inside the silly pants. I don’t know if he looked, or even if he was gay, but being professional he started washing me from my head working down again. When he got to my cock, he opened the front of the pants and finally the beast was out and I was so desperate to release my salty fluids. He held it up and washed it up and down with the sponge. The feeling was so intense and nothing like I had ever felt before. Just as I was about to create a huge white sperm fountain, he must have sensed this by my moaning and breathing and he stopped, put him back in the pants as best he could and washed down my legs and feet. I was aching to ejaculate and knew that I was pouring fluids out. Whether it was sperm, precum, or both, I had no idea.

He turned on the shower jet and gently washed all the soft, foamy bubbles away, paying particular attention to my erection and very heavy balls. He then passed me a towel and showed me back to where my clothes were. He bowed, said goodbye, and left. I was in a hell of state. My cock was still solid, and as I dried it, it was a soft whitish liquid that was running out of  my cock slit. I’m guessing it was a mixture of clear precum and the the early semen of an ejaculation.

I wanted to wank it all out there and then, but I knew I couldn’t. I hurriedly got dressed and went to my room which luckily was nearby. My wife was still having her treatment and without hesitation I unzipped my trousers and as I had no underwear on, my cock sprung out pointing very much upwards. I can’t remember the last time it was this solid.

As unromantic as it was, I stood over the sink and tried to wank the foreskin back and forth over the helmet as this always felt wonderful but it was much to fat for this. So I could only wank my shaft to the bottom of the helmet. Within about five or six up and down strokes of the shaft, a huge gush of really thick sperm shot out of the end of my cock. I cried out loud with pleasure and as I continued to rub my shaft up and down, a flood and river of gooey spunk poured out the end into the basin. It wouldn’t stop flowing and the intense deep feeling inside caused me to have the hardest, most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I continued to rub  up and down for what seemed like an eternity and eventually the flow of semen trickled to a stop. I squeezed my balls and finished to make sure every drop and lump of spunk was released.

I didn’t realize the plug was in the basin and my lake of sperm was completely covering it up. I’m not one for boasting about how heavy a cummer I am but really there was easily a shot glass full of spunk in the sink.

It took ages for my erection to subside and after carefully washing my cock, I put him back in my trousers and laid on the bed wondering what the hell had happened to me over the last couple of hours.

This is a true story and hope you encounter the same if you ever go to the same hotel in Dubai. 🙂

(Image Source: Asia Bootleg Studio)

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