Fantasy Cruise Line

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One never really appreciates life to its fullest, unless something drastic occurs to make one think twice about life. At the end of August, my family was hit hard as my little cousin of seventeen was attacked, robbed and then stabbed early one night by total strangers who thought it would be a good idea to fuck up someone’s life. He was left for dead on the street when a Good Samaritan called the ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. His lung was punctured and he lost a lot of blood. That phone call from his mom just after midnight is one I don’t ever think I will forget. I felt my heart stop for a while and the feeling was like all the wind in me had been knocked out. I could not believe it. My little cousin who was not in a gang, someone who helped everyone and respected everyone he came across was dying. To me, at the time, he was just as good as dead because if it were not for the support of the medical machines, he would not be alive. I sat hours just speaking to God, asking him to give my cousin another chance at life. The prayers and hope of friends and family had him pull through this ordeal safely and quickly. His doctor indicated to him that half the blood in his entire body had entered his lung and he was drowning in his own blood. The doctor also indicated to him that he was one of the luckiest people alive to go through something like that and still be alive to tell the story.
In another instance, one of my closest friends, on the 24th of October, lost her life in a terrible vehicular accident. She was
St. Lucia’s rising star in the Calypso arena and was a member of a band, which was formed with other Caribbean counterparts. She had a vision in life to help others any way she could. Her death just added to my grief and frustration and it also had me questioning God’s love, knowing very well that I should never question God. Eventually, I realized that everything that happened was happening for a reason and everyone has his or her own fate. Everything that occurs in life is bound to happen and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent that so as time went on, I accepted that and tried hard to move on with my life.
Just as there was a bit of light in my life, I got hit again. This time, by the woman I was madly in love with. She first sent me a message saying that I didn’t love her and then she was being cold to me when I had finally returned online after about a month away, due to lack of resources in finding a computer. My love life had taken a sudden turn and at that point, I thought it be a good thing if my entire life took a new direction also. A few words in a matter of a few seconds had determined the next move in my life…”i aint wit nobody n i dont wanna b wit nobody” and “i aint messin wit gyals no mo”. Those words alone had me thinking. Having the love of my life tell me something like that, was not only devastating but also had me thinking ‘why the hell am I still living?” I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life and that cost me my love. Now I am single again and made a promise to myself that I will never commit myself to anyone again. Many people have died after being single their entire lives and they died happy so if they can do it, so can I. I had two main objectives in my life. One of which was to go back to school and earn my Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management and the other was to marry the love of my life. None of these materialized considering the fact that plans had changed. As a result of that, the next direction had to be taken. I was not happy in my present job simply because I had a Supervisor who was not pleasant to work with. Although the pay was good but I am not a person to let money be my motivation for working. I work to please myself and to be happy and I was not happy with the current situation, so I decided to change it…get a new job. I figured that may be the only way to be happy again.
As a child, I’ve always wanted to have a job where I traveled and this idea clicked in my head when I would sit in the balcony everyday after work and stare at the cruise ships going in and out of the harbour. I wondered what it would be like to work on one of them. I pitched the idea to my mom and she supported me all the way. Soon after that, applications went out to the parent companies responsible for employing persons for the various cruise ships and before long, I had been called for an interview. Shortly after, I was packing my bags to board the “Dawn Princess”, a ship which had regularly visited
St Lucia. My post was that of Public Relations Officer/Entertainment. I would be working directly with the guests and that would be refreshing for me. The working relations between management and staff were totally different to my last place of work. A very friendly atmosphere and I truly believe that I had found something satisfying to my adventurous hunger. Day after day, I impressed my supervisor with my keen sense of imagination in organizing activities. I had also come up with the idea of circulating a survey among guests to get their general feedback on the operations and hospitality of the crew. In addition to that, I had the sweetest roommate who was from Antigua. She had just turned twenty-two and was a total clown. We had so much in common, one aspect being our names. Hers was Jeanette and mine being Jeanelle so we clicked instantly. To me, my life was complete now…until the 31st of December, New Years Eve. Something I never expected to happen did.
On that night, everyone was partying. Although we were on duty, we were allowed some time to have fun, so on our break, Jeanette and I sat down to have a drink and chat.
