Happy Birthday To ME

Hello readers! I know it has been a long time since I have posted a story, but I have been busy with college classes. Here is my new experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Note: One of the characters in my story, Anthony, is someone that I have had a crush on ever since I had met him. If you didn’t know the story between me and Shannon, read some of the other stories I have written. You will get the idea.

It was November 22nd 2002, a saturday night, and me and my best friend Shannon were getting ready for my hotel birthday party. Since it was my 19th birthday, I was having a hotel party with just me and some of my friends. I had already rented the room out until Monday morning at check out time. It wasn’t going to be anything fancy or formal, just casual and confortable. Therefor, I was wearing my dark blue flare leg jeans and a baby blue old navy tee. Shannon was a little more dressy in her black flare leg dress pants and a white tank top with a black jacket over it. We finished our hair and make up just in time before our other friends got there. Rudy showed up with her boyfriend and Terrell came with his boyfriend. Anthony, Chris, Jake, Tiffany, Michael, Erika and Lewis all came seperately. We partied the night away by drinking mostly. There was a wide variety of alcohol to choose from so we had no trouble getting trashed. My drink of choice was either a cold Bud Light, Colt 45 Double Malt, or Hennessee Cognac. By about 5am sunday morning a few of my friends had cleared out. Me, Shannon, Anthony and Chris were all sleeping in the bed and Tiffany and Jake were both laying on the floor. I only realized this because I stepped on Jake as I was walking to the bathroom. He didn’t seem to mind much though. At about 1pm everyone that was left decided to wake up for the day. Tiffany and Jake had to go home so the 4 of us that were left decided to go for a swin in the hotel’s inside pool and hot tub. We went downstairs and into the pool area. It was completely empty as far as people went, we were the only ones there. That was fine with me though. We started off in the pool but Shannon and me were starting to overheat so we moved to the pool and the boys joined us. We swam a little, messed around, and splashed each other. When we finally go too cold we decided to go back up to the room to clean up. Chris, then Shannon got out of the pool. I was partially up the ladder when i felt Anthony’s hands on my hips. He pulled himself up behind me and whispered in my ear ” I have your birthday present. You will get it when it is time.” With that said I climbed out of the pool and he followed me upstairs. One by one we showered and got dressed. Chris and Anthony decided to go to the store and pick up a few things for snacking purposes. They weren’t gone too long and when they got back, Chris and Shannon went to pick up the other alcohol from Chris’s friend. I sat down on the bed and Anthony came and sat next to me. I begged him innocently for my present (acting like I had no idea what it could possibly be). I knew what he wanted to give and I was ready get it. He told me my surprise was almost ready but I had to close my eyes. He picked my feet up and layed them on the bed. He rubbed his hands up and down each of my legs making me very relaxed. I felt his hands reach up and grab my waist. He began pulling off my shorts and was pleased my the fact that I did not have on any panties. He lowered his head between my thieghs. He flickered his tongue against my clit and sent chills up my spine. My body tensed up momentarily. To Be Continued…

Look back in a day or two for the 2nd half of my story!

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