Her friend Samantha had changed since Trish had seen her last. She now wore her blond hair quite short, and she seemed more confident and in possession of herself than before. She loved being a writer and was stimulated by the success she had found.

Her husband, Bart, who ran a prosperous contracting business, was very supportive. They seemed to have a solid marriage but with divergent interests. Sometimes that worked well, Trish believed.

On the first night of her visit, Sam threw a large party, and Trish met a number of interesting people, some of whom had publishing connections. Others were old friends whose acquaintance she and Sam had shared. Since Sam and Bart had invited her to stay in their house, she found herself alone with them on the second night. That is…until the doorbell rang and Bart went to answer it.

Trish heard him say to the caller, “Hey, thanks for bringing the contracts over. Want to stay for a drink?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” came the reply, and Trish’s heart leaped. She recognized the voice coming from the front hall. It belonged to Chris! What were the chances that her lover on the train would turn out to be associated in business with her old friend’s husband? Slim indeed, but then, every day somebody wins the Lotto.

When Chris entered the room, he did a quick double-take when he saw Trish, but he said nothing at first, merely smiling at her. She didn’t know what to do. She was thrilled to see him again, but how could she admit she knew him? How to explain it? Would he give them away? SOMEBODY had to say SOMETHING.

Chris was the one who broke the ice by saying “Hello, Trish” in a warm tone and crossing the room to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Chris!” was all she could manage. “What a surprise!”

“Hey, what’s this all about?” Bart asked, glancing from one to the other. “How come you two know each other?”

“Well, it’s a long story,” Chris replied smoothly. “Let’s just say that we’re old friends and leave it at that.”

“Friends indeed,” Trish added, and was grateful for the way Chris handled it.

“How wonderful!” Samantha squealed, and clapped her hands together. “Well, you are certainly invited to remain and spend the evening with us, Mister…uh?”

While Bart supplied the introduction, Trish’s heart raced. The fact that fate had brought this man back into her life had to mean something, and she didn’t want to let him get away again.

She moved over to sit beside him, and they all had a round of drinks. She was as excited as a schoolgirl, still basking in the afterglow of the evening before and hoping for more excitement to come. But what really was about to happen that evening proved wilder than anything she might have imagined.

Her friend Samantha was obviously curious and kept glancing from Trish to Chris trying to figure out how they happened to know each other. A question was asked, but Chris again fended it off. Bless him, Trish thought.

Suddenly Samantha moved over to sit next to Trish on the couch and said, “Hey babe, wanta put on a little show for the boys? You remember how friendly we used to be back in our dorm days, don’t you?”

“What?” Trish was dismayed. They had been friends in college, but nothing untoward had ever happened between the two.

“Oh, come on,” Sam chided. “Girls will be girls.” She giggled and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, show us!” Bart piped up. “There’s a big wide floor here and a nice smooth rug.”

My God, Trish thought, her old friends Samantha and Bart had certainly changed! They had gotten terribly broad-minded since Sam had entered the literary world. Though shocked by the direction that the get-together was taking, Trish also was excited. The thought of having a sexual encounter with a woman had always teased her, and she found Sam attractive, now more than ever with her new short hairdo and confident manner. In a way she had the presence of a man though she was undeniably female, and that was a turn-on.

Was something wild and crazy really about to happen? Both Sam and Bart seemed to be pushing for it. As for Chris, he merely sat smiling, obviously fascinated by the unexpected turn of events.

“Come on, Trish, let’s show ‘em,” Sam said and placed a hand on her girlfriend’s thigh while snuggling close and zooming in for a kiss. Their mouths met.

Trish couldn’t resist. The daring adventure on the train had softened her up, and now suddenly her latent interest in lesbianism surged to the fore. Samantha’s fingers crept under the hem of Trish’s skirt and began their journey up her thigh while Samantha’s tongue entered her mouth. Trish’s brain whirled. She hugged the woman who was seducing her, and suddenly all her resistence melted away.

She heard male laughter as if from a distance. It was Bart. He seemed to really be enjoying the sight of his wife making out with another woman. Trish had no idea how Chris was reacting because she couldn’t see him at that moment. What would he think of her, allowing herself to be seduced by Samantha?