“So tell me about this girl you were in love with.” Jeanette said
“Not were…I’m still in love with her.”
“Ok…so tell me about her.”
“I met her online in April of 2002 through a girl who I thought was my best friend. We started talking and before long, we had fallen in love with each other. We talked everyday and even made plans to spend the rest of our lives together. She’s the only person, other than my mom who I trusted completely. I felt I could tell her anything and on top of that, just by saying her name, I got wet. That’s to the extent it got for me”
“Mmmm…” Jeanette said and smiled
“Anyway, unfortunately I don’t think she ever really knew how much I felt for her.”
“Damn, that’s sad. I’m sorry to hear that. So what happened to you two?” she asked
“Well we talked online most of the time and a few phone conversations and because of all the problems in my personal life with regards to family, I was away from work a lot so I didn’t get the chance to be online. In addition to that, my computer at home was no longer there and internet caf├ęs were not an option cause I was dead broke. Because of my absence, she felt and said that I didn’t love her.”
“Awwww…that’s just too bad girl.”
“Yea, I guess…”
“Do you ever think that you’re going to get over her…I mean, so that you can get on with your life?”
“I’m never gonna get over her and that’s why I’m not getting that close to anyone again. I’m likely to get hurt again and also liable to hurt someone if I do hook up again. She stole my heart and now, it belongs to her forever.”
We continued our conversation for a few minutes longer but had to cut it short because our break was over. Jeanette went to work in the Casino while I was assigned to the bar near the pool area. I conversed with the guests, all of whom intrigued me with stories of their hometowns. Many of them complimented the service provided by the crew members aboard the ship. It was like nothing could spoil t
his night. A new year was about to begi
n and it was going to begin on a good note.
Suddenly, there was a scream just a few yards away and when I turned around, everyone was gathered around the pool looking in. I pushed my way through and saw a small body on the bottom. Why the hell was everyone just standing there instead of someone going in and getting the kid? Without hesitation, I dived in and went straight to the bottom. I grabbed hold of the child and pulled him to the surface. The little boy was unconscious so I proceeded to administer CPR, which I had learned as part of my training for being a staff member aboard the “Dawn Princess”. Shortly after, he coughed up some water which he had swallowed and just stared helplessly at everyone. He was the most adorable kid you’d ever seen. The cutest little face and mysterious eyes that just longed for attention.
“Darnell!” a young lady yelled from within the crowd that had gathered.
“Aunt Melina, I fell in.” he said
At that point, I went cold. Totally blank at the two names I had just heard. Darnell and Melina…could this be? “Never…not in this lifetime.” I whispered to myself
Darnell was Kim’s son and Melina was her sister but how…? I shook myself back to reality and tried to consider all this just being a coincidence.
“Thanks…thank you so much. I owe you. My sister is gonna kill me. I was supposed to be keeping an eye on him.” she said all at once, in an English accent.
“It’s no problem. Just take care of him.” I ordered “Bye sweetie” I then said to the little boy.
“Bye” he answered.
I made my way back to my room to change my clothes because my uniform of course, was drenched. On my way, Jeanette caught up with me.
“Hey, I heard what happened. Good job sweetie!”
“Thanks but damnnnn, word travels fast I see. It kinda reminds me of back home”
“Hey listen, I’m working through the entire night so I won’t be back in the room until morning so don’t wait up for me.” Jeanette explained
“Oh please… My shift ends in about an hour or so and straight to bed I’m going. I wasn’t gonna jeopardize my sleep to wait for you. ”
“Bitch!” she yelled after me.
“Whore!” I replied smiling
We both burst out laughing and she left to go back to work.
I proceeded to undress, dropping my pants down to my feet. I was standing in front of the mirror with a long sleeve white shirt, a panty and no pants just thinking about that little boy and his Aunt. Just then, there was a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” I asked
“Darnell’s mom.”
I froze completely because the voice was so familiar. It was a voice that I had heard many times over the phone and also online. That voice alone confirmed my suspicions. Darnell and Melina were exactly who I thought they were and that was Kim standing outside my door. Out of all the cruise ships in this damn world, why this one?
