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“Hey Frank, where ya been? I need ta ask ya somethin’ man.” “I’m on vacation. Talk to Abbey. She’s the boss until I get back. Ya better get used to it, because when I retire in a few months, she’ll be taking over on a more permanent basis.” “Retirement? You’re only 29 years old. Motherfucker, retire my ass.” “Hey, I got funds for life. No need ta stress myself ta death. Of course, I’ll still own this joint, so I’ll still be around.” I joked around a little with some of my help, before saddling up to the bar to order a drink. I had started this club from scratch and turned it into a booming business. This wasn’t just any club. It was a strip club. But it wasn’t just any strip club either. It was the first bisexual (/pansexual) strip club in history with an equal amount of males, females, and shemales, all bisexual. This place also had an unusual dress code. Year round, it was a costume party here, an excuse to go all out, with many customers decked out in all sorts of fetish gear. I had named it Eden. The clientele were heavily screened and let in on a trial basis. If you were not bisexual minded, you were not allowed membership. Many very wealthy members eventually got word and joined this club. I had ran into some inheritance money a few years back and used it to start my lifelong dream. This was also a brothel of sorts and an expensive sex club with a funhouse area in back with all sorts of toys and activities everywhere. This place was built in the perfect location. It was actually built on a small manmade island off the coast of New York, just outside the U.S, boundaries. The clientele and tourists come from many nations.

I was sitting down and sipping my beer when I decided to go sit by the stage and ogle my employees. As I sat there, the stripper onstage was female, about 5’7″ with a little meat (but not fat), obviously plastic huge breasts, an unbelievably cute face, and a fat ass that shook like jelly whenever she danced. The girl, Passion, is also Hispanic with long, black hair and a hairy snatch. She was painted up to look like a tigress. She slid down the pole and started to crawl toward me on all fours. Just then, I heard the DJ say over the speakers “Ladies and gentlemen, I believe you all know the beloved owner and manager of this fine establishment. Give a round of applause for Frankie Muller.” A spotlight shone on me, as I wasn’t expecting any of this. “In case you haven’t heard the news, Frankie is about to retire from his managerial position here at our happy home.” Passion looks at me, mock pouting. “The DJ continues “We’ve got a little surprise for him and for you the audience. Watch and enjoy, but please don’t touch the merchandise until after the show.” Passion comes up to me, and grabbing my tie, pulls me onstage with her. She twirls around me with my tie in her hand and comes up behind me, reaching her hands down to help me out of my shirt. I’m dancing along as I wriggle out, carrying on. Then, she moves in front of me, drops to her knees, and grabs my zipper with her teeth as she pulls down. Once completely nude, she lies back with her legs spread in the middle of the stage with everyone still watching and and curls her finger, motioning me to her. I look to the crowd, whose whistling and hollering and say “What can ya do?” before I straddle up to her, grabbing her thighs and insert my long, hard penis into her hot vagina.

The crowd really gets into it as I’m pounding this little Chiquita hard with those shiny round orbs bouncing and shaking violently. Then, without warning, I hear Tammy behind me say “Can I join in?” Tammy is a white shemale with red hair. She’s about 6 feet tall with a female bodybuilder physique (though still with her feminine beauty), pretty large all-natural tits, and an 11 inch cock. Tammy was also decked in tigress body paint. Next thing I know, she’s positioning her rock hard cock at my back door as I continue to slam the living daylights out of this newbie. Tammy slides in me with no problem at all and starts grinding me hard, pushing me harder into Passion. The crowd’s cheering is getting me off even more as I’m sandwiched between my two employees, and I started sucking Passion’s left tit like a happy little baby. Then I hear Stallion, right next to my face, say “How bout a chocolate bar to go with that?” He is 5’9″, black, dark skinned with a really ripped physique, dreads, and a thick 12 inch cock. He had been dressed in tribal warrior garb and had body paint over a lot of his body. Already whipped into a frenzied lust, I lunge forward for his dark meat. “Mm-hmmm” I moan around his thick rod in response to his question, tongueing and tasting every inch as I continue to thrust forward into Passion’s hot snatch and back to meet Tammy’s deep thrusts. Tammy can no longer hold back and cums hard in my eager ass, amazingly setting off a chain reaction that had to be experienced to be believed.

Right after Tammy came, it caused me to cum in Passion, who was also sucking Stallion’s balls at that point, as we both sucked hard as we came. This caused him to cum hard in my mouth, with me swallowing every creamy tasty drop. So basically we all came in a 1-2-3-4 motion. The whole house was cheering so loud that I was sure some people outside could hear and I loved it. I then heard the DJ say over the speaker “Wow, all I can say is color me green with envy..” He then introduces the next dancer as we all climb offstage with people still applausing. The other three took a half hour lunch as I grabbed another drink and bullshitted with them a bit, getting to know them. Then I decided to go backstage and check on the funhouse area. One wall we had had five gloryholes lined in row. A guy put his dick in one of the holes and he would get a blowjob, handjob, footjob, or some other crazy shit to get his nut off from a total stranger on the other side of a wall in a room. I decided to walk into the room, since it was my place, and check out who was back there. I walked in and there were 2 females, 1 male, and a shemale, all palming sucking, or groping hard dicks. One girl was taking two cocks and was obviously tired. She sat down with her back against the wall jacking off two huge cocks, looking like she had been there a while.

