From straight to full gay

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I had just finished two years at college and found it to be a waste of my time. Living on my own I needed to find work, and find it quickly. So I turned to an employment center and filled out a regular application. After waiting for over an hour to be talked to a woman called me into the office and said there was a job as a short order cook in a small town three hours away, but living conditions were made available for the applicant. I thought to myself why not. The lady gave me a personal aptitude form to fill out for the job. You had to score ninety or better just to get an interview. It took most of the day to fill out the large forms with every question one could possibly conceive. Some were very personable like how often do you have sex or are you gay bisexual or straight? I stopped once filling out the form and asked the lady about some of the questions and she told me that it was part of the client’s survey as well. So I filled the entire form out.
As I was filling out the form there were many guys who started then gave up and left without finishing. I took that as a good sign knowing I was the only one finishing the whole thing. After finishing the form or book as I thought of it, the lady told me to come back tomorrow for the results.
That night I was having weird dreams like I was in someone else’s body and was being fucked and loving it. When I awoke I had a huge hard on. I never thought about being a woman and being fucked like that before and to me it was a turn on.
The following day I returned to the center and sat waiting for the lady to call my name. Guys came and went one after the other not getting employment of any kind. Finally my name was called and I was shone into a room where I waited for the lady.
‘Ok I have the results from your test and you scored an amazing ninety nine percent! So this is what they want. They pay great I should tell you. They want a short order cook full time and you have to stay in the town while working. It says here they pay fifty K for the job but I don’t think they would pay that for a short order cook, it must be a typo’ she said sitting back and crossing her legs. She was somewhat over weight with fat stubby legs and I was surprised she could cross them at all. She handed me an address and told me that I was expected to be interview the next day as they needed someone right away.
I made my way to this small town to find every woman I looked at had a great smile and a body to go with it! I got to the office where the interview was to be. I was taken for a tour of the entire town and was told that one person owns the whole town and she sets the pay rate and yes I was told fifty K was the right amount. I almost jumped up excited about the pay and was told that I had to move and live in the town in order to get the job. I agreed calmly.
It had been several months as I worked at my job and saved a lot of money. I was sitting in the park across from my workplace feeding the birds, when a woman sat beside me. She was hot! Great legs, stilettos a figure most women would die for and the best looking cleavage I had ever seen. We talked for my whole lunch mostly about sex and then I had to leave, but before leaving she gave me her number. I didn’t call her thinking she was out of my league.
The next day another woman also very hot started talking to me and she too talked about sex mostly how she like to please me the one yesterday was about how men please her sexually. That night I wasn’t going to let this one get away so I gave her a call and we went out. At dinner she talked about what she looked for in a guy then asked me if you were a woman what would you look for in a guy?
‘I guess he would have to be part nympho’ I said ‘because I like lots of sex’
‘What about his body?’ she asked.
‘I think he would have to be bigger then I and more assertive especially with me. He would have to have a good hard cock and long enough to stand behind me and fuck me’ I said taking a drink of my wine.
‘Would you want to be the stay at home wife or the working type. OR’ she said pausing for a brief moment. ‘Or would you want to be the sexy sex slave to him and stay at home only to be used as his fuck doll?’ she said with a serious face as she took a sip of her wine. I had to stop and think about it.
‘I don’t know maybe his sex slave if he had a few guys to keep me from getting horny by myself’ I said. ‘What about you?’ I asked her.
‘Oh hell I would love to be a sex slave and fucked like a rabbit but I work in a place that there are not many men so you take what you can’ she said. After a long moment of silence she started asking more questions. ‘Have you ever been with a guy before?’ somehow I felt at ease with this woman and answered without hesitation.
‘No. I have never been with a guy before but recently I was having dreams about being a woman and being fucked and I woke up with a hard on’ I couldn’t believe I just said that. Embarrassed I gulped down my wine.
‘Don’t be embarrassed’ she said placing her hand on mine. ‘Can I tell you a secret?’ she asked me. I nodded quietly and leaned forward to hear her. ‘I use to be a guy’ I was taken back but she looked so hot. We continued to talk mostly about sex then went back to her place, the next thing I knew we were going at it like rabbits. I made her cum three times eating her cunt out after each time even rimming her smooth hot perfect ass. She got out a vibrator and had it up my ass while sucking my cock, I never came so hard in my life, even once I came with just the vibrator up my ass as she told me she could make me cum doing so.
