go ahead and make a wish

did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your dreams come true? i did until it happened last august. i was out working in my back yard in my nice quiet little suburban neighborhood. married for twenty-five years, father of two grown girls and lonely as the wind, i spent my afternoon on honey-dos. the day was beautiful blue and clear and warm. the air not as hot as normal for august was refreshing after the thunderstorms the night before. the high winds had caused me much work as a great pine tree broke in half and now littered my back yard. i was clearing away the branches before i started sawing on the trunk when i saw a glass bottle covered in mud inches thick around it, except for the tip.
kneeling between two large heavy branches and the base of the main forks of the tree i found it lodged in a hollowed out part. it seemed as if someone had placed it there long ago. the tree was well over 300 years old and had not lightening and the wind struck it, would still be standing. i removed the bottle and began to examine it as i wiped away the mud and sentiment that had formed on it. it was nearly a foot tall with a fat base and bulging middle. as the dirt came away a golden shine from it appeared. when i had cleaned it fully i could see odd looking designs on the bottle as well. the top had a cork inserted in it and so i took it in the house and use the wine opener on it. from the second it was freed a vapor poured out like fog on a river in early spring. it seeped around my kitchen until it looked as if my house was on fire. i started to replace the plug as a static discharge struck my hand and an echoing sound erupted. the whine and whistling stooped and a voice came from the fog, “what is thy hearts desire? i will grant it to you for my freedom.”
“who are you?” i bellowed into the smoky air, then asked, “where are you?”
“i will grant thy 3 most deepest wishes now,” it replied.
a sudden whirling roaring wind swept around over and through me. a flash of bright light and then silence and darkness followed it. when i opened my eyes i was standing in a beautiful mountain glen, with a marvelous log cabin home yards from me. ringed by tall pine, fur and oak tress the setting was like a postcard. i walked up to it as a vapor sprung from the root of a nearby tree. it formed a ghostly image of a young man who told me, “i am he who has the power of dreams and fantasy. he that was imprisoned by the dark powers of greed and hate. i have granted your request. find before you the home you always wanted in the place you always wanted. inside in your private bedroom find the proof of your wealth in the accounts that have been provided. in yourself find the health and appearance you desires for many years. in all three wishes i have granted you in return for my freedom, now bid me go from you.”
“wait, please i have a couple of questions.” i said franticly. “what happened to my wife and family?”
“they are not alone one who is like you is there to be your replacement. he is as you were and will be there for them as you have been,” he said faintly daunting around me and then added, “you also want to know who you have to share this with that i feel. you may have a mirror image of yourself times three. one is exactly like you, another is the exact opposite and a third is both.” now bid me go and be free.
“these mirror images are they real,” i asked quickly.
“yes they live and are of you and part of you and you them. they are not your slaves but will obey your commands. they know you fully and will please you many times as well as themselves. now release me,” he said, as he seemed to anger quickly.
“i release you. go and be free,” i said in fear of his wrath.
just as he was about to flee he told me, “if you choose to be one of the three, instead of thee. take that one and mate with it on mid summers night eve on the pedestal rock behind your home. when the moon grows full above and the winds roar. then you will be like that one of the three.”
with that he vanished and i walked into my new life. i found all i ever wanted in it. beautiful furniture modern appliances and almost all the comforts i ever dreamed of. in the garage were a car, a suv, a truck and four wheel bike. in the kitchen the shelves were stocked with foods, as was the refrigerator. the bedrooms were fabulous and when i got to the master bedroom upstairs there was no doubt. a gigantic round bed greeted me with a private off ice just next door, and ten bank books with ten figures each in them as well as a stack of cash sat there with my name on it. the bathroom was out of this world, a shower, cast iron tub, jacuzzi and sliding glass door to a private deck with a hot tub. i walked around and then back down to the basement. i went down there and found myself face to face with every single sex toy and device in one room that you can think of. then i found them waiting for me there naked.
