Great Bi Experience and Fantasy

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been a closet bi. Let’s
just say I had an early eyeopening experience, and being
a horny guy, couldn’t get the memory out of my head.

Anyway, I’ve had this fantasy for years about going
to a spa for a message and getting way more. I lay on the table
and the male massues starts on my chest and down my sides.
Then he moves to work on my feet and on my calves. Working
his way up one leg, then back down to the other. He works his
way to the inside of my thighs, very high, near my sack but
never touching it. For some reason, my cock slowly begins
to swell. He asks me to roll over onto my stomach, which I
do dissapointedly. He bigins on my upper back with his firm
oily hands. He works his way to my lower back, pushing my
towel down slightly. Working his way up one leg, then back
down to the other. The higher he goes on my thigh, the more
I slightly lift my ass for some reason. He begins to work
his hands higher on my thighs, pushing my towel up to the
bottom of my naked as. Then, he says he needs to remove my
towel as I seem to be very tense. He messages my ass, pulling
the cheeks apart slightly. Never getting overly sexual,
but always coming close to the hot spots, only to leave them
to simmer. I now have a raging hardon that I am laying on.
All of this time he is talking to me in hushed tones about
what he is doing, how I am responding and what he will do next.
He moves to the end of the table, telling me he needs to get
a better angle on my shoulders. I am disappointed, but not
for long as his semi hard cock brushes the back of my hand
that is hanging off the end of the table and I feel it twich.
It is a nice size, not too ong or thick and not too small, about
6 1/2″ long. As he rubs my shoulders, his cock accidently
brushes my hand a couple of more times, each time it’s
getting harder. And each time I push against it a little
more and for a little longer. After a few minutes of this
I say, “Looks like you have something that needs to
be messaged too.” He asks, “Would you mind helping
me out?” So I reach for his cock and start to rub it through
his shorts, noticing he has no underwear. I tell him his
shorts are in the way and he removes them, only to continue
messaging my shoulders. As I rub his cock and balls, he starts
working his way down my back, saying we should both be free
of cover. This moves his cock closer and closer to my face.
Eventually it is right at my face and I take it in my mouth.
As I suck his beautiful dick, he messages my ass and slips
an oily finger in it. As he does this, I rais my ass and he slips
another oily finger in it. This makes me suck his cock harder
and deeper. He whispers, I want fuck you, and I groan with
pleasure. I let his cock go and he comes around the table,
slipping a pillow under my midsection to raise my ass. He
gets on the table and positions his cock at my waiting hole.
With a gentle thrust he enters my well lubed hole and I feel
so full and wonderful. He fucks me with long slow strokes
and I moan in pleasure. After about 15 minutes he cums in
my ass and I cum on the table.

Well, one day while cruising through an adult hookup website,
I get contacted by a man that is coming to my area. We start
chatting about what really gets us going, and he is very
receptive to my fantasy. I explained to him that I am an anal
virgin and am married. He tells me when he’ll be in town
and that he will be gentle. I agree to meet him the next day
at his hotel room.

When I get there he is an older man, slight in build but very
pleasant. I come in and he offers me something to drink,
but I decline.

“Would you like a message to feel more comfortable?”,
he asks.

“Thanks, that would be nice”, I reply.

I undress, wrap a towel around me and lay on his message table.
His hands are firm but gentle, and he begins to message me
as I’ve always fantasized. Eventually, I get the nerve
to feel his cock, it is bigger than I thought and I get nervous.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle, ” he says.

He messages my ass for a long time and begins to play with
my anus. He works one, then two, then three, fingers in it,
gently stretching me.

As he slides behind me he whispers in my ear, “Are you
ready?” I nod in reply.

I feel his lubricated condom covered cock press against
my hole. Gently at first and then more forceably until he
breaks through. Oh, god, his cock fills me so nicely.

He moans, “you feel so good. I love your ass.”

“Fuck me gently please, oh I love this.”

He proceeds to gently fuck me for 10 minutes until he cums.
Then asks me to roll over. He goes down on my cock and sucks
me off. I last all of 1 minute and cum exceptionally hard
in his mouth. I feel so good. As if I’ve had the most blissful

I’d like to meet someone else to do this with again.

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Great Bi Experience and Fantasy, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. blowhard

    A nice story, but a small correction, “message” is spelled “massage”. Otherwise very nice.

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  2. creameater

    who cares about the typos and grammar errors, my cock is throbbing, great story!!

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  3. creameater again

    still makes my dick hard

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