first bi experience..not my last

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It all began about two weeks ago after my father was remarried. He married Amy, she is about 4 years his junior, but alal in all a nice lady. Anyway, Amy’s daughter of 22 still lived with her, so when Amy moved in so did Samantha. She was very pretty, nice thin firm body, short brown hair, brown eyes, kinda the girl next door. She always struck me as kinda odd though and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, that was until one night. I had been out with my girl friends, we had been out drinking and celebrating my best freinds 21st birthday. Needless to say we both drank entirly to much. I had the cab drop her off first since it was on my way home. When I arrived at my house I knew I had to be extremly quite, my father was dead against drinking, since I had already been to a rehab for it.I quietly opened the back door in the kitchen and proceeded to sneek in, when someone grabbed my arm from behind, Iscreamed, but there was already a hand over my mout..SHHH,I heard wispered into my ear, it’s me Smantha. I was so intoxicated it was like a dream. She was breathing heavily on my neck, her arms now around me from behind,she wispered again, “you know your not supposed to be drinking, maybe I should wake up your father”. I pleaded with her, “no,no you can’t, he’ll send me back to rehab, or worse,kick me out.” She said, ok, one one condition,eat my pussy. As she said this one hand slide down to my nipple and she began to suck on my neck.I was horrified, I jumped away from her…She said, I should tell then, is that your finall answer?..I thought, how bad could it be, 10 minutes and I was out of trouble, I told her to wait, I said ok,but then we forget about tonight and nothing is ever mentioned again, agreed?..Agreed she said,now follow me.I followed her into her bedroom in the basement where she closed the door and took of her housecoat, she was nude. I was shaking like a leaf, I had tears runiing down my face. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, there is was, a cleanly shaven pussy, waiting for me. Samantha said,well come on. I went to lay down between her legs and she stopped me with her foot, no cloths aloud, strip.I stood there, blank faceed, NOW she said.Reluctantly I slowly stripped now sobbing quietly. Nice samantha said, now lick my pussy. I laid down between her legs, I could smell her, I closed my eyes and began licking her pussy, she tasted awesome, I began getting wet. I guess it was the beer, I began to rub myself with my other hand, I was getting so excited, I started really licking her, I even licked her sweet asshole. It wasnt long I had spun around and we were licking each other in a 69. We licked each other th orgasm over and over until we fell asleep in each others arms.Now I cant get enough of her,I spend at least 30 minutes a day with my face buried in her pussy, shoveng anything in her tht will fit….Thank goodness for step sisters…

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