“Hellooo.” she said again
“Uh…sorry…come in”
The minute she walked through the door, I turned around to face her.
We just stood there staring at each other. She was so beautiful and sexy…even better than I had imagined. I locked eyes with her and it’s like we were communicating with stares. Between my legs got so hot and my nipples shot through my wet shirt. That effect that she’s always had on me returned instantly and I think she realized that because she kept smiling at me without taking her eyes off my chest.
“It’s you,” she finally said with a confused look on her face “but how…when?”
“Hi Kim.” I said because at that point, that was all I could say
“You pulled Dee outta the pool?”
“Yea…what are you doing here?”
“Oh my God…Jeanelle”
“I…I….how’d you get on this ship?”
“I work here. How’d you get here?”
“I’m on vacation with my family”
“Kim, could you close the door please…I’m half naked.”
“Oh yea…sorry”
“It’s ok”
“I don’t believe this. After all this time, this is how we meet?”
“I guess it’s just a coincidence, you know.” I replied
“Yea…I guess…Uhm…thank you for saving Dee.”
“You’re welcome but I was only doing my job. I hope you weren’t too hard on Melina…accidents happen and people make mistakes.”
“Hmmm…Melina…no comments on that but thanks anyway. So how are you?”
“I’m fine…you?”
“I’m ok…how’s life by your side? I mean, your mom and cutie, they aight?”
“Yep…everyone is fine. Thanks.” I responded “I see Darnell is a big boy now. He’s so handsome.”
She smiled at me “Thanks…you’re uhm…so sexy.”
Her words were like magic. I felt like I was floating but I couldn’t let that interfere with the strength I was having towards her. “Kim…”
Just then, the phone rang. “Excuse me a second” I said
“Ok.” Kim responded and I could feel her eyes following me.
“Hello?” I answered
“Miss Knight, this is Mr Southwell.”
“Oh hi Captain, what can I do for you?”
“I was just informed of your actions tonight and would like to congratulate you on a job well done. You are truly an inspiration to others. As far as I was made to understand, you were the only one who made an attempt to do something and I commend you greatly on your efforts.”
“Thank you Sir but I really believe that most persons were in shock and they froze on the spot. It’s not that they didn’t want to help. The were just dumbfounded at the time.”
“Well, nevertheless, I will make sure that such an act on your part, does not go unnoticed.” He continued “I am proud and honoured to have you as a member of this crew.”
“Thank you Sir.”
“You’re welcome. Take the rest of the night and tomorrow off.”
“Really? Thank you so much.”
“Goodnight Miss Knight.”
“Goodnight Mr Southwell.” I said with joy in my voice
“Wow, you look happy.” Kim said
“Well, my boss just gave me the rest of the night and tomorrow off for helping Dee out so yes, I’m a bit happy.”
“Maybe he should fall in the pool more often.” She said and giggled
“Not funny Kim.”
“Sorry, just a bit of humour to lighten the mood.”
At that point, I didn’t respond to her. We both just continued to stare at each other and only then, did I realize how much I was in love with her. Unfortunately, she was no longer mine and I could never touch her. Various thoughts ran through my mind as I deeply regretted losing her. I’m gonna say it again…she is so damn sexy, standing there in a baby-blue track suit. The jacket zipped only halfway up and a pair of baby-blue and white sneakers to match. Oh how I longed to just run into her arms and hold her, never to let go again.
“Kim…” I finally managed to say
I walked up to her and held out my hand in the motion to shake hers. “It’s really nice to meet you finally.”
“Wha…that’s it? That’s all I’m going to get…a handshake?” she said with total disappointment.
“Actually, that’s all I deserve for th
e way I treated you.”
“But don’t you think that I should be the one to determine what you deserve after everything we&#
8217;ve been through?”
“I guess so.” I replied after a little hesitation.
“Good. Then can I get a hug?”