Sam slid Trish off the couch and down onto the carpet with her, and Trish’s skirt scooted up to her waist. She had put on stockings and a garter belt as she usually did for dress-up occasions. They just felt fancier somehow. Now her bare thighs gleamed above her stocking tops, dramatized by taut garter straps. Her snug-fitting panties were silky and pink.

The slender blond woman, old friend whom she no longer seemed to know, bent and licked her thighs above her stockings, and Sam’s tongue was like a moist flame on her flesh. She shut her eyes and heard herself utter a helpless little cry, after which she felt Sam’s fingers at the crotch of her panties, drawing the silk aside. Sam’s warm breath was on her pussy, and then…oh God, she felt her girlfriend’s lips and tongue! Trish was having her snatch licked by a woman, and it felt WONDERFUL!

This proved to be only a teaser, however, as Sam quickly raised her head and loomed fully over Trish. She removed the top of Trish’s outfit, then her bra, and Trish could only roll her eyes, her cheeks reddening in embarrassed excitement as the other woman began to play with her tits like a man would, only much more gently, handling the pliant globes like precious objects of art.

She bent and licked Trish’s nipples, running her moist tongue round and round them, after which she drew first one nipple and then the other into her warm wet mouth and sucked on them, sending wild thrills coursing through her friend. After making Trish’s nipples tingle with delight, her mouth left tittyland and glided down to the top of Trish’s skirt which Sam unfastened and tugged away. Now Trish was down to pink panties, white garter straps and sand-colored sheer hose.

Trish’s panties were the next to go, and she let Sam spread her thighs apart. Normally Trish would have been abashed to find herself exposed in such fashion before a group or anyone other than a male lover, but this evening everything was different. There was a strange electricity in the air, and it seemed to have entered Trish’s body and was streaking along the circuits of her nervous system.

When Sam bent once more between her thighs she tensed, and when the woman’s mouth met her sizzling pussy, she responded with a gasp of delight. Her flesh sang as Samantha’s moist tongue caressed her slit, then entered to taste her and gather up the sweet juices that were now beginning to gush.

Trish moaned and writhed as Samantha licked and tugged on her clitoris. Her hands settled on Samantha’s short blond hairdo, and she held the woman’s head in place between her thighs. What Sam was doing felt so good she never wanted it to stop.

“Hey, look at that!” she heard Bart chortle. “Trish really digs it! I knew she would. There’s not a man or a woman who can resist my w

“Sure looks like it,” Chris’s voice agreed.

So they were both watching, Trish realized in dismay. But h
er brain was reeling, and she was not about to stop a thing. What Sam was doing to her felt too fucking good. From that point on, events moved rapidly, and the whole thing became a blur in Trish’s mind.

Somehow Sam divested herself of all her clothing while not letting up on Trish for a moment. Her loving mouth was all over Trish’s pussy, licking and gently nibbling at the velvety folds, clamping onto Trish’s clit to suck that super-sensitive nub and circle it with her tongue.

Thrills raced through Trish’s body. This was WONDERFUL! She writhed luxuriantly, though being careful not to throw Sam off target. Trish had her eyes closed as she concentrated completely on the delightful sensations that her female friend’s lips and tongue were imparting.

From above and behind Samantha, who was stretched out on her tummy, the voice of her husband said, “Raise your ass, baby. I need to enjoy you while you’re enjoying Trish.”

Sam drew her knees forward, elevating her tail towards her husband. Bart lost no time in flopping onto his back and snuggling between her thighs so he could make love to her in the same way she was loving Trish. And while he did it, he opened his fly. Out came his rigid dick which stood as a monument to lust, and he began to stroke it, jacking off while he ate his wife’s pussy.

Seated to the side, Chris watched everything that was going on and reached a point where he would either have to emulate Bart, which wasn’t his style unless he had no alternative, or exercise an alternative available to him right now and offer his cock to Trish, who was stretched out on her back, her pretty face revealing the intense pleasure she felt as Samantha made ardent oral love to her pussy. Last night Chris was thrilled when Trish sucked his cock, and he longed for a repeat performance.

After tossing off all his clothes Chris assumed a hovering position above the beautiful redhead. Hearing and feeling his presence, Trish opened her eyes, then opened her mouth when she saw his appetizing dick pointing right at her face. This was the dick Trish had gotten to know and love the night before, and she wanted to enjoy it again. First she wanted to suck the tasty thing, and then she wanted to feel that lusty prod deep inside her, fucking her brains out.

