Giving Him Something He Can Feel

Torriano was bored out of his mind on a damn Friday night and horny as hell. He was sitting in his room wondering what he can do. Normally he would be with his girl and they would be getting loose, you know smoking some blunts, she riding his bone, and talking shit. Earlier in the day she was tripping over some bullshit about him not spending enough time with her. “Damn girl I’m here every damn day with your ass you should be happy with that shit. A brotha need some time alone.” After he said that, Nia starts calling him all kinds of ma’fuckas, hoes and shit. That’s when he said, “Bitch I’m out, when you calm your ass down hit my number.” Although he didn’t really call her a bitch, he just thought about calling her one. He left her crib and came home. This is what he really said, “You know what I’ll tall to you tomorrow.”

This is the first time he had time to himself without being bothered. By eight o’clock that night his luck started to change. One of his boys called him.

“Sup T, this Lucky!”
“Wassup man!”
“Chilling for now man, my boy Red is having a little thing at his crib man, so why don’t you get your ass up and hang with me tonight. Red always throws a banging party.”

At this point Torriano mind was already made up because he wanted to get the fuck up out of there. “Stop by here and we hit Reds’ together.” He said cool and he would be there in an hour.

As he took his shower, he started to think about his secret sexual desires of being with another brotha. He always was curious about what it would be like to be with another male sexually. Every time he start thinking about that, he got hard as hell and his ass start twitching. Deep down inside he knew, but he was not ready to acknowledge that part of his desires yet. At that moment, he couldn’t deny the fact that he had a desire to fuck another male. However, tonight that feeling was stronger than it ever has been in the past. With that thought in mind, he soon snapped back to the reality when he heard the radio. He was dressed by 10:30.

Fifteen minutes later, Lucky was knocking on the door. T opened the door for Lucky who was looking thuggish and sexy as hell. Lucky stood about 5’7, light complexion, with a nice big round and I do mean round bubble ass that would make any man dick hard as hell. By it being warm and the beginning of summer, ole boy was wearing a gray velour jogging suit which clinkered to his body with every muscle. He wasn’t wearing any underwear or a shirt. He liked showing off his chest, tattoo, and his v-shaped waist line. The pants were hanging low were you can see his booty from behind and just about everything in front. Lucky didn’t give a damn what people thought on what type of clothes he wears or how he wear his clothes. He always said if they don’t like looking at his booty then they need to turn away or get some biz about themselves.

You can hear the music blaring from Red’s crib once you hit the block. Outside it was some fine females. Torriano was peeping them in hopes to replace his girl. Red opened the door wearing a Burberry outfit. He had some idea that Lucky fucked around by some of the things he says and his reaction in certain situations. However, he never brought it to his attention. Red was looking sexy to Torriano but he shook it off and focused on the ladies. Red was about 6’1, slender build, caramel complexion, thin stache, about 28 or 29 years of age, and bold.

Inside it was another story. T thought the ladies was fine, when he got inside the fellas were even finer then the ladies. He kept his cool though. Lucky saw his female talking to another dude, she didn’t realize that he was gon be there or even know. It didn’t bother him because he was talking to a female down the street from Torriano.

T was meeting people and watching people getting fucked up, but he also noticed Red staring at him. It kind of wigged him out but that secret desire crept up on him again. He didn’t fight the feeling for some reason or for some reason he didn’t want to admit to. Red came over and sat next to T. They started talking and T started to get nervous, especially since Lucky was getting next to him as well. It was almost four in the morning and the ladies were leaving but more brothas were showing up. T was thinking, “The fuck going on here?” But he knew what was up.

T made up an excuse to leave so Lucky can take him home. “Man it’s getting kind of late and I have to get up in the morning.” Lucky acknowledge the time and was kind of ready to leave too, so they left the party.

Nia stood outside banging on Torriano door for five minutes. She knew something was up because he locked her out. He only gave her keys to the door not the screen door. He opens the door like he was sleep wearing his boxers. Nia forces her way in.

“Move out my way.”

She searches the place looking for a female.