I could feel the breath that was about to be released, get trapped in my throat. The thought of embracing her was overwhelming. It actually had me feeling a bit dizzy. I slowly leaned forward and opened my arms to envelope her. She returned it by circling my body with her arms. Her warmth ignited a fire between my legs and at that point, I tightened my grip on her. She did the same by hugging me tighter. Ever wanted to know what being in heaven felt like? Then you should have been in my shoes at that time. We held on to each other, neither of us making an attempt to let go. I was in this fantasy that only the fortunate get to experience. Obviously, this experience had to be a dream and I prayed to God that I never woke up. Only in a dream would I get to hold her forever, but unfortunately, this was really happening and I was really having one of my many wishes granted…to be in the arms of the one my heart belonged to. But this could only last for a short while. Suddenly, the last few days we talked, came back to mind and I realized that it made no sense to be here standing in her arms, when eventually, I would never get to experience it again so I pulled away.
“I can’t do this.” I said, with tears running down my eyes. I stepped away from her and turned my back.
“Can’t do what?…we’re just hugging”
“Kim, you dumped me, remember? You told me that you did not want to be with me anymore. No matter how much I apologized and begged you, you made up your mind and nothing could make you change it. I have never in my life begged anyone to be with me and only because I loved you so much, that I did it but that wasn’t enough for you. I made a mistake and I accepted the fact that I was wrong but I can’t be here hugging you now and bringing back all the feelings and then not benefit from it in the end. I’m only torturing myself…we’re only torturing ourselves.”
“Are you done?”
“For now”
“Good. Look, I didn’t dump you. I only said that I didn’t want nobody and I wasn’t messing with no gyals no more.”
“Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the same thing as dumping me?”
“Whatever ok…but you and I are still friends…good friends actually. After I told you that, we still chatted over the internet and I still called. Doesn’t that account for something?”
“Yes it does but it’s awkward ok.”
“Awkward? How?”
“Damn it Kim, I still love you ok and it’s killing me inside knowing that I can’t be with you!”
“Calm down woman. I’m sorry but I’ve been through too many obstacles in my life and at the point where you disappeared online, I figured you didn’t love me and I wasn’t about to get hurt again so you can’t blame me for the way I acted.”
”I guess not but that’s besides the point ok.”
“If you say so but if it still means anything to you, I never stopped loving you.”
Her words just made me feel for her more. I was standing with my back towards her and couldn’t help but turn around. I looked into her eyes and now, we were both crying.
“Man…Jeanelle, did you ever give a fuck how I felt when you didn’t come online?”
“Of course but the same way you want me to understand how you felt, you gotta understand that I didn’t have an option when it came to contacting you. I never had a choice on whether or not I should email you. It simply was, without a doubt, impossible for me to find a computer.”
Then, there was silence. None of us spoke but just stood there until Kim decided to break the silence.
“This isn’t about you and da damn computer anymore.” she explained “Fuck man…It was probably a bad idea that I came. I better go. Thanks so much for helping Darnell. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to him.”
At those words, she turned her back and headed towards the door.
“Kim wait.” I said “Don’t go, please.”
She stopped suddenly and turned around again, this time to face me.
“Don’t leave me again, please…at least not for tonight.” I said
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying that if you don’t have plans for the evening, you can stay with me tonight. My roommate won’t be back until tomorrow morning.”
“What are we gonna do?”
“Maybe talk or something.”
“Talk?” she chuckled “We were talking and it was getting heated. You sure you want that to happen again?”
“I don’t care. I think it would be good for both of us if we got some things off our chests.”
She sighed deeply and then responded “Ok, well, I will be right back. I’m going to check up on Darnell and make sure he’s all settled for the night.”
“Aight. Don’t be…never mind.”
“Don’t be what?” she asked inquisitively
“Oh c’mon, don’t be what?”
“Don’t be too long.”
She smiled and said “I won’t.”
At these words, she left my cabin.
I dropped down onto the edge of the chair in front of the mirror and drifted off into my own world, thinking to myself.

“This can’t be just a coincidence. It just can’t be. Out of all the possible thousands of cruise ships in this fucking world, why did I get a job on this one and why did Kim and her family vacation on this particular ship? Furthermore, let’s just say the coincidence was really evident, but why did Darnell fall into the pool and no one else but me went in to get him?”

So many questions and no one to answer them.