“Sweetheart…” Chris murmured and placed the head of his cock between her welcoming lips.

Moaning appreciatively, Trish let her eyes fall shut once again and tightened her lips around the thick stem of his lollipop-headed pecker. She sucked, enjoying the taste of Chris and the throbbing strength of his manhood in her mouth even as she thrilled to the mouth of her longtime girlfriend who continued to feast greedily on her cunt.

Samantha’s husband was doing some hearty feasting of his own at her hairless pussy, but after a bit he preferred merely to sit up and watch her eat Trish while Trish pumped her mouth on the happy cock of the guy who had come to the house to sign some contracts. Unlike Chris, Bart was content to be a voyeur, and it gave him pride and pleasure to watch his uninhibited wife get it on with a man…or woman. When he could watch his wife with both a man and woman, as now, it was even better. Bart would have been happy if Chris had positioned himself in back of Samantha’s trim upturned ass and fucked her doggy style. But the fellow seemed to have no interest in Sam. Judging by the enthralled look on his face, he was totally thrilled to have Trish’s loving lips wrapped around his stiff cock while he hovered above her face and gently fucked her mouth, his knob riding her tongue, his nuts bobbing against her chin.

Finally Sam raised her blonde head from between Trish’s thighs, opting for a momentary change of flavor, but when she leaned toward Chris, he placed his hand on her shoulder and gently but firmly backed her off. Trish saw this from the corner of her eye while sucking Chris’s cock, and she felt sorry for her old friend. Being an unselfish person and never the jealous type, she decided to let Samantha have a taste and so she released her oral hold on Chris’s magic wand and swung the long, stiff woman-pleaser to point in Sam’s direction.

Samantha eagerly latched onto Chris’s cock and rolled her blue eyes up at him as she pumped her mouth forward and back on his juicy all-night sucker. The taste of cock was good to top off the flavor of pussy, like meat after Caesar salad perhaps. Meanwhile Trish snuggled against her girlfriend and leaned into Chris’s crotch to busy herself with his balls. She licked the wobbly shapes in his dangling sack and took those balls into her mouth one by one to suck on them. The guy gazed down and petted the heads of both women who were giving him such luscious pleasure. All the while Bart watched and slowly stroked his pecker, taking his pleasure alone.

There ws a limit to how much sharing of her boyfriend’s body Trish was willing to do, however, so in a little bit she worked her mouth from his nutsack up along his shaft and nudged Samantha off his candy stick.

“Oooooh…” the blond woman sighed in disappointment.

Not wanting her old friend to feel offended, Trish also released Chris’s cock and eased Sam onto her back on the rug, moving forward atop her. Trish said to Chris over her shoulder, “Do me doggy style, baby, while I find out how pussy tastes. You know, I’ve always wanted to try it.”

And so it was that Trish shoved her pretty ass up in the air, framed beautifully by her garter belt and the tops of her nylons, let her lush titties hang down against the carpet, and bowed into the valley between her girlfriend’s thighs. The vale was totally devoid of vegetation, revealing in stark clarity the soft plushy cleft that ran down the center of it. The other woman’s cuntal lips were puffed with excitement, spreading slightly to reveal the pink, moist succulence within.

Trish gazed at the potential feast and hesitated for a moment as she wondered whether or not she would like it. But this was the time to put a stop to her wondering, wasn’t it, and find out. Trish bowed her head, pressing her mouth against the inviting softness of Samantha’s cunt. Trish used her tongue to take a taste and found the flavor strangely exciting. In just a few moments she was digging in, tonguing and sucking at the succulent delight that nestled between her girlfriend’s thighs.

Meanwhile Chris’s eager cock parted the portieres of Trish’s upturned pussy, and he nailed her with the entire length of his rod. His balls plopped against her clitoris, and nine inches of throbbing man-meat choked her cooch canal.

“Oooh, God yessss!” Trish cried as she raised her face from Samantha’s pussy…but only for a moment as she took the dive again, and her moan turned into a muffled gurgle as she resumed eating pussy for the very first time.

