Harry's downfall

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Harry rang the door bell. It was a warm and sunny day and the heat was starting to get to him. No answer, so he rang it again. He looked at his watch and began to wonder where the Robins were. After all they were the ones that specified the time. Starting to get annoyed he was about to ring it for the last time when he heard a voice call from the back garden.
“We’re around here. Come on through.” It sounded like Derek Robins so Harry made his way down the path to the gate that led to the rear yard.
Going through the gate he saw both of the Robins – Derek and Jan – lounging by the pool. He grinned to himself. Jan Robins was a MILF of the very best kind, he could tell. He kept his composure but the thoughts that ran through his mind started to make his cock twitch.
“Sorry about that Harry,” Derek apologised, “it’s such a great day and we totally fogot about you coming around this afternoon. Hope you weren’t waiting long. Take a load off.” Jan smiled up at him and he swore that he saw her tongue momentarily sweep over her full lips. Harry sat down before his swelling member became too obvious.
“Can I get you something to drink?” Derek offered.
“Still on duty, but I’ll grab a soda if you’ve got one.” Harry responded.
Derek produced a tumbler of something cool from a small chest next to his seat. “There you go.” Handing over the cool glass.
Harry took a long sip of the lemonade and set it down next to him. “So, have you thought about the proposal we discussed last time we met?”
Both the Robins replied together, “Yes. Yes we have.” Jan continued, “We do like what your investment portfolio is offering but we do have things that aren’t performing right now and we’re not too sure about investing more in the current climate. To be honest, I feel we are over extended and should probably drop something.”
Harry thought, yeah, like that swim suit so I can play with those fabulous tits. Whoa! he shook himself inwardly. Where did that come from he thought to himself. He was the consumate professional never letting his mind wonder on a deal and especially in front of clients.
“Ah, well, I can understand your point, but you do know that the best time for investment is at the bottom of the cycle.”
Derek responded this time, “Very true. But we are self funded at the moment and with the way the funds are going, we are seeing negative returns on the investments. To be honest going in and out of funds wouldn’t fill the gap that’s widening right now.”
Yeah, like the widening gap my cock would make in your mouth or Jan’s cunt. Good grief! he startled himself.
“You OK Harry?” Derek asked? “Your looking a little flushed. Too much heat?”
Yeah, too much heat in my cock that Jan’s wet cunt might help with. Beads of persperation appeared on Harry’s forehead. “Ye..yes. I think so.” he muttered and shook his head slightly to rid his minds eye of the picture of Jan and Derek slobbering over his hard dick.
Derek moved toward the patio ad directed Harry to a seat in the shade. “Honey, can you get Harry some cool water. He might need it.”
Harry looked up, “Yeah. Yes, thanks.” Jan returned with another glass. Harry drank it all straight down and felt the coolness spread from his torso, cooling him down. Things suddenly became crystal clear like the weather just after a summer storm. And that was all he remembered from the afternoon.
He woke up, well, became conscious and with his eyes closed felt he was in a bed. Things slowly became apparent, like the sticky wetness that seemed to cover him. Still with his eyes closed he raised his left hand to his face and felt something splattered over his face but drying and smelled slightly musky. He tried to open his eyes but they responded slowly as though something was crusted over them.
He wiped firmly then realised that his face was covered in sperm. He sat upright in the bed. It was his bed in his home and the TV on the wall opposite the bed was on and playing some kind of porno. He looked at his arms and the rest of his body. He was naked and almost coated in jism from head to foot. There was no sign of his clothing but his bedroom definitely looked like the aftermath of some college frat party.
Empty beer bottles and cans, empty bottles of wine – the Margaux no less! – spirit bottles littered the floor. Other detritus – pizza boxes, packets of crisps etc – were everywhere. What happened? He tried to remember but could only remember up to him visiting the Robins place. He could remember feeling horny as hell and wanting to fuck Jan Robins on the spot and probably Derek as well.
He looked at the TV again and realised that the porno that was playing was starring him. He was on his knees in front of a group of about six or seven people – women and men – taking turns to lick cunts or suck on cocks. He didn’t recognise the location until the shot panned across the room to show it was his living room. As he watched one of the guys whose cock he was sucking on pulled back and shot an enormous load into his face that dribbled down his chest. The woman next to him stood and played with herself then jetted a warm liquid over him as well.