I shook myself back to reality and continued to take off my clothes, still thinking about her. I kept whispering her name and realized that my body was reacting to her name. My nipples had become hard and they began to hurt. I went into the bathroom to take a cold shower, hoping that it would cool me off. As I stepped out, there was a knock on the door. I hurriedly wrapped my towel around me and went to open it. Standing there, looking even sexier than before although she was wearing the same thing, was Kim. It was becoming a habit of mine to daydream because I totally forgot to invite her in again.
“Uhhhh…hey, so you gonna let me in or not?”
I shook my head, waking up from whatever dream I was in.
“Yes, sorry.”
“It’s ok.” she said and I motioned for her to come in.
I closed the door behind her and followed her into the room.
“Darnell is ok?” I asked with a bit of concern in my voice
“Yes he is. He just fell asleep.”
“Yep… so, what’s the topic going to be?” she asked
“Uhmm…let me just put some clothes on first and then we can talk, ok.”
“Why?” she asked
“Why what?” I asked, a little puzzled at her question
“Why you gonna put on clothes? You once told me that you like to sleep naked.”
I could feel the heat run through my body at that time.
“Well, yes, I did say that but we’re gonna talk…not sleep, remember?”
“No I don’t remember. We did say we were gonna talk but I never said we weren’t gonna sleep.”
“Oh…ok, you’ve made your point.”
“I know.” she said with a broad smile on her
There were five chairs in the room and yet still, she chose to sit on my bed.
“Come sit next to me.” she
I did as I was told and went to sit on the bed, next to her making sure that I didn’t touch her because I know how my body can sometimes embarrass me like it did a few minutes ago when my nipples got hard.
“What, you’re afraid of me now?”
“No…why’d you ask?”
“Because for some reason, you’re afraid to touch me again.”
“It’s just that…” I started to explain
“It’s ok, you don’t have to explain “So tell me, what have you been up to since we last talked?”
“Just trying to make my life a little more comfortable by focusing on my career and supporting my family. Like you know, I wanted to go back to school but I can’t afford that so I have to work. What about you?”
“Well, it’s the same thing. To the studio, record a few tracks, a couple of trips here and there and that’s it. When I’m not doing that, I’m doing the most important job there is.”
“And what’s that?” I asked
“Being a mom.”
“That’s sweet.”
That totally impressed me to hear her say that.
“So basically, that’s where you’re gonna spend the rest of your life?” Kim asked
“Until I get a better offer, yes.” I replied
“Aight…so uhmm…your roommate, tell me about her.”
I was surprised she asked about Jeanette but answered her nevertheless.
“Well, her name is Jeanette, she’s 22 and from Antigua. She makes me laugh a lot…a total sweetheart.”
“Nice, another island girl I see. So, you guys ever…uhmm…you know…”
“Kim I’m single and I’m gonna stay that way for a very long time. I’m not getting close to anyone again.”
“Why not?” she asked
“It’s too painful.”
“Don’t you get lonely?” she asked
“You mean to ask whenever I’m horny, what do I do?”
She laughed out loud, “Well, you can answer that also.”
“All I gotta say is that my fingers never failed me.”
She threw herself back on the bed and laughed hard. It was so good to see her happy after I had broken her heart. At least I could still make her smile. I positioned myself to look at her.
“I miss you so much Kimberley and if I’m ever lonely, it’s only when I think of you, which is often.” I eventually explained
“I miss you too…a lot.”
I couldn’t help it. Tears ran down my cheeks and my heart was beginning to hurt all over again. How I so longed to be hers forever.
“Come here.” She ordered and opened her arms, inviting me to rest my head on her breasts. I did just that, cherishing her embrace as she held me tightly.
“I’m sorry,” I whimpered “I’m so sorry I messed things up between us.”
“Hush baby.” she said and ran her fingers through my hair “You honestly believed that we would just talk tonight?”
I lifted my head so that our eyes locked. “What are you saying?” I said as my breathing increased
“I’m saying that I know you’re a lot smarter than to believe all we were gonna do for the night is chat.”
I didn’t say anything but just continued to stare at her. She placed one hand behind my head and slowly pulled me down.