“What you looking for?”
“Where is she?”
“That bitch!”
“Ain’t nobody here but me.”
“I know she here, I can feel it. I feel it.”
“Nia, quit tripping.”
“Why you lock the screen door? You never lock that door. Yo’ hair fucked up, you sweating and shit, I know somebody here.”
“First off if you noticed my hair fucked up cause I just got up. I’m sweating cause the heat was on.”
“Don’t even try it.”
“Ok, where she at then. Is she hiding behind the couch? Maybe she’s in the bathroom!”

A noise comes from the bathroom.

“What was that?” Nia asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Move, I told you somebody was here.”
“You ain’t gon’ find nothing.”

Nia opens the bathroom door and see it’s empty.

“I told you.”
“Whatever, somebody was here.”
“Well maybe she hiding in the closet. Did you look there?”
“Is that where they always hide?”
“You trippin’. I’m about to get in the shower.”
“Why? You trying to wash that bitch smell off?”
“What smell? The only smell is probably me.”
“Let me smell yo’ dick?”

He drops his pants and she grabs his dick.

“I told you.”
“Whatever. You probably didn’t fuck her yet.”
“Don’t you got to be at work? It’s almost ten.”
“I came to get my keys, I left them here yesterday. What you trying to rush me out or something?”

She opens the bedroom door.

“Wait!” T yells.

He grabs some keys off the table.

“Ain’t these yours?” He asks.
“Naw, them yours.”
“These ain’t… they are mine.”

He realized he was about to give himself away before he finished.

“Well since we’re in the room, you got some time before work?”
“Come on.”
“I’m already late.”
“So what’s five minutes?”
“Well use your hand.”
“Hell naw! Why don’t you do that thing I like?”
“Oh you like that don’t you.”
“Yeah, you know I do.”

Nia sits on the bed, her foot steps on some hair but she doesn’t notices it. She starts to pull down his shorts and stop.

“Why you stop?”
“Cause I got to go to work. I’ll see you when I get home.”

Nia gets up to take off her coat and the girl crawls from underneath the bed at the same time. He grabs Nia and she feels him swinging at something.

“What you doing?”

Nia turns around. She slaps him!

“I don’t believe this shit! You gon’ make me catch a case before I go to work! How the fuck you gon’ have some bitch up in here!”
“I don’t know that girl!”

The girl tries to run out and Nia grabs her by the hair. “Where the fuck you think you going!”

“Baby wait! Watch yo’ face.”

The girl drew her fist back at Nia.

“Put yo hands on me bitch, I guarantee you 9-1-1 won’t get here fast enough to save yo ass.”

Torriano steps back as Nia look like she is getting ready to leave, then she turns around and punches the girl in her face
knocking her on the floor. He hold his hands up like he’s being arrested and she walks out the door. She spots a brick on the ground and sees his car. He gets dressed and don’t even try to help the girl up off his floor, he j
ust looks at her and shakes his head. He walks to the bathroom and hear a window break. He runs outside to see Nia speeding off and his front window busted. He walks back to the door and the girl storms out. She slaps him in the face holding her jaw.

Torriano closes his door and the bathroom door open.

“She gone?”
“Both of them?”

It was Lucky.

“Yep. Man who the fuck was that?”
“Oh Sheena. She wasn’t no-ma’fuckin’-body. That bitch wanted to suck my ma’fuckin’ dick, but I got other plans.”
“Don’t give me that bullshit. You know you want to fuck. Why you think I came to yo’ fuckin’ crib damn near naked and shit.”
“Why you got to use all that foul language… especially with a pretty mouth like that.”

T places his finger on Lucky lips. Lucky licks T finger and suck it in his mouth. T leans in and they start kissing.

“Well since they gone why don’t we finish what we never started.”
“Man, you know how long I been waiting on you to say that?”

Torriano grabs Lucky by the booty and pulls his boxers down. Lucky kisses Torriano and reaches inside his boxers. He gets on his knees and licks Torriano inner thighs. Torriano drops his boxers standing stark naked. Lucky gives Torriano head, licking his balls, making him rise for the occasion. Lucky’s tongue almost sends Torriano to explode. Torriano grabs Lucky by the head and lifts him up. Torriano turns Lucky around and bends him over. He gets on his knees and lifts Lucky leg up. Lucky puts his hands on the couch to hold his balance. Torriano sticks his tongue in that booty and Lucky loses it. Of course the way Torriano flicks his tongue, the man was made to eat booty and he was damn good at it too. Torriano was eating him out so good, Lucky bust a nut without even touching his dick. “Shit nigga!”