Then Derek Robins face appeared on the screen along with Stu Bench – another of his clients – and both of them looked into the camera and said, “I hope you like the movie Harry, because there is a lot more to do. We’re going to make sure we get the most out of this investment!” They both smiled and turned away from the camera. The image blurred then fuzzed and the scene changed to a neat and tidy room – his living room he realised – before three muscled and toned guys looking about 35 walked into the room leading Harry. One then pushed Harry on the shoulder down onto his knees then pulled out his stiffening cock and Harry greedily sucked it down. One of the others moved behind Harry and eased off is pants before rimming his eager arse then being very vocal about fucking his hole. Harry realised that this was the start of the “movie” and now started to understand why his arse was a bit sore. Oh My God! Harry thought to himself. He turned to pick up the phone by the bed and tried to call the police. No dial tone. Damn.
He looked for his iPhone, but it wasn’t on his bedside table. He got out of the bed, now realising he was crusted n drying semen and scouted through the trashed house. He went to his office and saw that his computer was gone. His filing cabinet was missing. He raced to the living room and swung a picture away from its place on the wall, opened the safe that was there. Empty. Shit. Shit Shit. He started to panic.
Harry went into his bathroom to shower and clean himslef up. Walking through the robe to the bathroom he noticed that all of his clothes were missing. Underwear, socks, shoes, the lot. Gone. What the fuck is happening?
Harry stood in the shower, strong and hot for a good ten minutes trying to remember, trying to work out what was going on. Out of the shower he wrapped a towel around himself and thought that the neighbours might be able to help. He was on a large and private lot and the thought or walking around with only a towel wrapped around himself was a good reason for embarrasment but he should be able to talk it round. When he got to the front door he saw new locks fitted and he knew immediately he didn’t have keys for those. The same with the back door and the windows. FUCK! he screamed out. Why is this happening??
He grabbed a chair to smash a window but then remembered that he had had triple glazing installed before last winter. The salesman at the time had commented that they were all but unbreakable. Crap!
He sank into one of the large lounge chairs, brushing aside bottles and various wrappers. Just as he was about to get up, he heard the click and turn of a door handle. He grabbed a chair again and brandished it. He dropped it when he saw who walked in the door.
Jan Robins stood in the doorway and he could see Derek and Stu Bench behind her. Jan had on a light but full length coat and he noticed a pair of highly polished spiked heels at the bottom.
Jan looked at Harry and said, “Good, you’re awake and have showered. Half way to getting ready for tonight.” She smiled.
“What the fuck is going on!” Harry shouted back at her. Too slowly he responded when he saw Stu walk toward him lift something and press it against his right thigh. A loud crack/zap sounded and Harry was writhing in agony on the floor.
Stu smiled and said, “That cattle prod did come in handy. Thanks for reminding me Derek.” Harry lunged in an attempt to grab the prod but was too slow. Stu delivered another stinging blow to his other leg.
Jan called out, “Careful, you don’t want to damage the goods too much. We are charging a premium for his high grade meat.” Harry looked at Jan again. She had removed her coat and stood before him in a black body-hugging leather outfit that allowed her tits to hang free. She took his chin in her hands, “Yes sweety, look all you like. I might even play with you sometime tonight. But right now, you need to tidy up this shit hole and get it ready for our paying customers. They will start to arrive in an hour. Now move.” And she slapped his face hard.
“No!” Harry bellowed and stood up. Stu swung the cattle prod around again and give him a zap on one of his arse cheeks. Harry went down again writhing in pain.
“Well, I hoped it might have been easier than this, but you leave me no choice darling.” Jan said as she pulled out a syringe. Derek and Stu held Harry down while she injected him. He felt that familiar cool rush and blast of clarity then nothing.
Harry came to again lying on a bed, his bed. Again he could feel sticky jism all over him and his arse was on fire. He had to admit, other than that, he felt OK. Not tired or hungry. He opened his eyes and saw a sheet of paper taped over the TV against the wall.
He eased out of bed and looked at the paper. It was a set of instructions for him to wash and shave completely. Make sure the bedsheets were changed and the house was neat, clean and tidy. He looked around. There was rubbish lying around again, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Was it yesterday? He had no idea of the time or the day. He looked outside. The sun was shining high in the sky so he assumed somewhere near midday.
He tried to turn on the TV. He couldn’t find the remote and when he turned it on manually there was no reception. His stereo was gone but three large screen TV’s had appeared in the lounge room and another two where his dining table used to be. Where is my furniture he wondered.
Resigned for the moment he decided a shower was probably a good thing. Fifteen minutes later he was clean again and standing in front of the bathroom mirror shaving. Just as he finished he heard the front door opening and voices. He recognised Jan Robins voice. He felt a flutter in his cock, although a prisoner, he really wanted to see those tits again. He might even get to play with them or suckle on those big brown nipples.
