Good Morning, Darling

The light from the floating curtains floods in on the bed, creating a soft glow in the room in the early hours of the day. I lift my head up to glance at the clock and see that it is still just barley six am. You stir slightly in your sleep and I pull slowly away to make a quick trip to the bathroom. I return to find you flat on your back, and stretched out on the bed. I giggle as I perch on the edge of the bed, and slowly run my fingers down your side, knowing that’s where you’re most ticklish. I straddle your legs and gently play with your warm body in various places. I lean over, and take your thick nipple into my hand, pinching and rubbing slightly, and taking over with my mouth. Running my tongue over the hardened peak several times, you twitch slightly. Suckling soon takes place of the licking, and you moan softly, still lost in your dream world.

Leaving a trail of kissed down over your belly, I make my way downwards. As I reach the area I was looking for, a rather stiff and bobbing pole greets me as I touch it in endless wonder. The velvety softness contrasts the hardness of you. I run my hands gently over it, and rub slowly, getting ready to take you on. I bring myself forward, flip my long hair out of the way, and claim a hold of you in my mouth. The tip is already covered in a slight cream, making itself a natural lubrication. With my mouth wrapped fully around you, I started to take you in, flicking my tongue over you so that it adds alteration to the steady up and down motion. I pull in hard, starting off with fast, even bobs, and keep up a steady array of motions. I look up to your face, and find you finally awake, with a look of puzzlement, and laugh silently to myself. I pull myself up to claim your lips with mine and we share a passionate kiss. “You have awakened, my pet, good morning to you…” I whisper, and slowly snake downwards again.

A deep chuckle seeps from your lips and you hold me to you. “Good morning,” you return and run your hands through my hair, which is billowing around you. “What a way to wake up..” I smile gently, and grin. “Shall I continue?” I whisper, and dip down below, and claim you in my mouth once again. A moan escapes from you as I take you between my lips. I return to a fast and steady pace, and hold on to it for a good fifteen minutes or so. You are now to the point of thrashing, and just as I feel my sore mouth can’t take anymore, you stiffen and deliver a load of warm, sweet liquid and I greedily take it down. I hold you in me still as your body and member cools down. After you have drawn back in, I finally release you. “Happy Valentine’s Day, darling,” I whisper in your ear, and kiss your neck gently.

You meet my glare, and grasp my shoulder with your strong hand. “Over,” you command, and flip me onto my back. “What are you doing?” I ask as I giggle, and you smile wickedly as you claim my nipple in your own mouth. “Oh, yes,” I whisper, as the familiar waves of pleasure claim my body. You return to my mouth to call out my tongue to come play, and play we do. I squeal as your hand pokes into places I wasn’t expecting just yet, and giggle as your finger glides into me. “Mmm,” I moan into you, and you release me from your slow torture to venture to another. You spread me open, stick out your tongue teasingly, and dive in. You grasp onto that special bundle of nerves and flick it. A rush of lights come quickly, and calls me to join them.

You chuckle as my back involuntarily arches, and tries to get my body closer to your teasing mouth. “Please,” I cry, not really knowing what I’m crying for, but you deliver that very thing. Your pace is rash, but brings me into the lights of pleasure only you can bring on. You stop for a split second to pull me closer, and dive right back in. “SHIT!” I scream as the waves finally pull me under, and you stay with me through the entire trip. “Uhhhh,” I moan as you return to me, and claim my mouth to yours once again. You pull slightly away, and lock your eyes with mine. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too,” you whisper, and we curl together until the alarm officially goes off. “I love you,” you whisper, and kiss behind my ear. “I love you too, sweetie,” I return, and run my hand along your back. The alarm sounds, and we exchange a look of discontempt. You hit the OFF button, and pull me under the covers with you. “One more round, shall we?” you say, and I agree. Another morning has come.

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