“Don’t you think that’s the wrong thing to say right about now?”
“Nigga the way you was eating that ass, you made me nut. Ain’t nobody ever do that. Especially a brotha!”
“Don’t worry about that, you just get ready for this.”
Torriano grabbed his dick and stuck it up Lucky booty. “Mmmmmmmmmm”, Lucky yelled out grabbing Torriano’s leg. He slowly thrusted all eleven inches into Lucky. The more Lucky opened up to Torriano the faster the thrusts became. The feeling was incredible for Lucky. Torriano was dicking him good. “Tear that ass up nigga.” Torriano slapped his booty as he fucked him harder. Lucky felt the nut coming out him again. “Oooooohhhhhh, you making me cum, boo.”

“You cumming baby?” Torriano asked.
“Baby, I’m cumming.”

Torriano cums on Lucky back while he shoots on the floor. Torriano hugs Lucky kissing him on the neck.

“Damn nigga your shit was tight, wet, and gooooooood as hell. I fucked some good ass in my days, but damn, your shit was good. You know you have to give me some more of this ass.”
“When you need a thug to give up the pussy just holla?”
“Holla then.”

Within a few minutes Lucky was in T bed with his legs up in the air as he fucked him again. T had Lucky moaning and wanting that dick. T didn’t stop fucking Lucky until three in the afternoon. Lucky was about to leave when he grabbed his shorts and looked for his keys. Torriano was heading for the bathroom. Lucky noticed his keys were missing.

“Hey T you seen my keys?”

Vontrez pulls up to his apartment building around 7:30p.m. He turns the car off and notices his house keys are gone.

“What the fuck? Where my damn keys at?”

Just as he opens the car door it starts raining. He runs to his door and knock to see if anybody is home. His neighbor is a hard sleeper and is knocked out. Vontrez starts ringing the bell like crazy. He picks up his phone and calls the house while he’s ringing the bell. He’s getting soaked in the rain the whole time. He starts calling his name but the thunder is drowning him out. He decides to go wait in his car. Vontrez gets in the car and sees his neighbor light come on. He blows his horn, but once again, the thunder drowns him out. At this point, Vontrez is really going crazy. All of a sudden, he has to go to the bathroom. The only nearby place is the alley, so he pulls in there. Now mind you its raining real hard and he has no coat or umbrella. Vontrez gets out the car and stands next to a dumpster. He unzips his pants and begins to urinate on the ground. A cat jumps on a dumpster slamming the lid shut which startles Vontrez causing him to turn and rip his pants. The pants are ripped to the point where they won’t stay up. Now Vontrez has a really big problem! Its raining, he’s locked out, and now he has no pants. He would pick that day not to wear any underwear. He looks over to see the fire escape. As he reaches for the ladder, his pants drop to his knees. A nearby patrol car passes by and notices Vontrez without pants trying to go up the fire escape. They pull in the alley unnoticed by Vontrez. The officer flashes his lights and sounds his siren. First thing Vontrez says….

“Oh shit!”

Vontrez reached down to pull up his pants, when the officers drew their pistols.

“Put yo hands up!”
“Aight, damn, can I pull my pants up?”
“Hands on yo head.”
“Can I pull my pants up?”
“Hands on yo head now!”

Vontrez reluctantly put his hands on his head causing his shirt to rise revealing his limp dick. The officers asked each other which one wanted to frisk him.

“You want to search him?”
“Why, as you can see he ain’t carrying nothing but an unloaded pistol.”
“Maybe it is loaded.”
“Let’s see where this goes first?”
“What you doing man, you got yo business out in the streets, and it’s pouring down out here.”
“I’m trying to get in my crib.”
“So you live here?”
“Why else would I be trying to use the fire escape?”
“I don’t know. Maybe you might be trying to jack off. You know you can get locked up for indecent exposure.”
“What I’m supposed to do? My keys in the house probably, I couldn’t get nobody to let me in, so the only way I see to get in, is through the window.”
“You got somebody who can verify that?”
“Naw man.”
“Well it looks like you taking a trip to the station.”
“Come on man!”

The officers walked over to cuff him. As they were cuffing him, his neighbor ran outside.


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