the redhead had caught steve’s eyes from the moment she entered the nightclub and from that time forward, steve could not take his eyes off of her.

he wasn’t even sure what it was that caught his attention. sure, he thought, there might be other women in the bar who were more beautiful but there was something about the redhead, something that made steve look at her and watch her, something that made it impossible for him to look away.

his beer needed replenishing so he sidled his way to the bar. he was standing next to her and she seemed not to even notice that he was there. she was standing there looking at the crowd in the club and it was amazing. even though she didn’t seem to be doing anything overtly, steve could feel the sexual heat eminating from her body, and his dick got even harder than it had been.

“so do you like what you see,” she purred softly.

it took steve a second to realize that she was talking to him. “h-h-huh,” he stammered.

the redhead turned and looked at him, really looked at him, and his dick got even harder. “i asked if you liked what you saw,” she said softly with a smile.

“y-y-yeah,” steve stammered.

steve felt the woman move up close to him and then he felt her hand slide between his legs. “i thought so,” she purred as she pressed her hand against his cock and steve was amazed that he didn’t shoot a load of cum right then and there.

the woman slid her other hand around steve’s waist even as she looked up at him. steve felt her hand discretely ease the zipper down on his pants. “i thought so,” she purred as she pushed her hand inside his pants, “but you know, you really shouldn’t be such a stranger.”

steve moaned as he felt the woman slide her palm up and down his shaft.

the redhead’s eyes twinkled as she pushed her hand past the flap in the front of steve’s briefs. the man moaned again as the woman wrapped her hand around his shaft. “i like your cock,” she purred even as she gave his cock a nice squeeze.

steve moaned again. he knew there were people around him but he had no idea if they were looking at him or not. all that mattered was that hand inside his pants, that hand that was stroking his cock. he moaned again as that hand squeezed his cock. oh shit, he thought, he was so close, so very close.

that hand squeezed his cock yet again. “i’ll bet you want to cum for me, don’t you,” the redhead murmured. “i’ll bet you want to cum for me. i’llbet you want to cum right now.”

steve groaned as his cock surged. he just couldn’t help himself. his cock just kept right on cumming, filling his underwear with more and more of his seed.

the redhead continued to pull and squeeze on steve’s cock. “oh, that’s good,” she purred, “keep it coming. keep it coming.”

steve had little choice in the matter. his cock just kept cumming and cumming. oh man, it felt good.

the woman finally slid her hand away from the depleted shaft. she lifted her hand to her lips and steve could see his cum shining on her fingers as she gave her fingers a lick. “mmm,” she purred, “that’s good.” she held her fingers up so that steve could kiss them, too. “but tell me,” she continued, “i really want you to fuck me. do you want to fuck me? do you think you can get it up for me again?”

steve groaned even as he felt his dick jump. he watched the woman lick more of his cum off her fingers and he knew he had to have her and he knew he would do whatever it took and he told her that.

“excellent,” the woman purred, “because i really want to feel you inside me. come on, we can go to my place.”

it didn’t take them all that long to get to the redhead’s apartment and soon, she was letting the two of them into her loft. “i really can’t wait for this,” she said as she turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open.

the door swung shut behind the two of them and the redhead pulled steve to her, kissing him again and again, and steve in turn, kissed her back. even as they kissed, her hands were working at the buttons on his clothes. damn, he thought, could this get any better.

“you’re back,” said a voice, a very male voice.

the woman turned towards the man. “yes, i am,” she told him, “and i brought a friend.”

steve turned and looked at the man. except for a pair of leather bracelets around his wrists and a spiked collar around his neck, the other man was completely naked. “wh-wh-what’s going on here?” he stammered.

“this is rodney,” the redhead told him. “he’s a friend of mine and i thought maybe the three of us could, you know, get down together. don’t you think it’s so much better when there are three instead of two?”

steve didn’t know what to think. “i … i …i guess.”

“come on,” she said, pulling the reluctant steve behind her. “i want you to eat my pussy,” she told him. “i want you to eat me and i want you to make me come and then i want you to fuck me. can you do that? can you cum inside me? can you do it, please?”

even as she said these things, she was falling onto a bed and as steve looked down at her, he watched her spread her legs. he could see the fiery patch of red hair between her legs and then she was pulling him towards her, pulling him between her legs, pulling his mouth to her wet and waiting pussy.

steve sighed as his tongue flicked out of his mouth and the redhead’s moans only made him lick her harder. what the hell, he thought, if this was what she wanted, then what the hell.

the woman moaned as she pulled steve’s mouth even harder against her pussy. “oh yeah,” she moaned, “that’s it. do it to me. do it to me just like that.”