As Chris fucked the snatch of his lovely lady, he watched her enjoy Samantha’s pussy and didn’t mind at all. In fact, it was a stimulating sight because it showed just how sensual Trish was. Every man desired a sensual woman, and he had found one who was a delight. He vowed never to let her get away as he stroked his thick dick in her cunny which got wetter and wetter while Trish enjoyed his fucking and also the new feast she had found between Samantha’s legs.

Samantha moaned loudly and without letup as Trish’s eager tongue slathered her hot wet cunt just like an experienced lesbo, poking into her tight hole, twisting within it, then withdrawing to center on her clit, licking and sucking that fleshy little love button to a fare-the-well. The bi-blonde flowed with creamy excitement which Trish sucked into her mouth and swallowed. Though different, it was just as satisfying as the cum of a man, she discovered.

Chris approached fever pitch as he pumped his prick in Trish’s pussy. Now holding her butt-cheeks wide apart, he eyed the cute little dimple that nestled between them, and he had such a
lust to stick his cock into Trish’s ass that he could not be denied. However, she o
bviously was very tight back there and most likely a virgin. He would need lube and had none.

Nature solved the problem, however. Trish’s erotic switch was tripped by Samantha’s feverish excitement and copious cumming, along with the constant pounding of Chris’s prick in her pussy and his fingers twiddling her clit. With her face buried in her girlfriend’s twat, Trish burbled a moan of sheer ecstasy, and her spasming pussy showered the man’s deeply embedded dick with love cream. It felt to Chris as if he was drenched in warm oil, and he knew this would provide more than enough lube to make entry into his lady’s ass.

Not delaying a moment, he withdrew his passionate plunger from Trish’s front hole and poked his prick against the little nest of puckers between the billows of her bottom. Gripping the shaft of his long, thick love-lance, he gave it a deft twist, and Trish’s rear door opened to admit him. She gasped in fearful surprise, then moaned as her lover’s monster entered her no-no. It hurt some, but the fact that he was thickly coated with her cum let him slip easily inside even though it spread her cornhole wide. The hurt then mostly melted in the heat of a strange new excitement and Chris deepened his possession of her virginal ass.

“Oooooh, GOD!” she exclaimed when the man began to pump his thick prick in and out, in and out of her super-tight but well-lubricated ass aperature where no prick had ever gone before.

Trish learned to love it and began working with her boyfriend, pressing her bottom against him each time he thrust his hard cock up her butt, turning her utility exit into a pleasure gate. Then when he placed his hand on her wet, wide-open pussy and began plucking, pinching and poking that fleshy sex-socket while ass-fucking her, Trish went totally wild. Her sloppy wetness made a squishy sound as his fingers played with her cooch.

“Ooh, FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!” Trish yelled. But at that point, Sam grasped her red head and drew her back down to business between her thighs because, for Samantha, one cum was never enough.

Watching all this was too much for Bart, and he crawled over next to his wife’s passion-contorted face. He offered his stiff dick to her mouth, but she was so wild with excitement that she couldn’t suck. Having Trish’s mouth on her pussy, Trish’s tongue in her hole, and Trish’s fingers pinching her clit, all Sam could do was open her mouth wide and moan fervently.

That was good enough for Bart, and he aimed his nozzle directly at her o-shaped pink lips while feverishly stroking himself. He caught his breath, went tense all over, and his cock let go, spurting into his wife’s mouth while Trish’s mouth worked her over down below. Samantha gurgled and glugged, swallowing her husband’s cum. He kept cumming, shooting spurt after spurt of his white cream into her welcoming maw to splash over her tongue and glide down her gulping throat.

Meanwhile Chris stroked lustily in Trish’s ass while twiddling her twat, and she came in a rolling temblor. As her pussy quaked, her ass muscles spasmed around his pumping piston, then tightened in such a grip that he had to let go. He growled loudly and shook all over while his love honey spurted deep into his darling’s ass.

As the four friends cleaned up and put their clothes on, they gazed at one another a bit guiltily though all were blissfully sated. It was just that new realizations had been reached and new relationships forged.

Trish found herself in the middle of the mix. First, there was her relationship with Chris which she couldn’t think of giving up despite the fact that she was married. And how about her surprising new relationship with her long-time girlfriend Samantha? Could she just cast that aside and never think of visiting the Isle of Lesbos with her again?

It all required some thinking, but right now Trish could only FEEL…and what she felt was very good indeed!

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