Feeding His Desire

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Ever since I had heard my husband make that comment about Jenn, my clit became swollen as naughty fantasies filled my mind. Jenn is an old acquaintance of mine. We never became close friends, but everytime we saw each other at a club or bar, we drank together and had fun. My husband has only met her a couple of times during our nights out. The last time we ran into her was the other night. She was dressed rather racy, smelling of hard liquor and sweet, fruity perfume. She ran up to us while we were sitting with some of my husbands coworkers, threw her arms around us.

“How in the heck have you two been???” She said, loudly.

We talked for a while before she went back to her friends at their table. Before we left, she gave me her number and told me to call her so we can get together more often.
The next night while I was in bed, I heard my husband, Alan, talking to one of his coworkers on the phone in the living room. They were talking about their hangovers and then I heard him mention Jenn.

“Oh yeah, shes a wild chick, always drinking………oh, yes, she is definitely hot!…..I can only imagine what it would be like to fuck her! I bet she feels so damn good!”
My pussy got wet at the thought of Alan fucking her. I had always been attracted to her, myself, but just never acted upon it. The thought of the 3 of us teasing eachother till orgasm drove me crazy, and I couldn’t stop thinking of it! And as wild as that girl is, I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t make it happen!

The following Friday, while Alan was still at work, I took the taxi to the bar she usually hangs out at. It was almost 9pm and I figured if she wasn’t there, she would be soon. I had a few drinks before she finally showed up. She was her wild self, as usual. She wore some tight pants, and a small top that showed her flat stomach. Her pants had a lowrise waist, just barely covering the top of her pubic area. Her light brown hair looked tousled and she wore alot of eyeliner, making her green eyes stand out.

She was excited to see me, and after several drinks, we became very comfortable!

“You know, you and Alan are a very cute couple!”, she said, leaning towards me.

“Well, thank you!”, I replied. “We think you are cute, too!”

“Rawr!” she giggled. “And where is that sexy man of yours, anyways?”

“Ah, he should be home by now. He was at work.” I decided I was drunk enough to get brave. “You know, thats funny you referred to him as sexy! He made a similar comment about you the other night.”

“No way, are you serious?!” Jenn said, giving me a naughty look.

I told her what I had heard Alan say, and her mouth flew open, but she smiled.

“Wow! Well thats flattering! Gosh, it didn’t upset you when he said that, did it? If so, I’d feel strange!” She looked concerned.

“No….actually, I thought it was rather hot! It sounds like it would be fun!” I smiled at her and leaned towards her. Our faces were very close and I could feel her breath on my lips.

“You know…I haven’t had a 3some in quite a while, and I am really due…”, and right after she said that, she gave me a soft kiss on the lips. My clit became swollen, knowing that the 3some was going to happen. We discussed it and came up with a plan on how we would sneakily get Alan involved in it. We got a taxi and went back to my place.

When we arrived at my house, Alan was lounging on the couch, watching TV and I could tell he had a few beers. We were off during the weekend and enjoyed a few drinks on Friday nights. As soon as Alan saw Jenn, he sat up, trying to not look so lazy. Thanks to Jenns loud and hyper mouth, it wasnt long before we were talking up a storm and drinking our asses off! It was getting quite late so I told Jenn to stay the night. Alan started walking towards the room, saying he’d get her some blankets.

“No, our bed in big enough, she can sleep with us! Its cold in the living room!” I told him. His eyes lit up a little. Im sure the thought of sleeping in the same bed with 2 women excited him and I am sure he knew more things were definitely possible.

We all went in the room and they got ready for bed as I turned on a few candles. I made sure to lay on the other side of him, putting him in the middle. Jenn, who was pretty drunk, stripped down to her bra and panties and slid in bed next to him. He laid on his side, facing her, which was his usual sleeping position. Perfect! I laid on my side, facing towards his back and ran my hand down his waist in a very sensual manner. As planned, she lifted her breast up out of her bra. She grabbed his hand and rubbed his fingers over her hard nipple. I heard his breathing pattern change as he figured out what was going on. He pinched her nipple between his fingers and I heard her exhale and make a light moaning noise. I moved my hand down to his cock, which was rock hard. He leaned over to her and started kissing her madly. My pussy got extremely wet just watching them! He moved the blankets down and pulled down her panties. He slid his finger in between her smooth, shaven pussy lips and began to rub her clit. He ran his fingers over it lightly until it started to swell and her pussy became dripping wet. I moved across the bed to sandwich her in between us and started sucking her nipple while he continued to kiss her.

