Flood Gates (Pt. 2)

I knew Delores would be at work that day – she works part time at a new office building downtown –  so I went home to get a few things.  The house was spotless.  Not a single indicator of the mess of sex she’d been having the day before.  Nothing except for the visions burned into my consciousness.  I stared at the couch for a long time before heading upstairs to pack some clothes.  I took all of my casual clothes and left all but one suit.  This was going to be a new me.  A new identity.  I made up my mind in that very moment, as I packed the one business suit I wanted to take, that I was going to leave everything behind and take on a new identity.  That meant I’d need money so I left things as they were for the moment and drove to the nearest branch of our bank.  Delores had her own savings account, with plenty of money to get by on, so I didn’t feel bad about emptying our joint account.  There were no questions asked and I found my way back home.

I stood at the bathroom mirror for a while staring at myself.  I’d thought about shaving my head on and off over the years but had never mentioned it out loud to Delores or anyone.  Rather than go all the way I just shaved off my carefully-trimmed beard and cut my hair down to about a quarter of an inch.  I used some of Delores’ black hair color to finish off the transformation.  That would do for now but I had ideas for changes I could make later.

And so I found myself on the road to a new life.  It felt good to just drive away from it all.  As I cruised along the highway my mind wandered from one thought to another.  I thought about how Delores might feel when she realizes I’m gone for good and about how long it would take her to figure it out.  I thought about where I might go and who I might meet.  Mostly I thought about how much I wanted sex.  Lots of sex.  Every kind of sex.  Nonstop sex.

This surprised me as I had suppressed the idea of sexual exploration for years – even before I met Delores.  Now that the vault was opened, so to speak, a flood of urges and fantasies filled my mind.  So it seemed to be fate that I came upon a truck stop/convenience store with a gentlemen’s club next to it.  I’d been driving for about an hour and figured I could use a break.

I walked into the convenience store first and purchased a diet soda and some chips.  There was guilt threatening to boil up even at the thought of walking next door.  It was just nude dancers I told myself.  Relax.  I didn’t need much of a pep talk once I walked out into the fresh afternoon air and took in the woman standing outside the club.  She looked at me, gave a crooked smile, and shook her head.  “You might as well not even fight it.  You know this is where you belong.”  She was right.  I threw my refreshments at the trash, not caring if they went in or not –  and walked toward her.  She blinked slowly, seductively and opened the door for me.

I had been to strip clubs before.  They were nothing new to me.  When I first started my job at the office my boss took me almost every week.  This place was not like what I was used to seeing in a strip club, however.  Besides the fact that it was only one in the afternoon there was a very relaxed atmosphere inside.  Casual and non-pretentious.  There was one other man besides me there for some entertainment and he was asleep at the bar.  I walked in slowly taking in the lazy dancers on the three small stages.

One was blonde and tall.  Her belly was slightly pronounced as if she might be a few months pregnant or a little overweight.  Another had pitch black hair that came to her shoulders and a tattoo across her back of either a wolf or an angel.  The third had red hair that came all the way down her back and ass.  I didn’t stop to think of how cliche’ it was but found a seat and watched them writhe.  The redhead seemed to draw my attention the most so it was no surprise when she came to my table at the end of the song.

“Hey, sweet cheeks.  You like watching me dance?”

“Well…yeah.  It was very nice.”  Very nice?  I would have to work on my vocabulary so that I didn’t sound so uptight.  I felt lame and embarrassed but kept trying to focus.

“You got nothin’ better to do than watch naked girls at one o’ clock in the middle of the day?”  I started to stutter out a response but she grabbed my leg and said “I’m just kiddin’ ya.  There ain’t nothing better as far as I’m concerned.”  I couldn’t help notice how she used a southern accent on some words but let it go on others.  She was obviously playing a part, but so was I.  I went with it.

“No…you’re right.”  I placed my hand on hers.  “Nothin’ better.”

She smiled and stood.  I thought she was going to leave me there for a moment but she pulled on my hand and led me towards the back.  In all my experiences at these places I’d never gone to the back.  I’d always imagined what might take place but put that out of my mind for the moment.  If I expected too much I’d just let myself down.  Better to just expect a private dance or something and see where it went from there.  As soon as we entered a private room she turned and cupped my crotch with her free hand.  Her eyes were so close to mine that they crossed slightly.  Delores and I used to do that when we started dating.  I always got turned on by it and this was no exception.  Her eyes stayed locked with mine and her smile grew as my cock did.  We stood just inside the room for a while like that.  My cock threatening to burst through my jeans as she rubbed her hand up and down.  Finally she pulled the zipper down and slid her hand inside.  Oh the relief at her touch.  It had been so long and I knew then that I was doing the right thing.  This is what I wanted so badly for so long.  To just let go.  Her smile changed and she looked more curious than amused then.  She took her hands off of me and led me to a wooden stool in the center of the room.  There were chains attached to the floor and grommets all over the legs of the stool.  I sat down as she turned on some music and began dancing for me.  The anticipation wasn’t too much but it was definitely building towards an explosion.  I relished every moment.  Every sway of her hips.  Every inch of skin she revealed with every tug at her clothes.  She danced around me and threw her clothes here and there as she did so.

She had a cloth belt that held her dress on and, once that was off, she used the belt to blindfold me.  Once blindfolded she began to chain my legs and hands to the stool.  I was uncomfortable and hunched over but the discomfort made me want this all the more.  The music got louder and I felt her reach her hands around from behind me.  She loosened my pants and jerked them off my waist and down to my ankles while I sat chained to the stool. Then she came around and slid her legs through my arms so that she was straddling my lap.  I felt the warmth of her pussy slide over my cock and I could have just died at that moment.  I let out such a deep sigh that I thought I’d been holding my breath all my life.  She slid back and forth a little to make sure we were in for a smooth ride and then started to hop up and down on my lap.  She giggled and rubbed my shoulders as she fucked me and I could barely understand what she was saying over the music.  She put her mouth to my ear and I heard her say “open wide, sexy.”

I started to respond with a question but I found it hard to speak with her fingers slipping between my lips and into my mouth.  I didn’t pull back or reject them for fear she would stop fucking so I sucked on them and licked them good.  She tasted good.  She took her fingers out and put them back in a few times before I felt something different squirm between my lips.  I froze for an instant when I realized what I thought it was but didn’t react.  When I felt it grow along my tongue my suspicions were confirmed.  After avoiding the persistent fantasy in the deepest, darkest reaches of my consciousness, I now had something I’d only secretly craved: another man’s penis rested inside my mouth.


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