there were three. one looked like me in the mirror of mind. when i looked in the full size mirror beside me i saw my new self and i felt so lucky. i was now 6’ even. my body firm trimmed tanned and toned, now sported a hairless smooth skin and a nine-inch cock. my face was exactly as it had been only i looked twenty-five again instead of forty-five. so did my mirror image of me that was now alive, naked and walking up to me. he slid a hand to my chest and slightly touched my nipples, which had always been sensitive but now were even more that way. my cock popped up hard and stiff just from his caress. he smiled as he said, “call me dick.”
i smiled back as slid closer still and caressing my nipple he kissed me on the mouth and said, “i will call you my boy.”
his hands slowly let go of me but i sighed at stood there dreamy eyed as he moved to my side. then the second came over. she was simply beautiful and though she was of me she looked better than i ever could have imagined. she was my original height 5’7” and 115 pounds of raw sex appeal. her 40d-24-36 body was toned, trim fit and hairless. she had long wavy blonde hair to her mid back and two blue eyes that sparkled when she slid her hands on my chest and then down to my throbbing cock. her voice was soft and sexy as she chimed out with, “i am pussy for you always.”
the third came over, a bit odd as he looked like pussy but he had a cock like i use to have and he was just as sexy as the female version. his hands took mine and placed them on his soft breast as he said, “call me switch, and watch me roar.”
i turned to them all three and as i tried to figure who would be first, dick took my arm and pulled me to his mouth as pussy slid her hands on my nipples and switch began to kiss and lick my asshole. they seem to pick me up and carry me at this point until i found myself placed on my back on the padded bench near the center. pussy mounted my cock and caressed my chest as dick moved towards my ass and then inserted his cock up me. switch fed me his tots first then he sent his cock to my wanting mouth and as they feasted on me, i went to a new height of pleasure.
switch let me suck him as i wanted and then he caressed my head softly as i drained his cum first. pussy was still riding me and i felt my climax approach just as dick unleashed his load up my ass. i flooded pussy with my own cum and then as if it were just starting, we did it again. we didn’t break stride at all and i was so horny by the time switch unloaded number two in my mouth that i made dick cum from begging for more. pussy was soaked inside and out as she bounced so hard on my cock it sounded like i was beating her. i came over and over again until it poured from her cunt.
then the three of them took me to the hot tub downstairs and we soaked and bathed in the warm water. the four of us french kissed as a group and then as switch sat on my cock, pussy raised her self and mounted my mouth and i ate her while he fucked himself on my prick. dick was quick to play with nipples until i begged him for a taste of his cock. pussy got off and he got my mouth on his cock. by the end of the day i knew what i wanted, i wanted to be pussy, and i wanted dick for my husband. i took really good care of pussy making sure she ate right and played right and got plenty of sleep and sex. by the time summer rolled around and my date with destiny, she was ready for me to change with her so she could fuck me all over.
that night finally arrived as i led her only out to the stone alter in back. i placed her on it and waited for the moon to rise and the wind to blow, as i mounted her at midnight the howling winds brought up a dark storm and when i came in her pussy i felt myself pass out.
i awoke in my bed with dick on one side and my former self beside me, i looked up and as i did switch caressed my new pussy with his fingers and then my real life began. i let them fuck me crazy in all three holes from the balance of the day.
by the time august arrived i was fucked so many times in so many ways i couldn’t ever imagine not being a woman. i took both of the male images of me as husbands to ourselves and switch as my sex toy. then i got a real surprise a few days ago. i had went walking while switch went to town with dick, my former self was now known as biggin and we walked out until we came to the stream near my cabin. in the water were two young horny women in the early twenties. they saw me naked and pounced on me. i let them lick me and eat me until i made them happy and then i turned them inside out with my mouth. biggin joined in and fucked me while i ate them and then i let him fuck them. he liked fucking the red head a lot and wound up running off with her. sally the light blonde was all lesbian until she met switch then the two of them headed for rio. that left me with dick and while i only have one now, it’s all i need. of course we do occasionally find others to join us, who knows maybe we will find you one day.

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  1. creameater

    I really enjoyed this story, it was diffently different, yet very erotic.

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  2. i_like_anything

    boy what i would give for you to do that to me

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