Every Mother's Son pt.2

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Every Mother’s Son.

Part two

Frustrated, barely begins to describe it. Couldn’t believe how cool Kale was. Phone rings just as we were getting really into it and he just threw on his clothes and left. Neither us had even come close to coming; we were really just getting started. There I was looking at my reflection in the dressing mirror on my closet door. Butt naked and hard as concrete. I was already starving for Kale’s body. I masturbated replaying what had just occurred and I just made me harder. I couldn’t come! I could still taste his cock in my mouth I jerked harder and faster on my shaft, but I just couldn’t shoot. All I could do stand there aching and erect. Finally I just put my school clothes in the hamper and put on some old jeans and a T-shirt. By then I had gained my composure and my cock had got back to normal. I went back downstairs and turned on the TV. It wasn’t long after the folks came home and life was back too boringly routine.

That night I did finally get myself off, shooting my load into a washcloth I had hidden away. I held the stained and soaked cloth to my face and sucked my cum from the rag. Imagining it was Kale’s load; I returned the cloth to my hiding place pulled up the covers and quickly fell asleep and began to dream.

The dream.

Kale and I were having a picnic the landscape was unfamiliar, it was like an impressionist painting. We were sitting on this patchwork blanket that my grandmother had sown for me. Kale started taking off his clothes and I just sat there and watched him. When he was naked, he stood up and began to walk around our surroundings. Which I now saw was fenced off with a tall chain link fence. On the other side of the fence a crowd of people, man and women were standing watching us. Kale didn’t seem a bit disturbed at their presence or being naked in front of them. In fact he appeared to be enjoying it. He stood there for a minute striking poses before them. It looked silly, but it was turning the crowd and me on. When he started jacking off his cock immediately started shooting. When some of his load landed on someone in the crowd their clothes disappeared. Soon most of them were naked and many of them were touching themselves or one another. It was a big orgy on the other side of the fence, except they were all still watching Kale. Who was still shooting off come but now he had turned and was aiming at me. I looked down and my clothes were gone too, and my cock was hard. That’s when I noticed that our cocks were both twice as big as they were in real life. Even bigger than Kales’ description of Rex’s cock now that I think about it. Gesturing me to get up and join him, we were now both standing before the sexually engaged crowd. I was now masturbating and like Kale was shooting come soon as I touched myself. He told me to aim at the people like he had. This time it seemed the group was catching it in their mouths. I was actually feeding them and doing so only increase their sexual actions. That’s when the fence seemed to open up and the crowd came towards us. I remember looking down and instead of standing on the surreal grass. The whole area was now covered in my grandmother’s patchwork quilt.
From the crowd a woman came up to Kale and started to suck his huge cock. “This is my mother.” Kale said looking over to me. I tried to make out what she looked like, but I have never met Kale’s’ folks. All I knew or sensed was she had a figure like the woman in the men’s magazines and somehow I knew she was really beautiful. I then realized some one was sucking me off, when I looked down I couldn’t make out a face again, but somehow realized that it was Kale’s mom. How could she be in both places I didn’t concern me at all. I was too fixated watching her taking that huge cock between my legs all the way in her mouth. Now all around us the rest of the crowd was really getting it on. I could see men going down on women, women sucking men off. Or engaged in sex with more than one other person at a time. One woman was taking two men in her pussy while eating another woman. I watched as the guy on top of her pulled out of her pussy and stuck his cock up her ass. While a quartet next too them got even wilder. Two guys were in a sixty-nine position sucking on each other’s cock. As the two women first just watched, then joined in. With one of them taking the guy on top and began to rim his ass with her tongue. The other woman got a double-headed dildo from somewhere and was fucking the guy on the bottom in his ass with one head and guiding the other end into her cunt. No matter where I looked there were people having sex. All the while Kale’s twin mothers were sucking our enormous rods. I remember Kale reaching out pointing into the crowd. The faces are focused now all the faces of out class mates, some of our teachers and other facility people. Some how despite the vast differences in their ages and body types. They all seem angelic, beautiful even the ones who are the butt of the jokes. In their acts of sexual depravity they transcend. Looking back over to Kale I see he has grown white, white wings on his back, angel’s wings. They begin to flap slowly flexing perfectly to lift him off the crazy quilt ground. Hie mother still between his legs is levitated as well. As if her mouth fixed her to his cock, as her hands reach round his waist, he catches her floating hair and pulls it back into a ponytail. He elevates the two of them about ten feet or more off the ground. Looking down first at the carnal crowd, then back to me. I can see his lips move saying ‘Come on.’ Although I actually don’t hear a word he says. I look down at his mother’s twin with her lips still wrapped round my enormous cock, head bobbing back and forth, to and from my groin. I wonder how he thinks I’m going to join him, until I feel new muscles flexing on me. And I catch a snow-white pinfeather floating up and pass my shoulder. I realize I too have wings and quickly learn how to use them. It’s only a few seconds I am hovering beside Kale. My twin in the same position as his we are slowly moving over the crowd, watching them in their orgiastic bliss as if we were on a camera crane. It’s then Kale detaches his mother from his cock holding her out at arms length. She is posed like she was swimming in the azure blue sky. I look to see I have done the same with my twin. We let go of them simultaneously and as we embrace. Watch as they merge into one being. As Kale’s mother know a naked human cloud floats over the crowd. She begins to dissipate like rain, but the breeze brings with it the smell of sex. A sexual shower that soaks the crowd and as it drenched them. The men start to ejaculate, pulling out of asses, mouths, and cunts. And their seed rises in reverse to the falling sex rain. The women also spew their juices and it to ascends. And caresses Kale’ cloud mothers body. She looks so sensual and sexual covered in so much cum. When she seems to be literally coated in the cum she swims back to Kale and I. Levitating in between us she again becomes two. Both saturated in sex and I know what to do before I look over to Angel Kale. We are licking her clean savoring every drop of sex that was shared. I feel Kale’s twin mothers slick fingers wrap round my cock and jack me off, I remember it feeling so real so smooth her motion and so intense. Just as I felt me reaching the point of no return. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kale’s cock spurt in a high stretching arch. Something likes a rainbow but all white and reeking again of the strong choleric smell of sex. I look down and watch as my cock still in the twins’ deft caress points up and fires off.