steve almost forgot about the other man in the room, almost that is until he felt the man step up behind him and until he felt the man’s hands on his hips. he would have pulled away but the redhead was still pulling hard on him. “eat my pussy,” she pleaded. “oh god, eat me. eat me!”

steve could feel the other man’s cock between his cheeks. oh shit, he thought, he’s hard. he’s hard and oh shit, his cock is slimy, gooey, oh shit, hard.

steve felt the man press his cock against his butt hole. he would have pulled away but the woman wouldn’t let him go. “eat me,” she pleaded. “eat me.”

steve groaned as the man pressed even harder against his resisting ass. his cock slipped away but just as quickly, the man had it back in place and then steve felt it, the feeling of his ass as it opened itself up for that cock, opening just a bit and slowly letting that cock inside.

“oh yeah,” the redhead moaned, “that’s it, that’s it. eat my pussy. oh yeah. that’s it. that’s it. oh yeah, i just knew you’d love getting fucked in the ass.”

steve wanted to tell her that he didn’t like it, that he didn’t like getting fucked in the ass, and yet even as he tried to do it, she pulled him tighter against her pussy and the man behind him pushed just a little more cock in steve’s virgin hole.

it’s too big, steve thought as even more of that cock entered his ass. it’s too big. it’s too fucking big. he groaned.as more of that cock entered him. it’s too big, and yet, could it be. he had trouble admitting it even to himself but he liked that cock in his ass. he groaned again as the other man pushed even more of his cock in steve’s ass. oh fuck, yeah, steve thought, i love it. i love getting fucked in my ass.

the redhead pulled his mouth down around her pussy and steve buried his tongue in her pussy even as the man behind him buried his cock in his ass. he could feel the woman’s wetness and he could hear the woman moan and all he wanted was for her to cum in his mouth. well, there was one other thing he wanted, too. he wanted that cock to cum in his ass.

“oh geez,” the woman shrieked. “oh geez. oh geez. oh geez. that’s it. make me cum. fucking yeah. make me cum. make me cum just like that.”

steve felt it, the tightening of those pussy lips around his tongue and the burst of juice in his mouth. his tongue greedily licked away at that pussy and still that cock continued to fuck his ass. the redhead was continuing to cum and that cock continued to pound his ass. oh shit, steve thought, i really need it. i need to feel that cock cum in my ass.

but that was not to be. the redhead looked up at steve with her lust-filled eyes as her body finally retreated from its orgasmic high. “well, you did your part,” she cooed at the man, “so now you’re going to get your reward. now, you get to fuck my pussy.”

to steve, it was as if his cock had never been as long and hard as it was at that very moment. he looked down at the redhead’s drooling snatch and then he was on her in a flash, burying his cock in her pussy and burying himself right up to the hilt. he let out a long sigh as his cock slid into that tight pussy. damn, that was good.

and then he felt it again. even as his own cock was buried inside the redhead’s cunt, a pair of hands seized his hips and once again, there was a cock being thrust inside his ass. steve sighed again. damn, he loved the feel of that cock in his ass.

when the man behind steve pulled his cock back, steve instinctively pulled his cock back from the pussy beneath him and when the man rammed his cock into steve’s hungry ass, steve’s own cock pounded the redhead’s tight, little pussy. steve moaned again. he loved the feel of that cock in his ass.

the redhead was playing with her tits as the man above her continued to fuck her. “oh yeah, you like that, don’t you,” she moaned. “you like getting fucked in your ass, don’t you?”

steve didn’t say anything. he just moaned as that cock moved in and out of his ass and as his ass continued to take that cock, he continued to ply his cock in the redhead’s pussy.

the redhead moaned as her fingers pulled on her nipples. “you like it, don’t you? you like getting fucked in the ass.”

steve moaned and then he nodded. he did like it.

“say it,” she told him. “tell me you like getting fucked in the ass.”

steve moaned. “i like getting fucked in the ass.”

the redhead moaned even as steve buried his cock in her pussy. “yeah,” she moaned, “that’s it. you just keep fucking me with that cock of yours and you’ll do just fine. i just knew a panzy like you was going to love getting fucked up the ass.”

