Going for dinner!

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My husband and I go over to my Jane’s house for supper with her. She’s my stepgrandma. She is wearing black jeans and a black leather tank top and boots, She’s 47 but looks 25. She’s about 5’2” and weights about 115 lbs with these small perky titties. We sit down to our meal and Jane reaches ehr ahdn under the table and places her hand on my husband upper thigh. My husband winks at me as I get up and I go over and wrap my arms around his neck. Jane takes off her boots and my husband scoots his chair out from the table. Jane leans over and starts rubbing my husbands big thick cock through his pants. He’s got a 10 inch cock and about 2 inches thick. Jane gets up from the table and stands and kisses my husband Tim. He lifts up her skin tight leather shirt and starts rubbing her titties as their tounges are probing each others. I walk around behind her and slap her beautiful ass sending chills through her body. Watching her shake I unbutton her jeans from behind her. I pull them slowly down to her ankels. Jane stands up and unbottons Tims jeans. I start rubbing her already drenched pussy. Tims tounge goes to her breasts licking and sucking them all over. She starts licking and sucking on my husbands cock loving every minute of it. She lets him stand up long enough to take his jeans and boots the rest of the way off. Then continues to sucking and licking his cock making sure she gets every drop of precum that comes out. I crawl underneath Jane and start licking around her pussy lips making her squirm. I lick her hole and taste her sweet pussy juices that are running out of her. I make her sit down on my face and i probe her pretty little pussy hole with my tounge sticking it as deep in her as i can get it. Tim gets up and lays down on the floor beside me to watch me probe her pretty pussy hole. Jane moans and cums all over my tounge and i get every last drop of cum she could give. She gets off of me and lays beside me and starts kissing me tasting her come on my tounge. She sucks what bit of taste of cum there is off my tounge then works her way down my body playing with my breasts and licking my nipples til they are hard. Tim gets over my face and sticks his cock in my mouth and orders me to suck his cock. Jane goes down to my pussy and starts licking my shaved pussy lips . She makes me squirm and moan as im sucking my husbands cock clear down my throat. She fiinds my clit and sucks it into her mouth and then while in her mouth starts flicking her tounge over it, She then puts 2 fingers in my pussy and starts probing my fuck hole fast. I start to cum so she sticks her tounge in my pussy and licks up all the cum. My husband takes his cock out of my mouth and Jane kisses me i lick and suck all of my cum off her tounge. My husband then gets behind Jane and sticks his dick in her pussy and fucks her hard while i crawl underneath them and get as far up to her clit as i can and lick her pussy til they both cum. We then lay in the dining room for a little while and go at it again later.

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