After a few weeks of fucking her, her name was Robin by the way. She had me convinced that I was a woman in a man’s body. Well at work I was asked to attend a meeting as the restaurant was closed for this meeting I went. In the meeting were all women, all hot great looking. They decide what was going to happen and any specials as well. It was decided that there was going to be a whole week where everyone was to dress as a woman and that included me.
When the time came Robin lent me stuff to wear It was quite a turn on I must say wearing stockings and a dress and high heels. I was very turned on and was asked to serve some tables too. I soon got right into the swing of things, from swinging my hips to flirting with the men. My boss told me I was out of the kitchen and in the dining room as a server as I was doing great. The next day I had painted my nails bought a shorter skirt and a bra to fit me, I even bought some panties and a garter belt and new shoes. The most expensive thing I bought however was the wig, I paid nine hundred dollars as it was made to fit me.
I was very comfortable all dressed up until a man sat down in my area. He was a bag man who wore a suit and a tie. Wore big rings and he did not ask for anything, he instead told me what he wanted, even telling me when to return to his table. I sat his plate down in front of him. ‘There you go’ I said and his finger motioned for me to come closer, so I leaned in to hear what he had to say.
‘Tonight wear something sexy. Lingerie under your clothing then meet me in the park at ten. If your good I will have you’ he said looking into my eyes. I was not sure what to say and the words came out without any thought on my part.
‘Ok I will be there’ I turned and walked away. I stood at the coffee station nervous yet aroused at the same time. One of the girls noticed my disposition.
‘I know that look’ she said ‘you got hit on didn’t you?’ she said with a smile. ‘A word of advice, take it, you may never get another chance’ then she went back to work. I could see the man had finished his food and moved over to clear his plate. Once again the finger waved me closer to his whispering voice.
‘Take my napkin from my lap and set it on the table slowly’ he said. I reached down to retrieve the napkin when his hand took hold of my wrist and rubbed my hand over his semi hard large cock. ‘Be ready tonight for this and you better want it’ he said before releasing my wrist. I placed the napkin on the table and took his desert order as I was become ever more aroused. He ordered a fruit plate and I returned quickly with it for him. I sat it down and waited for the finger to wave me in but none came. I went and served another man who winked at me and when I turned to clear my assertive customer he was gone. I moved to clear his plate to find he made a picture with the fruit for me. Two slices of strawberries made the lips a long piece of banana made a cock and whip cream dripping off the banana and the lips.
I finished work and was walking home to my apartment when I saw a adult shop open that I pasted every night on the way home, so I went in still dressed as a woman. There were two ladies inside and one came over to me right away. We started talking and then she was showing me some lingerie. She handed me several pieces and pushed me into a change room to try them on. I put one on and told her from behind the curtain that it was to tight she came in and adjusted it to fit me. She saw I had not shaved my arms or much of anything and went got a electric shaver and shaved me, and I let her! Soon I had some real sexy lingerie on from teddies to bustier’s, the next thing I knew I was buying four new lingerie sets.
I got to my apartment and put the bags down and stood looking at myself in the full length mirror in the front hallway. It was at this moment I decided to go to the park that night. I quickly jumped into the bath and shaved myself from top to bottom. I then went thru my purchases and picked out the white lace bustier that I like so much. I looked at all my wardrobe to find something to wear that I could have the lingerie under and not show. I had a nice pale yellow sun dress, a little thin but it would not give my surprise away. I had the dress shorten for work and it was above my knee but did not show the top of my stockings. I put on my bright yellow stilettos and painted my toe nails yellow as well. The lace stockings looked great with the dress. I put my hair (wig) in to a pony tail and tied it with the yellow ribbon that came with the lingerie.
Ten came fast as I stood in the park holding a small purse with nothing more than lube and my apartment key in it. The park was deserted and dark with only a small park light that lit thing around ten feet. The man approached. ‘Good you’re on time that’s good to know you can follow orders’ he said. ‘Over to the bench’ he said. We walked over to the bench with him holding my elbow and moved me towards the bench. ‘Put your knees on the bench face the back’ he ordered I did as asked of me. ‘Place your hands on the back and don’t move them’ he continued to order me. I knelt there for a bit looking straight and not turning my head to see what he was doing. He came behind me. ‘Spread your legs’ he said and I did so ‘further’ I did as told. I felt him lift the back of my dress and look at my ass. He reached under and between my legs and felt my balls. ‘I bet you hate your balls don’t you?’ he asked.
