Excellent Week part 1

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I had the greatest sexual week of my life a couple weeks ago. I had sex with about 20 different people, including my husband and gangbangs.
It all began on Monday, the 18th of June, 2003. I was watching my favorite porn movie, Sex
Underglass, when my husband came in and joined me. He said that he had been on the computer looking at porn, and he had come across a dating site. There, he had entered in all his information and the computer had matched with a 28 year old blonde porn star in Dayton. They had arrange to meet on Wednesday at the airbase café. She said she was bi-sexual, so I was coming too.
Well, at hearing this, I turned off the TV. I was very excited to finally have some girl-girl sex. I had watched plenty of lesbian tapes, so I what I was doing. Anyway, since my husband needed a tune-up, I went upstairs to our room and stripped. I had just shaved my pussy, so I looked glamorous. I had 36D breasts that were as big as watermelons, and I used them to my full advantage. When my husband joined me in our room, he had only his boxers. He stopped when he saw me naked. When I looked down at his boxers, I could see that he had a bulge. I always loved playing with my husband and his 10 inch rod. It’s fascinating. If I hadn’t been taking the pill, we probably would have had 13 kids by now.
When he removed his boxers, his rod was huge and bulging. I crawled over and started to play with his balls. I rubbed them between my thumb and pointer finger. While I was doing that, he brought my head up right next to his rod. I got the jist of it. I abandoned his balls and started slowly sucking on his rod. I had had years of experience doing this, so I knew exactly where to put it in my mouth without gagging. As I became faster and faster, I could feel my husband starting to let loose some cum. I lapped it up. “I’m gonna blow!” And blow he did. I almost couldn’t handle it. But as I lapped up the last drops, He started to play with my tits. Rubbing them, fingering them, and holding them. It was great.
When he inserted his rod into my area, he came with it all 10 inches. Immediately he started to ram it back and forth, faster and faster. He went so fast he shook the bed. After about half an hour of this, me and my husband both unloaded at the same time. It was great. After that, we both went downstairs naked an watched some more porn.

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  1. Dormouse

    That really was crap.

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