That’s when I wake up and realize I was bringing myself to orgasm. Cum splattering on my smooth chest my covers had been kicked of me in my sleep. I was naked in that time and space between sleep and awake; coming like I never had before. The rest of the night I tossed and turned my mind racing. Why Kale’s mother, incest? I chalked it up just a dream. Little did I know how prophetic my drea
m would be.

The next
day Kale comes up to me in the hallway, he invites me to his place after school, ” Mom’s gone and won’t be back until at least nine tonight. I can just tell her you came over to study and I invited you to sleep over. Think your folks will let you?” I had to trouble getting my parents permission. Once school was out we had the rest of the day with the whole house to ourselves; Kale and I immediately picked up where we had left off. I felt a bit nervous at first in this strange home, but my desire for Kale and his reassurance as to our privacy. Quickly had me relieved of any doubts. Although in the back of my mind I swear I felt another’s presence, except it was a feeling that seemed to empower me. As if this non-existent voyeur was encouraging me and Kale to be as free as we wanted. I was going to tell Kale about my dream, but thought better of it. Besides the reality of the moment was making the dream the furthest thing from my mind.

“Ok, out of your clothes.” Said Kale I slipped off my black deck shoes; I don’t wear socks with them. Unbuckled my belt and began to undo my pants. “You too.” I said, Kale just grinned and said “You first.” I shrugged and let my pants fall round my ankles. I didn’t wear my jockeys and my penis was already erect and pushing out between my shirttails. Kale came over had and picked up my clothes folding them neatly and hanging them over the back of a rocking chair. There I stood in only my long sleeved white dress shirt. Kale now standing in front of me began to unbutton my shirt, as he slowly popped each button from there slit, he gave we a kiss each time. Once undone he grabbed the two halves of the shirttail and gathered it up to about midway up my waistline. Then proceeded to tie the two halves together. “There that’s very sexy,” said Kale stepping back a bit to get a better look of his redressing me. Taking me by the hand he led me over to a straight back chair and had me sit down.

He spread my legs wide enough to pull up a padded ottoman between then and sit down. He began to run his hands up and down my thighs. Teasing me by just brushing up against my inflamed boner, which twitched every time he made a pass. “I don’t think I got a chance to tell you how good it felt being with you.” he spoke to my erection and not into my eyes. As if he was carrying on the conversation with it and I was just the disembodied voice for my cock and balls. “It felt good for me too.” My cock echoed his sentiment. Kale was driving me wild rubbing the inside of my thighs like that. A thick clear string of pre-cum was drooling from the slit of cock to a spot on the chair between my opened legs. He reached up and started to swirl it round his fingertip. I could see it shimmering there just before he raised it to his lips and licked it off. The whole while he never took his eyes off my raging hard on. It was almost torture the way he stroked my legs that way, just staring at my cock.