“I’ve been waiting three years for this.” she said and then placed her lips on mine. I opened my mouth to meet hers and we kissed for the first time. Her lips were warm and inviting. My tongue slowly went into her mouth and hers into mine. I sucked on her tongue and she moaned with satisfaction and I clearly remembered she telling me on several occasions how she loved having her tongue sucked. She caressed my back with one hand while she held my head down firmly with the other, making sure that I didn’t break the kiss. She slid her hand beneath my towel and I stiffened at her touch. She grabbed my ass and I moaned softly into her mouth. She was finally holding what was and would always be hers…my ass. She managed to pull my entire body onto hers and I straddled her comfortably and then raised myself to sit on her. I looked into her eyes and she stared back at me, biting her lower lip.
“I want you to fuck me.”
“Oh damnnnnn…I felt that.”
“Me too.” I said
I lowered my body and kissed her again. This time, even deeper than before. I slowly rocked against her, making my pussy rub on hers and that movement had both our juices flowing. I could feel then that my temperature was rising beyond limits. Our motions became quicker and the moans we both released were becoming more and more deeper. My hands managed to find her zipper and open her jacket completely. I caressed her stomach, sliding my hands over and over her belly-button. Her skin was smooth and silky and she smelled so wonderful that I wish I could have stopped time at that point and never make that moment end. She raised her hands and unwrapped the towel around me, releasing my breasts while she slid herself lower so that her mouth came in direct contact with them. She sucked gently at first but increased the pressure with my breathing. I moaned and in the process, unhooked her bra, now releasing her own breasts which were calling my name. I cupped them both with my hands and fondled gently. I slid my pussy down here stomach, leaving a trail of my wetness on her. I kissed her again and as I did, I got off the bed and knelt in front of her. I slowly pulled down her track pants and stared at the sight before me. She was wearing a black thong, one that matched the bra she had on. I thought to myself “I’m not going there just yet.” but still removed her panty and as I did that, she gently exhaled. We were both naked now and although the atmosphere was chilly, there was a sudden heat in the cabin. I kissed the inside of her thighs and as I got nearer to her pussy, her breathing increased dramatically but I did not go between her legs. Instead, I licked around that area and made my way back to her stomach and slid my tongue inside her belly-button. She grabbed onto my head and ran her fingers through my hair. I slowly made my way to her breasts and sucked on each nipple, nibbling them gently. Her body tasted so good. Eventually, I kissed her once more and as I did, she rolled me over on the bed so that she was the one straddling me now. Such a beautiful woman sitting on me now…how could I have ever let her go? A tear ran down the side of my face.
“You ok?” she asked softly
“Yea, I’m ok”
“I wanna fuck you…I wanna fuck you from behind.” she said
I directed her to the last drawer next to my bed and she pulled out an eight inch strap-on.”
“I thought you were single.” she said
“What…you wanted me to leave this back home for my mom? She got the cop now, remember?”
“Ha ha” she laughed and then stood up on the floor in front of me as she buckled the strap-on on her.
Kim made her way back to me and sucked on my nipples first and then eventually biting them gently. I moaned with pain but it was the kind of pain that you wanted to feel…sweet pain. She stuck her tongue out and wrote her name on my stomach before going lower. I knew exactly where she was heading and my breathing increased even more. She was between my legs, passing her fingers in my wetness. She fondled my clit and then let her mouth do the rest. She sucked on my pussy hole hard and I swear that if I didn’t want to continue feeling all this, I would have blacked out completely becau
se I got a feeling that I had never felt in my life before and I didn’t want to miss one secon
d of it. She darted her tongue in and out of my hole in a quick motion, as far as her tongue could go and I moaned louder and louder.
“Oh kim…deeper…pleaseee” I begged as I held tightly onto her head.
She continued to tongue fuck me and at the same time, she fingered me. Her fingers kept hitting my spot every time it went in and every time it did, I felt like cumming. She could feel my pussy walls tighten around her fingers.
“Not yet baby,” Kim whispered, “don’t release.”
I was gonna try to hold out for as long as I could. Obviously, she had something in mind and didn’t want me to cum at that point but it felt so fucking good. She slid her fingers out of me and raised her head a little to look me in the eye. I glanced down at her and in her eyes said it all. She was loving me and she did not have to say it out loud. Her face was covered in my wetness and although she was not doing me anymore, the feeling never subsided. She got on top of me and I waited in anticipation for what was coming next. She pulled my hands over my head and held it down firmly. I could feel the tip of the dong slightly caressing my clit and again, the feelings intensified. She looked into my eyes and then slowly closed hers and as she did, she slid the dick deep inside me.
