from straight to gay in one evening, part 3

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It took an hour to get home in rush hour traffic. When i got home
my wife wasn’t there. Same ol’ same old. I know she’s fucking
someone else. But now that i have Greg, i don’t really give
a damn. My lease expired here last week and i’m not going to sign
another one here.

I started the water in the shower and stripped. Then i looked at
myself in the mirror,and said, “you sucked another guys cock, stuck
your tongue in his ass,and let him fuck you, you fucking fagot”! Then
with a big grin i said, “yes i did, and i’m gonna keep doing it”.

Then i got into the shower. I could picture greg’s naked body.
The feel of his lips, and the taste of his semen. my cock was hard,
and i jacked it off. Then finished and got dressed. I was hopeing
Greg would call. He did later,but couldn’t come over. I was
disapointed,but it was ok. We’d be in our own place soon, and he
could fuck me all night long. I’d find out then, how it feels to get
my cock in a guy’s ass.

Tuesday we went apt hunting after work. Greg knew of some nice ones
not far from our jobs. They were really nice, but the rent was a
little high. But we’d be splitting the bills,so i’d still be better
off than i am now. So we signed a 6 month lease and got the keys,
then went back to the apt. Greg stopped off at the car on the way,
and with a grin he showed me a tube of ky.

Once inside we talked about how we’d furnish it. I had money i’d
been squirreling away for a while. Greg also had some saved. So that
wouldn’t be a problem.

So then we stripped off and made love,lying on the carpet. I went
down on him, taking his nice cock into my wanton mouth. I was so
full of lust for his body. It’s strange. I didn’t feel a bit guilty
about having sex with another man, even though i’d always been
taught that it was wrong. It felt so good in my mouth and i wanted it
all. Every inch of it . I tried twice but gagged. Then on the third
try i got it in my throat. Greg was breathing hard,and i took it all
3 more times before he cum.

I thought about taking it in my throat when he cum, but i wanted to
taste it. So, when he cum,i took it in my mouth. I really like the
taste of his cum. Then i said, “you gonna let me fuck your nice ass”?
He replied, “you know i will”, and handed me the tube.I lubed him and
slipped my cock in his ass. I started to push in slow and he said,
“hard baby. All the way in”. We’re about the same length, but he’s a
little thicker. i shoved it all in down to my balls. fucking his nice
bubble ass was amazing. He was saying, “yes baby,pound me”.
“Fuck me good,baby”. His words excited me more, and i began pounding
his ass harder. My ball sack was tight. I loved the feel of them
bumping against his cheeks. I could feel my orgasm coming, so i pushed
into him hard, as i shot my cum into his ass. Then i lay back and he
sucked me off.

My ass was a little sore from yesterday, but i wanted to get fucked
again, and i told him i want it. I said, “use plenty of lube. i’m a
little sore”. So he lubed me good and started fucking me. His cock
felt good in me. I knew that every time he fucks me it’ll feel better.
I talked to him the way he did with me. I told him “i love it when
your fucking me. Your cock feels so good. Fuck me hard”. He did, and
shot his load into me. Then we just lay there, kissing and grinding
our bodys together and saying how much we love each other.

We didn’t have the power on yet, but it would be a while until dark.
The lack of a bed didn’t bother us. We continued to make love till it
started to get dark. We then went back and picked up my car at the
plant. No one was in the parking lot,so i kissed him, and got started
home. I hated to leave him, but very soon we’d be together all the

The next day i told greg i need to get to the bank before it closes,
and get some money. The money i had been saving for a long time was in
a bank,close to where i work. My wife didn’t know about that. So i met
Greg at the apt later. He’d been home and back and brought some towels,
a couple of quilts,and two pillows. I would’ve done that if i’d
thought about it.

We decided saturday we’d go furniture shopping. Greg said his dad
called the power company. But it would be friday before they got it on.
I paid him my part, and then we showered and made love. I couldn’t
get enough of his body. I wanted him constantly. We sucked and fucked
till nearly dark. I loved this guy, and he treated me as if i were
gold. We made love every day for the rest of that week. I had got used
to being fucked. It feels so good now,i could almost cum while he
fucks me.

I never see my wife anymore. she leaves sometime after i go to work,
and stays gone until late at night. I don’t know where she goes and
don’t care. Friday night she didn’t come home at all. So i got up
early saturday,and loaded my personal things, and my t.v., stereo, and
pc,in my car. I left her the key and a note that just said, “bye.
Have a nice life”.

I went to the new apt and unloaded. Then i called greg and told him
where i was. It was only just past 9. So we had plenty of time to make
love before we went shopping. So we stripped and laid on the quilts.
I took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it gently then took
it deeper. In and out of my wet,cum hungry mouth. Then right into my
throat. All the way down to his big balls. I sucked them, and went on
down to his ass and stuck my tongue in. I loved hearing him saying,”oh
yes baby. do it baby. i love it”.

I kept licking, and tongue fucking him. He was stroking his cock as
i rimmed his nice ass. I love pleasing him. Greg groaned loudly, and
shot his cum onto his body. I then moved up, licking his semen off him
as i went. He kissed me,and i said, “fuck me, baby”. He told me he was
out of lube, and i said, “i don’t care. Just fuck me”. i got to my
knees, and he said, “lay flat”. Then he parted my legs and started
eating my ass. No one had ever done that to me. My cock was so
hard it felt like the skin would tear. I said, “oh baby i love it. his
tongue felt so good in my ass,that i cum on his quilt. I couldn’t stop
it. Then he moved on top of me and stuck his cock in me. He kissed my
face, my neck,and my ear, while fucked my ass. My cock softened some,
but was still hard. Then he groaned and shot his cum in my ass. He
rolled off,and i told him i cum on his quilt. He said it was ok. it’s
washable. So we dressed,and went shopping.

(I hope everyone enjoys the storys. I’ll write more in part 4.)

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