“Has anyone told you that you’re beautiful.” still fixated on my shaft. “Very beautiful, not too big, but hardly small. Oh-h-h, the pleasure you must bring when you make love to someone, not just fuck them. Oh, I’m sure you’re capable of that, but when you make love; truly love someone. I can’t begin to imagine all the joy you bring.” It was like Kale was seducing my dick! Talking sweetly to it, showering it with platitudes not me, just my cock. Strangely enough I was getting off big time. My ego and libido were soaring. I felt if he kept this up much longer. Although I almost prayed he wouldn’t stop. I would just come that my cock would just erupt. As if it were a fountain just turn on to full blast. Inside my head I imagined my cock coming and coming drenching Kale in that pale sliver ooze. Filling up this room we’re in until it was ankle deep in my orgasm. Before I knew it I was softly moaning Kale’s name over and over. Almost begging him to continue. My legs trembled as he digs his fingers into my flesh.

He kept the “torture” up adding nuances to it. Scooting me forward so my ass hung off the end of the seat. Kale would tickle my exposed asshole with his fingertip. Poking it in just enough for my muscle to clinch around it. Only to escape and leave me yearning. Wanting him to shove his whole finger, hell his whole hand up into me. I wanted to cry this exquisite suffering had me absorbed in pain and pleasure. He knew he was driving me crazy. I was breaking out with a glimmer of sweat on my chest. Which rose and ran down my chest. When he finally stuck his finger all the way into me. I oozed even more pre-cum from my cock. The crystal clear droplet hung like drool from a baby’s chin. Reaching all the way to the floor. Even when my cock involuntarily arched the tiny strand refused to break. Sticking a second finger up inside only produced more. I was sure there was a puddle of pre-cum pooling up between my spread legs.

Through this I still had a sense that we were being spied on. Like an approving apparition, or sensual spirit hovering over us. It turned me on as much as Kale’s touch. Which was driving me wild. He finally started paying attention to my aching erection. Licking the strand off pre-cum. Sucking on the head, taking about half of it in his mouth. Still keeping me on edge. Getting a perverse pleasure from his tender terrorizing. I wanted to beg for him to finish me off. Make me orgasm give me release. While at the same time it was as if I was pushing my sexual envelope. “Close your eyes and no peaking.” Instructed Kale. I did as I was told. I had no intention of cheating. He didn’t leave the room. I heard him open a drawer. When he returned he slipped a real blindfold over my eyes. I started to protest. Then sat silently because I trusted Kale, as I have never trusted anyone before. By feel alone I had to assimilate what was being done to me next. He rubbed a length of cord. Under my cock and balls and proceeded to bind my genital in a crisscross pattern. Tying it off at the top in a bow, like tying off a shoelace.

I was trussed up in such a way that separated my cock and balls. I felt so exposed. I heard him stand up. Then by the sound of it was unbuckling his belt and slipping it off. The first swat was like an electrical bolt through my whole body. He had folded the belt into a loop and was using it to spank my balls. It hurt like hell and at the same time, the pain was so vivid, so sharp. It transcended into a twisted ecstasy. The way my cock swelled inside its bindings with every swat. Kale knew instinctively how hard to hit me. My whole body would jerk but the after shock made my cock ache in decadent delectation. Kale hit me a half dozen times. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. Panting my voice as raw as my bound cock and balls felt, I still found the strength to say, “No.” Again he snapped the belt against my testicles. Again I whimpered and begged him not to stop.

But he did and replaced the belt with the gentlest of kisses. A pair of lips caressed my crimsoned sac. I felt tears running out from under the mask. As hands held me and began to undo the bindings around my cock and balls. Those same lips now wrapped around my cock. Soothing me taking me to a level of pleasure I had never felt. The mouth was fucking itself on my aching erection. I just sat there, emerged in the ecstasy. When while still being sucked I heard Kale’s voice, “Take off the mask.” I reached up and pushed the mask up over my forehead. The face between my legs was one of mature and ageless beauty. She was on all fours, between us. Kale was on his knees behind her fucking his cock in and out of her. “This is my Mom.” He said as if it were so natural for us to be entwined like this. I looked down and into her golden brown eyes they twinkled. Expressive and blissful obviously content with her place. Being fucked by her son while sucking my cock. “I wanted you to be the only one who knows, Mom and my special relationship.” Explained Kale. “And I wanted Mom to know how important you are too me.” Kale’s mother’s talented mouth brought me to an orgasm so fulfilling that I felt a
s if I had died at that mome
nt. I had enough life to go happily. Of course, I didn’t and from that moment on Kale; his mother and I had some of the most amazing sex. Anyone especially a boy my age could ever have even hope to have the imagination to fantasize, let alone actually experience.

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