“Ohhhhhhh.” I moaned loudly “Damnnn…I feel you.”
“I feel you too,” she whispered seductively “but this isn’t how I want you.”
She got off me and stood up next to the bed. She stretched out her hand and I held onto it. She pulled me to stand in front of her and we kissed some more. In the dim light, we looked like coffee and milk…cookies and cream. Nothing pleased me more than to be exactly where I was on New Years. She kissed down my neck and then my shoulders until she was standing behind me, cupping my breasts firmly. Eventually, I was facing the bed with Kim behind me and she slowly pushed against my back in order that I was bent over the bed. I turned my head around slowly and she smiled at me.
“That’s how I want you baby.” she said
She slid her hand up and down my crack, making sure I was all wet and when she was satisfied, she positioned her dick over my hole. I took a deep breath and then felt it slowly slide inside me. I let out a long moan again “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
She pulled it out again and then in once more. The rhythm increased as she kept hitting my spot, harder and harder each time. I was feeling her so strong and although it was painful, it was sweet…so sweet. We were both getting pleasure because as she fucked me, the strap was tugging on her clit also. She moaned just as loud as I did and I swear that if anyone were passing by my room, we would be heard easily. My ass kept hitting her lower stomach as she entered me over and over again. The sound it made turned me on even more just knowing that we were in contact with each other in a way that some people could only dream of.
“Oh yesssssssssss.” she moaned
“Fuck me harder.” I begged and she did as she was told.
She rammed my pussy hard and deep and at the same time, she was digging her nails in my back as well as my ass while she gripped me tightly.
I was getting weak and could no longer brace myself on the bed. That’s when I knew I was about to cum.
“Kimmm…” I said weakly
“Uhhh?” she said with her eyes closed
“I’m cuminnnnn”
“Me too baby…cum for me…cum hard.”
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” the countdown continued loudly above us as the guests and crew rang in the New Year. At that same point, we heard the crack of fireworks and people screaming “Happy New Year!”
What a way to start the new year.
It was like an earthquake we shared between us. My whole inside felt like it needed to be released. The feeling increased until it was at its peak and then I exploded all over her dick. She screamed my name loud at the same time, dripping her juices down both our legs. That was only the beginning because we both had intentions of going through the entire night, making love to each other and for me, I especially wanted to stay awake the whole time because I know after her vacation is over, that will be the last time that I see her. We began to breathe easy as the intensity of the moment subsided slightly. She pulled out of me and I stood up to face her. We kissed passionately and as we did, our temperatures began to rise again as we hungrily groped and scratched each other in the process. There was no better place for me to be right now. Not even if I was told that I had won the lottery, would I leave this moment because at that time, she was my lottery. The answer to all my problems and I never wanted to let her go although I knew this would never last forever.
I pushed her against the bed and stood there staring at her. She was so beautiful. Her body was like a Goddess and her face so angelic that at times, I honestly thought that I was in heaven. I crawled over and as I did, I placed kisses over her stomach. She took a deep breath in and exhaled softly, while she held onto my head.
“It’s your turn.” I whispered as I stuck my tongue gently in her ear.
I moved lower and gently released the buckle on the strap-on. The crotch was soaking wet with her juices and as I put it on me, the feelings of wanting her increased again, just knowing that at that point, her juices were mixing with mine. I slowly relaxed on the bed, lying on my back as I beckoned for her to come sit on me. She smiled and did just that, lowering herself on my dick. As she slowly let it enter her, she dropped her head back and took in all the pains and pleasures of having sex.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” she said as she rocked back and forth on me.
My dick was totally hidden inside her now and she started rocking back and forth slowly at first, while her hands explored my breasts and stomach. I gave her total control over what she was doing. She rode me hard and fast, rocking furiously against me. Up and down, back and forth was how she went. The harder she rocked, the hard the strap tugged on my swollen clit. The feeling was intense and the pressure was building. I knew I was close to cummin again and she was also as she lowered her head and looked me in the eye.