“i do love it,” steve moaned. “i love getting fucked in the ass.”

steve felt the man behind her bury his cock in steve’s ass and then moments later, he felt it, the stream of cum as it poured in his virgin hole and even as he felt that, he felt his cock unload himself into the redhead. he groaned with relief as his cum surged into that pussy. oh fuck, that was good. that was so good.

steve could feel the cum as it oozed out of his butt and he liked it. what was becoming of him, he wondered and yet even as the man behind him pulled his cock from his butt, steve knew he wanted to feel it there again.

steve pulled his cock out of the redhead and flopped over onto his back as he looked up at the man who had just fucked his ass. the redhead jumped up off the bed and looked at steve and then she grinned at him. “you’re not done yet,” she told the man. “you’ve still got a cock to clean,” she told the man.

steve didn’t understand what the redhead meant and he still didn’t understand even when the other man took her place on the bed, but when the redhead pointed at the spot between the other man’s legs, he started to get the gist of it, and when she ordered him to get his mouth down on that cock, he knew exactly what she meant, and as amazing as it seemed to him, steve really did want to suck on that cock.

he knelt between the man’s legs and then he lowered his mouth to the man’s cock. he sniffed and wrinkled his nose. it smelled like shit, and then steve realized why. he almost pulled back but before he could do that, the redhead was pushing his head down and as she did, steve opened his mouth as she pressed him against the flaccid shaft.

his tongue strummed against that cock and he liked that.

“don’t just play with it,” the woman told him. “suck it.”

steve couldn’t believe he was doing it but all of the sudden, he was taking the other man’s cock in his mouth. he could taste the other man’s cum on his cock and then he was sucking the man even harder. he wanted to make this man hard. he wanted to suck on the man’s cock.

“yeah, that’s it,” the woman told him. “suck that cock, you little panzy. suck it. suck it hard.”

steve could feel the man starting to swell inside his mouth and he realized he liked it, and that just made him suck him harder. he hardly paid attention to the redhead as he sucked on that cock but that was about to change because suddenly, he felt the redhead stroke his ass and he felt her hands on his hips and then he felt her bury a big, plastic phallus deep in his butt.

“come on,” the redhead urged even as she perched herself over steve’s body and repeatedly buried the strap-on deep in steve’s ass. “suck that cock hard. you know you want it,” she told him. “you know you want to feel that cum in your mouth.”

what is happening to me, steve wondered and yet, even as he thought it, he continued to suck on that cock. he did want to taste the man’s cum. he wanted to feel the man’s sperm as it went down his throat, and all the while, he loved the feel of that cock as it pounded his butt.

the other man pulled steve’s mouth down on his cock and steve loved it. he really wanted it. he wanted to feel the man cum in his mouth and even as he realized that, he felt the man’s cock surge and he felt the man pour his cum into his waiting mouth. he loved it.

finally, the man’s depleted shaft slid from steve’s mouth and still, steve wasn’t done. the man pulled steve up on top of him and then the man gave steve a wet, sloppy kiss. steve felt the other man’s tongue as it probed his mouth and as it tasted his own cum in steve’s mouth, and steve felt the man slide his hands around steve’s butt as he squeezed steve hard. steve couldn’t believe just how much this was turning him on.

the man broke the kiss and then he looked steve in the eyes. “come here,” he told steve. “come here and let me taste you.”

steve might not have known what the other man was talking about but when the man pulled steve on top of him and when the man sucked steve’s cock into his mouth, he soon figured it out.

it seemed to steve as if his cock was even harder than it had ever been before and it seemed to get even harder when the redhead came up behind him and again shoved her cock in his ass. steve groaned as that cock entered his ass and he almost came right then and there. he wanted to cum. he wanted it bad, and then as the woman buried his cock inside his ass, it was as if a dam broke and suddenly, his cock was filling that warm, wet mouth with his jizz and he loved it. steve couldn’t believe it, but he lov ed getting sucked off by a guy.

when his cock was finally depleted, steve snuggled up next to the man and he kissed him. he could taste his cum in the other man’s mouth and he loved it. he kissed him again and again. he absolutely loved kissing this man.

steve didn’t feel the redhead coming up behind him, but he did feel it when the redhead snapped a collar around his neck and wristbands around his wrists. he was too busy kissing the other man to look at them but he knew they just had to be like the ones the other man was wearing.

the redhead kissed steve on the back of his neck. “welcome to my harem,” the redhead told the man. “rodney will show you where to go and what is expected of you,” she told him and then she left.

steve and rodney continued to kiss until finally rodney led steve to a closed room. as soon as the door opened, steve was greeted with an astounding sight. there must have been at least a dozen men there, all dressed like him and rodney and all with rock hard cocks waiting to welcome steve into their family. steve grinned shyly. his ass needed to be fucked and he needed to taste some more sperm and his cock was suddenly getting hard again. suddenly, he knew he was going to like this place. he was going to like it a lot.

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