For My Hotwife

You’ve been away on vacation with your family. You haven’t been laid in a week, and you haven’t masturbated in even longer. We finally get a day alone together the day after you come back, so of course we arrange a date with our special third person. We meet with him at a restaurant and have dinner and drinks, you both talk about how you’ve missed each other and take turns ignoring me. Under the table you fondle my little dick, making it go hard and then taking your hand away over and over to tease me.

We finish up and go home with him, and you two go straight to the bedroom. I try to come in and watch but you don’t let me, instead you force me to sit in the hall and just listen. You shut the door, and I hear you two kiss and and eventually start moaning and slurping.

“Now you can come in!” You yell through the door. I crawl in, only to see that you two have been 69ing. Your juices are dripping from his beard, and spit dribbles down his long hard shaft. You get into the doggystyle position as he moves behind you, then you tell me to guide his cock into your pussy. I do as I’m told, your saliva got all over my hand. As he started thrusting I start rubbing what i thought was your clit.

“You’re completely missing, just stop.” You said bluntly. HeĀ  laughs, but continues to guide his throbbing member into your dripping pussy. You moan as I see your toes curl. I love watching his big balls swing back and forth, occasionally swinging upward onto your clit and smacking your pleasure button. His hands wrap around your skinny waist as he fucks you hard. He asks you who’s cock is better and you say his almost immediately. I’ll never be able to fuck like him; to saw my long cock into your quivering twat and make you moan your little nick names for Him. I crawl under You and suck on your hard nipples, you fall to your elbows as he fucks you harder.

“Shit…oh my GOD YES!” You exclaim. I start jacking off as you climb higher and higher towards ecstasy, you clutch the pillows as your back arches. You cum all over his big fat cock and scream out His name as if to say “THANK YOU”. In the heat of the moment I get on my knees and try to put my dick in your mouth.

“Ew, get that tiny thing away from me! You could neverĀ fuck me like he does.” You are so good at dirty talk. Dejected, I continue jacking off to this beautiful scene. He smacks your ass and pulls out of you, then turns you around so you can lubricate his cock with your mouth. He grunts as your tongue works up and down in rhythm with your lips, your gorgeous face buried in his wet hairy package. He pushes you onto your back, and you willfully put your elbows under your knees, submitting to his engorged rod. I sat helpless, jizzing on the sheets as he started teasing you with clitoral stimulation, slowly pushing his saliva soaked cock all the way in, then pulling all the way out. Slowly he did this again and again, all while working your little pebble with his thumb.

“Give it to me. Give me that big cock. I want you to cum inside me. Cum inside me!” You start moaning louder and louder, and he gives up fingering your clit for pure primal thrusting. His pelvis just smacks your pubic patch over and over, stimulating your cunt and turning it red.

“Yes, yes, yes, yeeess.” You say, gasping loudly and then grunting about how you’re going to cum again.

“Fuck…FUCK.” He says loudly, indicating that he’s about to ejaculate.

“Yesss, give it to me. Cum deep inside me.” Your legs touch at the ankle behind his back, your arms wrap around his neck as you kiss him deeply with tongue. I watch as his balls contract, he lets out a few lungfuls of air and grunts slightly as you moan. You love it when guys cum deep inside you without protection.


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  1. Nastyperson

    Wow! that nasty little story really got me going. It is twisted just enough to be something so far fetched it enhances the imagination. I would give it a ten rating even though it isn’t long enough.

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