“Oh Goddddddddddd.” She yelled “I love you…I love you so much Jeanelle!” Her orgasm was more thunderous than the first one. She placed her hand on my stomach to brace herself.
“Oh baby.” I said “I’m feeling you…so fucking strong.”
“Damnnn.” She said and breathed quickly, just trying to get a steady breath. “I know you’re very close so let’s finish it off.”
She began to rock against me again; making sure that the strap on was tugging hard. My clit was begging for mercy. I grabbed her ass and held on tightly, squeezing her cheeks with such intense pleasure that her moaning got louder and deeper, and so did mine.
“Oh fuckkkkkk!” I yelled as I released every last bit of juice left in me. It flowed beneath me like a river, soaking the sheets. She had not cum as yes but was very very close. With the last bit of strength left in me, I lifted her off my dick, and then laid her down on her back. I got up and just stared at her. She is such a beautiful woman…beautiful body…beautiful mind…beautiful soul. I snapped out of it and pulled her to the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her, like she had done to me moments before. I buried my face in her pussy and showed no leniency.
“Oh God yessssss…that’s what I’m talking about.” She said deeply
I sucked on her clit hard, sending waves of passion through her entire body, making her gr
ip my head tightly and pushing my face deeper and deeper into her.
She tasted so sweet and her scent was overwhelming that I inhaled deeply. At last, she finally exploded all over my face. It was like dynamite as she screamed my name and helplessly released her body on the bed, dropping back loosely.
There was cum in my mouth, in my nose and in my hair. I was bathed in her juices and it felt perfect. I licked up every drop that I could find as I explored her pussy to the fullest making sure my tongue went in and out of every part of her.
I got up and laid down next to her and as I did, she came to rest her head on my breasts. We both closed our eyes and cherished the embrace we were both in. It was now after five in the morning. We had made love for over five hours without stopping. I can now understand our exhaustion.
“You know, when the ship docks at the next port in about an hour, my family and I will be getting off.”
“Because…this is the end of our cruise. Then we have a plane to catch to go home.”
“But…but…I just met you.”

The tears began to build and my throat began to tighten.

“Shhhhh baby. I don’t want to leave you but this is how it’s supposed to be. You and I both know that I can’t trust anyone again and I don’t wanna hurt you. We’ve talked about this before Jeanelle.”
“I know ok…I know.” I whispered as the tears began to flow.
I looked into her eyes and she too was crying.
“Baby, I better go. Dee wakes up around 6 o’clock every morning and if I’m not there when he does, the entire ship is gonna hear him.”
Although I knew this moment would come eventually, I was still disappointed.
“Ok, I understand. My roommate should be back soon anyway.” I said, hanging my head down.
“Last night was great. The best time I’ve ever had. It was more than I had ever imagined. You made me feel good and I’m never going to forget it.” She said as she slowly got off the bed and proceeded to get dressed.
“I’m never going to forget it either.”
“You better not,” she warned, “Because even if we’re not together physically, we still love each other.” She consoled as she bent and gave me a kiss so deep that I felt like we had just been permanently locked together at the mouth. Tears began to flow from both our eyes.
As she headed towards the door, she turned around and said “Don’t feel bad that we’re not together baby…we’re still great friends. Who said friends can’t make love every time they meet?”
She made me smile once more and at those words, my heart felt at peace. Kimberley completed me in ways unimaginable to anyone. No one has ever and will ever be able to do that. I then smiled at her and said, “I love you Kim”
“I love you too Jeanelle.”
We stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before she added “Bye Jeanelle.”
“Bye Kimberley.”
She turned around and then walked away, closing the door behind her. My heart began to ache again, but now, I finally understood, more than I had already known, the reason why I was so in love with this woman. She was the missing piece in my life and now I had found it.

“Though love is complicated for some
I know what it feels like to be in love
Everything good may not all at once come
But I am a whole because of her

The life I wanted slipped slowly away
But I kept all the emotions in my heart
All the feelings will forever stay
Those memories and I will never part.”

I dropped back on the bed and let the tears run freely, closing my eyes and thinking of no one else but her…Kimberly Parkes.

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