I asked her how long she had been working and she said three hours. I immediately got two others to replace her as she was covered in sweat and sperm. She was grateful as she kissed me hard on the lips. The guy and shemale were fine. The other girl on the end was really hot and I decided to go speak to her while she was sucking this guy off. “How long are those lines?” she asked stopping for a minute as I knelt beside her. “You’ve got your work cut out for ya baby. Here, relax, talk to me a while, while I take over.” “Thanks” she said, interrupted as the cock came in her mouth, causing her to giggle, and shrug her shoulders, as she swallowed, her eyes lighting up at me. She looks like she’s about 19 or 20 and has a southern accent and southern girl look with light brown straight long hair, enchanting green eyes, puffy but cute and not chubby cheeks, nice full tits, and a nice round ass. I knelt down in her place as she got up and walked to where her clothes were to pull out her cigarettes and lighter. She lit one up and sat down beside me. “So..” I asked between sucking. “What’s your name, cutey?” “Brandy” she said exhaling and watching me, turned on it seemed like. I pull off the cock and he came on my face as the next guy entered. “God, that’s hot” Brandy muttered. We talked for a long time and about 20 or more cocks must have came on or in me as I was finding about her. During this, Brandy asks “You’re staring at me every time I take a drag. Wanna hit or something?”

I then tell her, while palming the cock in my hand, “Actually, I couldn’t help noticing how sexy that looks on you. Have you ever heard of a smokey blowjob?” I asked. Brandy giggles for a sec, smiles, takes a long drag, and exhales onto one of her breasts as she sucks on it. “I’ve done a few.” I immediately find someone to take my plac
e. “Come on, honey” I
say motioning. She gets up and follows me back to a private room with a bed. I sit on the edge as she gives me a sort of hardcore look and smile and lights another cigarette as it dangles from her sexy lips. She takes it in one hand and exhales from those beautiful lips about an inch from my face as she then bites and tugs my lower lip. “You know that’s a bad habit, right?” I say joking. “Mmm” she laughs. “I’m a bad little girl.” She then starts kissing down my pecs, to my abs and takes another drag as it curls out of her cute, deceivingly innocent looking face and nostrils. Then she goes down on my hard cock with the smoke escaping from her mouth around my fully engorged member. Her hot breath and wet mouth along with the image and smell of her simultaneoulsy exhaling and sucking me almost drove me over the edge as it looked and felt so erotic. After the first minute, I moved my hands down to fondle her beautiful breasts as she blew me. Every time she pulls up for another drag, she talks shit. “You gonna cum in my mouth, you fucking perv? Come on, bad boy.” After a few minutes of this, I came like a geyser. She swallowed, sucking the tip of my head hard when I came.

I then tell her I have to return the favor as she puts the cig out. “Get up here, baby and spread ’em.” She does and I move down, kissing around her hot, juicy snatch, but not touching it yet, as I reached up to palm and rub her breasts again. Then, I slowly inserted one finger as I kissed the surface wetly. I started fingerfucking her slow and deliberate. I knew Brandy wasn’t thinking I would still have the energy to get it up again this quick after all I had been through tonight, but she really didn’t know me too well. In the middle of eating her tasty vagina, I got up, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her rough, surprising her, but making her cum almost immediately after as it was so quick, forceful, and out of the blue. I pounded her for a good five minutes as her legs were folded back as far as they would reach and I picked her up a few times, slamming her back down hard on the mattress and keeping the pace. She came about three times, altogether. Then, “Aaa-aa-aaahhh!” I filled her dripping cunt to maximum capacity as it flowed out and she cooed in content. “Mmm.” She then reached over and lit another cigarette. As she took her first drag, I was hard yet again and grabbed her, as I rammed it into her ass, making her drop it and scream. She clenched her ass muscles as I rammed her, so hard you could almost hear her fat, curvy ass shaking and I saw it wiggle like no ass I’ve ever had before as I ground her into oblivion. “Fu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uuuckk!”she yelled as we both came the final time with me shooting my cum in her ass and finally going soft. She tried to light the cigarette again as she asked “Are we done, now, baby?” “Yeah” I said, huffing. “Damn, you look sexy baby!” I said as she exhaled again, smiling at me with her naked, sweaty body glistening and the cig dangling from her cute lips. I spent the whole night ramming this cutey in every hole and still couldn’t get enough. We talked the night away and I was already wishing this vacation would never end.

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