I decided to reach down and softly stroke his dick so he could get some stimulation while he was teasing her pussy. The soft moaning between the two of them was driving me absolutely crazy!!! I moved her leg aside to spread her wider and joined him in rubbing her pussy. Both of our hands became wet with her juices. Her pussy was so slick and smooth! I just had to see it so I moved down. Mmmmm, she had nice puffy pussy lips and as he was massaging her pussy, I could see her sweet pink pussy meat being rubbed around under his fingers. He would spread her lips while he rubbed and I would catch small glimpses of her hard little clit and tight pussyhole. I slowly stuck two of my fingers in her pussy and began to massage her g-spot.

Alan moved down and joined me between Jenns legs. “Look at that pussy!” I told him, spreading her lips wide. She started moving her hips around. “So fucking sexy!” he moaned as he buried his face between her legs. He ate her pussy like a wild animal and she loved it! She was moaning and bucking her hips. I started to kiss her and we pinched eachothers nipples. It felt so fucking good! Alan stuck two of his fingers in her pussy and started banging it nice and hard, making sure he rubbed her g-spot. She moaned and began to kiss me wildly. She started rubbing my swollen clit and sticking her fingers in my wet pussy. I started sucking her hard little pink nipples.

Alan started banging her harder and would slurp and lick at her clit every so often. She had her legs spread wide and I knew it had to look really good from his view! I leaned over to watch his go to work on her pussy, still pinching her nipple with one of my hands.

“That looks so fucking good!” I told him, as I saw his slurp on her clit, pulling her pink flesh with his lips.

He banged harder. “I wanna make this pussy cum fucking GOOD!”

She started going crazy and moaning louder, “Ohh fuck yes! Show me how bad you want my pussy!”

“Oh yes, I want to watch your pussy cum!”, he said, watching the way her pussy looked while he banged it. Her pussy muscles contracted around his fingers and I saw her pink asshole squeezing up.

“Cum, baby, yesss!” Alan said, as he spread her pussy lips. Just then, Jenn started shaking! “Ohhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss! Bang my pussy!!!!” She screamed out loud and her pussy started squirting while she had her orgasm. She totally let go and screamed in ecstacy. Her pussy juice sprayed out and some of it got on Alan. He was so turned on to see her orgasm like that, he had this look in his eyes like he wanted to fuck her harder th
an hes ever fucked in his life.

After she came, he quickly lowered his pants. He just couldnt wait
to fuck her! I started licking her wet pussy…it tasted so good! He spread her legs wide and positioned himself between them. I spread her pussy lips so he could stick his cock inside her. He rubbed the head of his dick on her juicy clit and then stuck it in her pussy slowly. His dick got extremely swollen as he felt her hot pussy clamp around his dick. Her pussy was so dripping wet that it felt like silk. “Ohhhh fuck yes!” He groaned. I could hear her whimper as she moved her hips up, making sure the whole length of him was deep inside. I watched him fuck her slowly, feeling her tight pussy grip around the head of his cock. As I spread her pussy lips apart, he looked down and watched his rock hard dick fuck her.

“Look at that sweet little pussy…” he said, pushing her thighs apart to spread her wider.

“Yes, you love fucking my pussy, dont you!? she replied, as she pinched her nipples.

I started rubbing her swollen wet clit as I continued to watch him slide his dick in and out. She reached over and played with my nipple. It felt so good that I started rubbing my wet pussy. The sight of his dick squeezing into her tight pussy was almost more than I could stand…it looked so fucking good. I leaned over and started slurping and licking on her clit. She started bucking so wildly that I had to stop. Alan started fucking her harder…I could hear him smacking against her body. “Damn, your pussy is SO FUCKING GOOD!” he grunted. All of a sudden, he stopped. He pulled his dick out and went down to eat her pussy.