‘No’ I answered. He then gave them a squeeze
‘I said you hate your balls and you will answer me with sir’
‘Yes sir’ I answered. I could feel him unzip the back of my dress all the way down to the top of my ass.
‘Remove your dress’ he ordered. I stood up and took off the dress letting it fall to the ground before getting back into position on the bench. ‘Nice very nice’ he said feeling my ass. Then he reached around and felt my cock. It was small and not hard as I thought it would be as I was very horny at that moment. He pulled the back of my panties to a side and pushed his hard cock into my ass. All I could think about at that moment was that I was glad I lubed my ass and played with a pug in my ass for most of the night. It felt wonderful, not like the dildo but a man’s cock fucking my ass, it was the dream I had and felt just a good.
He grabbed my hips and forced his cock to go deep as I pushed my ass back towards him. ‘Pull your ass cheeks apart for me’ he ordered and I reached around and did so and he went even deeper inside me. I could feel my cock was spurting cum a little at a time in my panties. He was fucking my ass hard and every thrust was as deep as it could go. When he was about to cum he pulled his hard cock out placed it in my panties and shot his load so it looked like I had cum in my own panties. He shot a large load and my panties were filled with his cum. He finished and wiped what little cum was left on my ass cheeks, then ordered me to put the dress back on. I dressed and stood in front of him. He ran his fingers around my ear. ‘You want more?’ he asked me.
‘Yes sir’ I answered. He once again took my elbow and lead me out of the park telling me from now on I will meet him in the park at that time every night unless he says differently. He walked me to where I worked and the front door was opened but no lights were on. We walked over to the table where we met and he sat down, pulling the chair back from the table.
‘You will leans over the table and suck my cock and I want those legs spread far apart as you do’ he said undoing his pants and taking out his cock. As I leaned over the table I could feel his sperm spread itself over my cock. My feet came off the floor as I reached my mouth for his cock. He put both of his hands on my head and forced me to take his cock as deep as I could into my mouth. As I enjoyed sucked his cock getting a taste for his cum I felt another cock slide into my ass. It felt great as I was being fucked and was able to suck a cock at the same time. I could not get ‘sir’ to cum but the guy who was fucking my ass move to my face and ‘sir’ lifted my head off of his cock while the other guy shot his load all over sirs cock I was then forced to suck a cum soaked cock much to my enjoyment. Man after man fucked my ass some leaving their load inside me others shooting their loads all over my hole and yet others giving me a taste off of sirs cock. I was in heaven! Once sir blew his load down my willing throat he stood up and ordered me to stand as well. ‘You will wear everything you have on right now as it is to work tomorrow, you will not clean up and any cum that might give you away you will take in your hand and eat it so now one will know’ he ordered. ‘I will be here for lunch, make sure you service me’ he said then he got up and left. I quickly got out and went home. On the way home cum started to slowly drip down my thigh but I quickly scooped it up and swallowed it.
I slept in the dress and lingerie and went to work still dressed up. No one seemed to notice or even care. ‘Sir’ came in and sat in the far corner and quickly went over to serve him. Standing at the side of the table I said ‘hello what can I get you today sir’ with a big smile. His finger motioned me forward and when I got closer he moved his hand under my dress and pushed his finger into my ass.
‘Good girl. After work go and clean up put some sexy linger on and wait for me in your apartment. Leave the door unlocked you will be on your knee waiting to service me at five tonight’ he said.
I rushed home and showered and changed into a sheer pink baby doll with a pink thong. Five came and the door opened and I was on my knees waiting for him with my head bent towards the floor. He told me to stand then pushed me against the wall and fucked me standing in my front doorway with the door opened. Then he stopped and backed away. ‘From now on I want to hear every moan, every cry, I want to hear you beg for my cock. I want you to know you are just a fucking machine and your job is to satisfy man who wants to use you’ he said placing his hand on my throat.
‘Yes sir please fuck me sir’ I asked. He pushed his cock back into my ass from the front and started fucking me. ‘Oh’ I yelled ‘yes fuck me harder yes yes yes oh yes sir fuck me’ I yelled at the top of my lungs then he came deep inside my ass.
‘You are a good little fuck. Why not get the sex change?’ he asked then left closing the door behind him. The seed was now planted should I?

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