Flood Gates (pt. 3)

When I jerked back everything stopped.  She got off of me and removed the blindfold standing a few feet away.  Next to me stood a man wearing a full-body suit – sort of a ninja getup – with only the flesh of his cock showing.  She was looking at me with a strange expression and talking but I couldn’t hear her over the music.

The song that was playing – something techno, I guess – ended and I heard her say that the choice was mine.

“What?”  I squinted at her.  The lights seemed a little brighter without the blindfold.  “I couldn’t hear you because of the music.”

“I said, sweetie, that we can keep going if you want to.  We can take you places that maybe you never realized you wanted to go.”  She looked around and behind me and continued.  “Honestly,” she said, dropping the southern accent once again, “we get pretty fucking bored around here and just want to have some fun with someone new.  Ya know?”

I sat in silence for a few minutes.  They didn’t rush me or get impatient.  Finally I looked at her pretty face, framed by sweaty red hair, and said, “Fuck it.  I’m ready.”

I was a little surprised, once the music began again, that they began to fuck each other and ignored me.  Rather, some more men came around from behind where I was sitting and began to fuck her.  Still chained to the chair all I could do was watch and want to join in.  One after one they fucked her from behind, two-at-a-time, two in her mouth, every which way; none of them lasting longer than a minute before blowing their load in her mouth or pussy.  She got up at one point and stood before me studying my face.  She could see the want there.  I know she could.  She leaned down so that her face was near mine and stared into my eyes.  It was almost romantic.  Then she leaned in closer and slowly, deliberately, slid her tongue between my lips.  I felt her face push against mine a little, draw back, and then push again and I knew another man was fucking her from behind.  Geez…how many fucking guys were here?  I didn’t realize at first why her lips were so wet but I accepted them against mine all the same.  When it hit me I wasn’t sure how I felt about tasting a man’s cum for the first time ever.  I must’ve liked it somewhat because my cock grew another few inches.  It felt like it anyway.

By the time the new second song ended I was in deep.  During the silence she stood up before me and allowed me to just look at her body.  The deep red hair that clung to her shoulders.  The tits that were just enough to cup with your hands.  The pussy, hairless and beautiful, that dripped with cum from all the men that had just dropped loads inside of her.  I looked back to her face just as I noticed her dripping and she smiled and looked up.  The chair I was in fell backwards and I found myself looking up at even more men.

“What the fuck?”  I said to her playfully.  “Did you know I was coming today?”

Without a word, and just as the third song began playing, she stepped over the chair and stood directly above my face.  Some of the cum had started to run down her legs.  Suddenly she dropped to her knees and her pussy lips were pressed against my face.  I had opened my mouth just before to shout in surprise and in doing so gave her an easy target.  She spread her lips and leaned back as if concentrating and my mouth began to fill with all of the cum inside of her.  Her hips began to jerk and she closed her legs around my head a little tighter as she grabbed my head and shoved it deep into her crotch.  I was so turned on – by the newness of this and, now obviously, because it’s what I’ve always wanted but could never bring myself to do – and stuck my tongue out to give her a little something extra to fuck.  She came hard and I heard her scream even over the music.  After a catching her breath she scooted back enough to look at my face.  Seeing my smile she smiled in return and pushed her ass up against my dick.  Somehow, I assume because the guys had fucked and came in her ass as well, my cock slipped in her ass, still with enough resistance to feel amazing, and she started fucking me again.

I had forgotten about the men standing around us until they knelt down and started to jerk themselves off.  In the direction of my face.  I didn’t care.  I went with it.  All of it.  One of them even knelt close enough for me to lean up and take his dick into my mouth.  I couldn’t believe the ease with which I did it but I began to twist my head and move my tongue around along the length of him until I felt it start to jump and jerk.  I moved my head closer to him, taking him deeper into my mouth and almost down my throat, and felt the warm fluid begin to spurt from the tip of his dick.  Oh…it felt and tasted so good.  When he was done he slipped out of me and I swallowed all of his load one gulp at a time just as I felt myself start to orgasm.  I came in her ass, so fucking hard, and nearly passed out.  Okay, I literally passed out.  Everything went dark and the next thing I know I’m sitting on a couch getting a lap dance from the blonde with the possibly pregnant belly.  When the song ends she leans down to my ear and whispers.

“It’s kinda rude to fall asleep when you’re getting a lap dance, dumbass.”

I sat for a little while trying to collect my thoughts.  The redhead was nowhere to be seen so eventually I got up and left.  It was dark out and, having not realized how far away from civilization I had been, was surprised to hear the sound of crickets.  I walked back to the convenience store, bought a soda out of the machine, and sat in my car staring at the dashboard.  All of a sudden I missed my wife.  For some fucking reason I missed my wife.  Maybe I felt a little closer to her now that I knew we were both sex freaks.  I made up my mind and began driving to my next destination.

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