“I have to stop for a second…that pussy is gonna make me cum!”

Jenn giggled and pulled me up to kiss. As Alan continued to eat her pussy and look at at as he rubbed it, she and I started kissing wildly and sucking eachothers nipples. She rolled me over onto my back and sucked my nipples some more before moving downward and spreading my legs. She dove in and ran her tongue between my pussylips. Her tongue felt so soft and wet…and so hot!! She began to suck on my clit. I looked down and saw her wrap her lips around it and pull her head up, pulling on my pink clit. Alan was watching, touching both of our breasts. She stuck two fingers in my pussy and started banging me very slowly, teasing my pussy. I couldnt take it anymore! “I want your pussy!” I told her. She got on top of me in a 69 position and continued to lick away at my pussy. Alan leaned over to watch me eat her out. While her ass and pussy was in my face, I carressed her ass cheeks, spreading her wider. Alan began to rub her tight asshole with his finger. “Doesn’t this look good?” I asked him, spreading her cheeks wide apart.

“Fuck yes….you have no idea how good that pussy feels while I’m fucking it.” he said, as he ran his tongue across her ass crack.

I spread her pussy lips apart and sucking her clit. Alan stuck a couple fingers in and banged her. Between the sight of her pink pussy and the way she sucked my clit…I was in total exstacy! Alan got up on his knees and spread her ass cheeks wide, still rubbing the outside of her tight asshole with his finger. His cock was rock hard, and by the way he was looking at her pussy and ass, all spread wide, I could tell he was ready to pound the fuck out of her. I stopped eating her pussy for a moment to he could have her pussy to himself as he entered her again. He aimed the head of his dick into her pussy hole, grabbed her by her hips, and slammed his cock in her really hard.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”, she moaned, her sounds muffled by my pussy being in her mouth. He started fucking her nice and steady, so I continued to lick her clit. He started to fuck her so hard that I had no choice but to stop licking her and just rub her clit. I watched his dick pound her tight pussy hole really hard!!! She started moaning really loud and screaming, “Fuck me! Ohhh yes fuck my pussy!!” Her pussy started making these wet, squishy sounds and I knew she was about to cum again.

I rubbed her clit faster as he pumped away. He slid his finger into her ass, just enough to feel her asshole squeeze around his finger. She began to switch off, eating my pussy and rubbing my clit, because she was busy screaming!! It was so hot watching how hard his dick pounded her pussy right there before my eyes.

He fucked her harder and faster and her screaming got louder as she climaxed. “Ahhhhhhh yeaahhhh, FUCK my pussy! Yeaaahhhhh!” and then she made loud whimpering noises. I couldnt take it, I needed to cum. “Fuck her harder!” I yelled out loud. As I watched him fuck her tight pussy and felt her fingers and tongue work over my clit, a HUGE orgasm built up!!! I screamed uncontrollably and completely let go.

“Yes, cum, baby!” she said, rubbing my clit really fast.

Alan started moaning out loud as he was about to blow his second load. Even though he had been completely consumed by the sight and feeling of fucking the hell out of Jenns sweet pussy, he couldnt go without noticing that both of us came extremely hard. Not to mention Jenns pussy was extremely wet from cumming all over his dick and he loved the way it felt. Just as he started cumming in her pussy, he started grunting really loud and seemed as if he was going to have a heart attack!!! He must have really loved the way her pussy felt and I was glad he enjoyed it. As he came, he had her asscheeks spread wide apart and stared at her sexy asshole. I hadnt seen him cum that hard in a very long time and I was sure Jenn had one of the best pussies he has ever fucked.

After the three of us came, we laid there in bed, laughing and tired. We felt alot more sober than when we first started, but we didnt regret a thing! Jenn had to work the next day, so she left a little while after we finished.

A couple months went by and things went back to normal. I didnt see Jenn at all because we hadnt gone to the bar in a while. One night, we showed up there and of course, she was there!

“Hi guys! I want to introduce you to my new boyfriend!”

And, wow……he sure was cute!!!!

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    sexylust – awsome series… i REALLY enjoyed it. you’ve got a great imagination, and a fantastic way of expressing it. I look forward to your continuing exploits !!!

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