First big wrestling match

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My first big match

It all started with a add in are small town paper.  The add was for wrestling for fun and exercise.   It sounded fun and I haven’t wrestled since high school, so I thought why not.

I answered the add and was invited to show up to the private gym at 4pm on Thursday.  When I showed up I was greeted at the door and given a pair of spandex shorts and  sent to the locker room to change.  the locker room had a dozen men in it of varying sizes and condition all changing into tight spandex shorts like the pair given to me at the door, exiting the locker room to the main gym there were some stands with people drinking beers and a ring in the center, it was a very nice setup but I couldn’t figure out why there were people there to watch.

We were divided up by size condition and weight, I was in the 4th match with a smaller but well built man named Joe,  Joe and I talked about are paste matches and general bs when the crowed started to cheer we looked up to see what was happening.  One of the wrestlers shorts were torn at the seems, but he continued to wrestle, when he would maneuver around his cock would fall out of the torn shorts and he would try and tuck it back in…  

Then Joe explained to me the rules were up to each pair of wrestlers, because it was a private gym the rules were up to the competitors within limits, on Thursdays.  On Fridays the gym set the rules and it was invite only from Thursdays matches.  I asked how we got invited back, Joe told me it was a combination of things.  One I had to wrestle well, and willing to not only wrestle but try and strip your opponent, he also explained new wrestlers were paired up with regulars.  He asked if I wanted to try and get invited back on Friday, and explained either way I could always wrestle Thursday’s for fun, as long as u didn’t mind the other matches.

I thought about it while we talked and watched the other matches.  When are match was up I agreed to the ripe and strip match.  The match started with each of us sizing up each other looking for a opening.  He made the first move and I was able to counter it and put him in a side headlock, but it left his free hand by my shorts which he tore the front off leaving my 9″ cock flop out!  I tried to stop him and he got out of my headlock and pulled them the rest of the way off, the crowed cheered as my cock flopped around, I had no choose but to wrestle on.  As we grappled more I got my chance and tore his shorts off in one quick motion evening the odds, the crowds loved it as his clean shaven 5″ cock was exposed.  But that move left me open and he flipped me over pinning me to the mate.  

As we left the ring he asked if I wanted to come back for a match on friday.  I thought about it and said, why not.  Joe said great, and told me to go to a room next to the locker room and wait.

When I entered the room there was 2 other guys waiting, they both grinned at me one had his shorts torn, the other still had his shorts.  As we waited 4 more guys entered some naked others with torn shorts.

After a while the gym owner came in and talked for a while the gave us the Friday rules.  He then said anyone who does not want to wrestle Friday could leave, but was always welcome back on Thursday.  2 guys left, the rest of us were then sent to another room to get all of are hair removed.

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