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I am fucking my wife, in our bedroom, when she shares a surprise for me, at the height of my orgasm.

My wife and I are very kinky, however we are not swingers we just have a fun time behind our own closed doors.

Tonights sexual escapades are similar to what we typically do. The order of events usually go something like this…

We shower together after getting home, as we exit the shower we dry one another off. Once we are dry, she kneels down and begins to greedily suck my cock, as my orgasm approaches she jacks me off and has me cum all over her tits, at this point this is where things changed, and tonight, I must say I had quite the load, her right breast looks like a freshly glazed donut and her left breast has one stream of cum from her nipple to her cleavage.

As she squeezes the last of my cum on to her left nipple, she asks me if I am going to clean up my mess, I tell her I will get a towel, she tells me, NO, you clean it up. I respond with fuck me, are you serious, and she says absolutely. She flashes me the most evil smile and tells me either I can clean up or she can stop doing it all together. She places a hand on each side of my face and guides my mouth first to her left nipple. I lick at her nipple and the cum’s slickness arouses her, as her nipple harden with my touch, she informs me if I do a thorough job she will fuck me like she has never fucked me before. This excites me so I begin to really devour her breast and at the same time my own cum is gobbled up, see how excited it is making her really excites me even more.

My cock is throbbing, yearning to pump in her hot pussy. She commends me for doing such a good job cleaning her breast of my cum, she then instructs me that I will do the same for her pussy, she tells me to fuck her in any position I want, but when I cum, I have to cum in and on her pussy, and then without a towel, I am to clean her. I am excited at this, sadly I really enjoyed the texture and taste of my cum, the way it clinged to her skin, and how I had to really lick and suck at it to clean it all up.

I fuck her in missionary position, and as I am cumming most of my cum is shot deep into her pussy, with the last driplets coating her bare clitoris. I tell her to straddle my head and force me to clean my cum from her shiney, bare pussy. She gladly does, she is facing away from me and as I lick into her pussy, she presses back teasing her anus with my nose. I hear he say that it feels really erotic and that I would love it. With a mouth full of cum and her pussy I try to respond with a yeah un huh, type answer, but she only heard the yeah part, the next thing I feel is she has applied massage oil to her fingers and is probing and exploring my ass. As strange as it feels, I can not really tell her to stop doing it, because as soon as she slides two finger in my ass, I get an incredible erection. Once she she has her orgasm and feels that I have dined upon her juicy cum filled pussy enough to adequatly clean her, she gets up to go pee.

She leaves me on the bed with a blue/purple hard on, which I have with mix emotions, proud of my erection, but to know that the ass play is what made it possible has me a bit perplexed. When she comes out of the bathroom, my perplexion is raised about 30 levels up.

My darling wife has on a purple harness with a dildo, before I can even think, my cock twitches, she smiles and reminds me that she said she was going to fuck me like she had not done before. She tells me that I should relax and trust her, yes the dildo is bigger than my cock, and yes she knows that I am confused about what is going on. She also informs me that if I enjoy it she will include it in the future, and if I do not enjoy it she will do it periodically until I get to like it, just like she did giving me blowjobs.

She has me inch my self to the edge of the bed and she take hold of my thighs, and pushes slowly, aligning this 8 inch dildo with my ass. I feel the cool plastic and the wet lubricant, and my cock stays hard, I am not how to feel the overall sensation is wonderful, but to know that my ass is about to be thrust into, what if I cum from her doing this, will that make me gay?? What if I really like it and want a man to do this one day, my mind is at full race. It actually takes me a minute or two to realize that she is actually my wife, she is acting so out of character, however honestly this really excites me.

Now she has the cock head pressed against my anus and with a firm forward motion, she enters me, my own cockhead is pulsating, as she enters me she grasps my thighs again and slides that cock in deep. My thighs are shaking, I am watching her face as she looks down on me as says, “You like that baby, you want more of daddy’s cock, come on you can take it all, just relax, good girl, come on just a little bit more. ” Finally I feel her hips press in to my butt cheeks, she has forced that cock deep into me, she looks down and smiles at me and says, “Now Momma is going to do some driving, you love the way this feels, don’t you, you are so sexy laying there with that enormous erection and that thick cock rammed up you ass, you just need to get pumped until you cock sprays all over you.”

She begins the assault on my ass, and to my surprise I really love every sensation about it, I like the way she is talking to me, the feeling of her hips pounding into me, in a very short time my cock is exploding and cum is raining down on me, I have it on my chest, my chin,. she tells me that I did good, but still pounds me for another 30 strokes as she says, “to show me who is Boss.”

She smiles at me, and giggles. She has in one night not only introduced anal play to our sex life, but successfully Fucked ME up the ass and had me eat my cum. She slowly runs her fingers through the cum on my body and bit by bit feeds it to me, oddly, in doing this my erection slowly returns.

She kisses me and tells me that she loves me, IWe kiss her for at least 20 minutes, she has surprised me, however I ultimately enjoyed every moment of it.

She giggles again, and ask how much more I would be willing to try. I ask what else could we possible do? She smiles and tells me looking down on me while she pumped my ass made her really want to see me in that position while a cock was forced down my throat, to see me sucking and ultimately with cum all over my lips and in my mouth. Again I am at a disadvantage, because as she is making this statement my cock is once again throbbing. She decides to test me to see if at some point my erection would wane, and show her clearly that I would not want to do something.

So she continued, “I would love to see you on your hands and knees, while two guys worked you from each end, pumping their cocks in your ass and mouth until you had their cum in you at both ends,” still my erection was present. Continuing further, “And to see guys lined up at each end of you, one after the other, until cum is dripping down you legs and over your throat, like in those bukakke pictures, you look at on the internet.” errection throbbing about to erupt at this point. So she pushes further, “And you could kiss each on of them with you cum crusted lips” with that I made a face, ” So you don’t want cum crusted lips?” My dick throbbed again, ” Ohhh she said you do not want to kiss them, but you accept dick anywhere, is that right,” with that my cock throbbed twice more and cum shot out for the forth time tonight.

She giggled again.

Now once a week she surprises me with something new. Last night she got to see me dripping cum, as she invited 14 guys over, she and 3 of her friends watched me suck cock and bonuce my ass back and forth as cum injections filled my ass until my testicles and thighs were coated. As far as pearl necklaces go, mine looked like a 7 tier pearl strand necklace, cum coated my entire throat.

She informed me that next week she will have me swallow down at least 16 loads, not sure where s
he finds all the men for this, but she says she has found a sexually safe way to screen and allow me to be flooded with cum whenever she wants me to be.

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    I liked the story, you did a good job of making me very horny. Arenas

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