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It was about six months after our last encounter with Veronica and Rachel when I got a call from Rach. She told me she was having a small get together at her house that weekend and wanted to know if you and I wanted to come. We said yes and soon enough it was Saturday – the day of the get together. When we got there we found that her house was very similar to Ronnie’s … huge, gorgeous and a lot of fun. Like that time we went to Ronnie’s, Rachel’s mum was gone for a few days too so we could have plenty of fun without worrying about getting into any trouble.
Anyway, when we arrived there were already three people there.. Ronnie, Rachel and some guy I didn’t recognize. They were all in the pool out the back so we just let ourselves through the side gate. You weren’t dressed in your board shorts yet so you went inside to quickly get changed while I dove into the pool to catch up with Ronnie and Rach. While in there I was introduced to the new guy. His name was Ben, he seemed nice and he was quite good looking :P
I asked Rach if anyone else was coming and she said no, she had only invited us. You came back to the pool at that moment but instead of jumping in you just sat on the edge with your feet in the water. I swam over to you for a hug. Just as we finished hugging you told me to look behind me, so I did and was almost surprised to see Rach and Ronnie making out while Ben was clearly fucking Rachel in the pool. The girls noticed us looking first and asked us if we were only interested in spectating. I laughed and starting taking off your board shorts, then started sucking your already growing cock filling up my mouth.
I was horny again, fuck I loved these two girls ;) ..but I wanted more than just to suck you. Before I had to say anything it was like the other three had read my mind. They got out of the pool and told us they were going inside to somewhere a little more comfortable and warmer. We followed them into one of the guest bedrooms which was on the top floor (out of 3), I was completely surprised to see the room already fitted out with bondage gear and toys lying everywhere. I giggled. Ronnie and Rach tied Ben to the bed, it was already fitted with soft wrist cuffs on each corner of the large bed, then the next thing I know is Ronnie completely naked on top of ben, riding him hard. Rach came over to us, made out with you first while I got undressed too. Then she reached over and started stroking my clit with one of her hands, while stroking your hard cock with her other hand.
I kneeled down and started licking Rach, hearing her moan in between kissing you and stroking your cock made me lick faster. I then stuck first one, then two fingers into her pussy which was dripping wet.. finger fucking her. She was moaning so much now she couldn’t kiss you any longer so you came over and started licking me. ¬After a while I really wanted to be fucked too.. just licking me wasn’t enough!
So I got up, led you to the bed where Ronnie gently untied Ben and allowed us some room ;) I got on top of you, similar to how Ronnie was but with my back facing you. Fucking you hard, sliding my hot wet pussy up and down around your huge cock. I started moaning loudly too. This felt so good. Ben came over to me and put his cock in my mouth so I started sucking him just as hard as I was fucking you. His cock was going in and out of my mouth, in the same rhythm as your cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I had never been so horny. I glanced over at the two girls to see that they were on the floor using the double sided dildo that we had used last time on each other. While I was still fucking you and sucking Ben Ronnie came over to me and asked me if I would like to join Rach and her in giving you bows a show, where all either of you could do was sit and watch for a bit ;) I wasn’t about to say no!
