Erotica Hotel Pt.1

Eric wasn’t your average male. He was more like above average. He had the looks that a model would kill for, he was rich, and he had a good head on his shoulders. Eric owns a hotel in his hometown and likes to check in every now and then to make sure everything is okay. One day, while making his rounds, Eric reached the third floor of the hotel and heard moans and screams coming from one of the Valentine suites. He approached the door and knocked. “Is everything okay in there?” he asked. No one answered. The door was slightly cracked open. He walked in the room and looked around. He saw nothing at first. As he moved throughout the room, he started to see clothes lying on the floor. “Oh, Barry. Aaahhh yes.” Eric heard this and his dick got rock hard. He swallowed the lump in his throat and continued. He reached the doorway of the area where the bed was. There he saw 3 naked bodies. He just stood there, his dick throbbing, deciding if he should watch or leave out. He turned around to leave, but one of the girls told him to come back and have a seat. “Stacy lay on your back.” One girl told the other. Stacy did as she was told. Barry kissed Stacy slowly on the lips. The other girl positioned herself between Stacy’s legs. “Spread your legs.” Barry ordered her as he got behind the other girl. “Amber make her feel real good.” Barry leaned Amber’s head to Stacy’s pussy. Amber rubbed her clit slow then fast making her nice and wet. Eric watched as Stacy’s pussy glistened. Barry made her lick her own juices from Amber’s finger. Eric felt his dick continue to grow in his pants. He sat down in a chair by the bed and began to stroke his dick. Amber pushed Stacy’s legs further apart and started licking her pussy. She swirled her tongue around her clit. Her body jerked up and down as she felt Amber’s long warm tongue touch her clit over and over. Stacy’s juices dripped onto Amber’s tongue as she grabbed her head and guided it. Barry pulled Amber up on all fours and bent her over. Eric knew what was about to happen. He removed his dick from his pants. He saw that Stacy was about to cum all over Amber’s face. “Fuck me with your tongue. Harder. Harder.” Amber began to tongue fuck her. She moaned and screamed out her name. Amber knew Stacy was about to cum again. She stimulated her clit over and over again waiting for Stacy to let go on her face. As Stacy started to cum, Barry slid his big cock into Amber’s tight pussy. Amber moaned a little. Eric stroked his cock harder. Barry fucked her harder and harder making her tongue fuck Stacy harder than before. Stacy watched Eric as he moaned with pleasure. Amber could feel that Barry was about to cum. She pushed back and met him. Stacy came while Barry fucked Amber. Eric watched Stacy as she fucked Amber’s face. Barry came and then he smacked Amber’s ass. He removed himself and Amber went over to Eric. “Do you need any help over here?” Amber stood in front of Eric rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. He just sat there watching her. Barry ordered Stacy around again. This time he wanted her to suck his dick as hard as she could. He wanted to cum all over her face. Stacy swirled her tongue around the head and then licked his cumhole. She then put his monster cock into her mouth. She sucked harder and harder each time. Barry threw his head back and moaned loudly. He pulled her head up and down on his dick helping her. She sucked harder, moving up and down on his dick. “Aaah Stacy. I’m about to cum.” Stacy moved faster using her tongue each time. Amber and Eric watched as Stacy made Barry feel good. Amber knows when Barry’s going to cum, so she moved Stacy off his dick and started jerking him off. Barry grabbed the sheets as she went faster. She knew exactly what this was doing to him. she felt his dick grow as he started to cum. About 2 minutes later, Barry exploded all over Amber and Stacy. Amber walked back over to Eric. “You still want my help?”


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