We thought that the spa room would be the best place for it, it was the same as Ronnie’s.. with a couple of interesting differences. The spa had a pole in the middle of it, looked a lot like a strippers pole, and the huge glass encased shower had a rope on the outside to keep the door shut. We could tell that this floor of the house was dedicated to bondage ;) surprise they kept it for the top floor. Rachel told you both to hop inside the shower, you could put back on your board shorts if it made you feel more comfortable. Neither of you seemed to care so she just led you in there and closed the door, tying the rope behind her. She then ran the spa, turned it on and added some bubble bath. Just enough to get all soapy ;)
I was the first to hop in, it was really nice and warm and the bubbles, combined with the jets made it a lot more fun. Ronnie came in directly after me and we sat down on the edge of the spa making out and rubbing each other’s clits, occasionally slipping out fingers in and out of each other’s pussies. Rachel had opened the cupboard and pulled out a few toys that we could use.. all waterproof ;) One was apparently a strap on, but it didn’t have straps. She put it on, one end stayed in her pussy while the other was made to slip inside someone else’s. She chose me first. While kissing Ronnie she slipped the smaller end inside her, then slipped the longer end inside my waiting pussy. She was fucking me from behind, then she just pressed a button and all of a sudden it vibrated.. I wasn’t expecting that but wow….. it was so good. I gently pushed Ronnie back so I could lick her pussy. I was moaning in between licks and Ronnie was moaning loudly too. You and Ben just had to watch, behind the glass only a couple of metres away. Seeing Rachel fuck me from behind while I was licking Ronnie was turning you on more than you thought you could be ;)
I told Rach I wanted a turn at fucking her, so we changed positions, and Ronnie moved slightly too so her and Rach were 69’ing while I was fucking Rachel from behind. The strap on vibrated inside me while I was fucking Rachel and it brought both of us to orgasm really quickly. You started getting a little frustrated by not being able to join in so Ronnie got up while I was still fucking Rach and hopped into the shower with you, then she turned it on and straight away told you to lie on the floor which you did, then she started sucking you, while on her knees and Ben started fucking her from behind. It was really hot to watch her in between the two of you. I took off the strapless strapon (weird I know) .. but anyway, and I leant against the pole that was in the middle of the spa, and Rach started licking me, while finger fucking me too. I could hear everyone moaning and it turned me and you on all the more.
We all got out of the bathroom then and went back into the guest room. I hopped on the bed, lying on my back and told you to fuck me as hard and fast as you could, without cumming yet! You did as you were told, while Ronnie hopped on top and positioned her pussy over my mouth so I could suck her clit and lick inside her pussy. I was tongue fucking her while Ben and Rach were at it on the floor (the really soft carpet made it almost as comfortable as the bed.. but everyone was too horny to care anyway) ..I told Ronnie to lift up for a second, I had an idea. We changed positions, Ronnie lying down with my pussy positioned over her head… your cock just centimetres away from her pussy. I just told you to go for it, but as I said before.. you were not allowed to cum yet!!
You did as you were told.. Ben came over to the bed and hopped on, lying down on his back too. Rach told me that she thought I should have a go with him.. I wasn’t sure at first but seeing you and Ronnie I figured what the fuck.. I hopped on top of him and slowly slid my pussy down over his cock (wasn’t as big as yours..) and it felt slightly strange but I was still too horny to mind too much. I was right next to you so I started making out with you while you were fucking Ronnie and I was fucking Ben. Rachel went to get two vibrators and placed one each on my pussy and Ronnie’s. We both came in a matter of seconds after that.
Ronnie and I got off you and Ben and lay down on the floor, me on top and Ronnie on the bottom both licking each other doing 69 while Rach got on the bed with you two and started fucking Ben while sucking you. I wanted more of you but I waited patiently.. Ronnie was pretty fucking good at licking anyway ;) I didn’t mind a bit of a wait. It was you who came over to me first.. started fucking me from behind while Ronnie was still licking me and I was licking her. Rach and Ben were still fucking on the bed.
I knew by everyone’s faces that we were all close to cumming for the last time. So I stopped doing everything with Ronnie and concentrated on you only. I wanted you to fuck me hard, so I lay down and you got on top of me, missionary style. I wrapped my legs tightly around you while you hugged me and fucked my tight, hot pussy. I could feel you tense up but I didn’t want it to stop so I held you there with my legs a little bit longer. I looked over and I saw Ronnie finishing herself off with the vibrator and Ben and Rach were just finishing too. I held you tight and kissed you while you were still pounding your hard cock again and again in and out of my pussy. When I knew you were really close to cumming I started playing with my clit.. I wanted to cum with you. A minute later you came, but I didn’t let you pull out.. both of us cried out in pure pleasure as we came at the same time. I could feel your hot cum fill the inside of me, leaking out and mixing with mine. Rach came over as she was already cleaned up and licked the cum clean from my cunt, tasting both your juices and mine mixed together, while Ronnie did the same to you. Then we all got up and had a shower together.
Rachel’s mum was gone for a few days.. we had time this weekend … we knew it wouldn’t be the last time ;)

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