Before he knew it, Jan was standing behind him with the same outfit on and he could see the tits right there. His cock was now like iron and standing proud.
Jan smiled, “Well, a little more like it. A nicer way to be greeted don’t you think?” She reached out and gently stroked his hard dick. “Going to play nicely today?” Harry nodded and allowed his cock to be fondled. He reached up and almost got to touch one of Jan’s breasts before his hand was gently slapped away. “Oh no not yet. You will have to earn that particular prize sweety.”
Harry looked into her sweet face, full lips and hazel eyes and allowed the pleasurable feeling of his cock being stroked to wash over him. “Why?” he asked.
“You have been a very naughty boy Harry.” Jan responded. Just then Derek and Stu followed into the bathroom and Stu continued.
“Yes, we found out about a lot of things that we were paying for.” Harry looked at Stu and realised that he had been caught out. “We discovered that there aren’t realestate developments going on in Spain. There aren’t factories being build in Poland. But there is a Gulfstream IV jet in a private hangar at the airport and an island in the Med. There is a considerable collection of expensive wines. There is a drug money laundering operation. Do I need to continue?”
The hand stroking Harry’s cock had stopped and was now gripping it and his balls were being squeezed, firmly but not yet painfully. Jan then added, “So you see darling, we quite literally have you by the balls. If you did try to go to the police, we have enough evidence to send you down for a very, very long time. So long, you would probably never see the light of day again. If you went to your cartel boss, well, he might just put a bullet through that sweet face of yours if he really knew where some of his money was going. And if you just tried to set up business somewhere else, well, we have some very lovely films of how you spend your spare time that not all of your prospective clients may agree with.” She twisted her hand and squeezed harder on his balls and pain started to lance into his gut.
“And yes, you have been very clever to date to get away with things for as long as you have. Sadly for you, the markets have soured and it is much, much harder to cover things up. Fortunately though, this lovely body of yours and this nice house gives some of your existing clients a way to recoup and possibly expand on their investment. Mr Mendez has agreed to turn you over to me in return for an occassional favour…he does have some peculiar tastes I have since learned.”
Harry raised an eyebrow at this last piece of information.
“Yes Harry, I know Carlos Mendez. i was his chief chemist for many years. Who do you think came up with the particular cocktail that was administered to you? Did you like it by the way? I have to be very careful with it.” she smiled again, “So, what will it be tonight? You want to remember something or are you going to be difficult?”
Thoughts spun through Harry’s mind. He was a big guy. Towering over Jan Robins, albeit when she didn’t have her hands wrapped around his balls he could easily have pushed her aside. Stu was a different matter. Over 50 but still in peak physical condition and probably too much for Harry to handle right now.
“OK, you win” Harry acquiesced. Just as Jan released her grip on his cock and balls he made to grab her from behind, one last ditch attempt to get out, where to and naked as well who knew but he had to try. Just as he moved he felt a steel collar snap around his neck and he was then yanked backwards very hard so he ended up on his back before he actually got hold of Jan.
Stu had been ready. he knew or at least didn’t trust Hary at all and the steely look in his eye added to the fact. “Thought you might try something boy.” Stu said and put a boot on Harry’s chest to hold him down. “Derek,” he called out “You ready?”
Derek appeared at the bathroom door with a branding iron, all sizzling hot and menacing. Stu leered at Harry, “You wanna try that move again boy?” Harry’s hard cock visibly shrank and he curled his legs away from the implement.
Jan raised her voice, “Now come on you men.” and she got Derek to lower the iron. “He’s worth way more to us untarnished. Derek, you put that thing away. Stu, you should know better than to bring any more of your farm tools here.”
She looked at Harry again, “So, playing nice or…?” Harry nodded again.
“I ain’t letting him off the leash though Jan.” said Stu “Ain’t ever gonna trust this bastard even if I do have my dick in his arse.”
Harry stood and Stu played out a couple of metres of steel chain. Jan smirked. “It might be a good theme for the evening, and Carlos said he might stop by. I think he would enjoy that.”
Harry was led to the entrance hall and the chain fastened to a bolt in the floor. Jan gave him something to drink that made him feel horny as hell again to the point he was masturbating without even caring who might be watching or looking. A stinging lash went across his back, followed by Stu yeling at him, “Stop it boy!”
Jan responded and apologised, “My fault Stu, that one worked a bit too quickly. Seems he metabolises the drugs faster than I expected. Cuff his hands away from his cock so he can’t play with himself. That way when the guests arrive he can give them a proper greeting.”
Stu did so and Harry felt like he was going to explode from overwhelming sexual heat but Jan was right, when the guests started arriving, Harry was on his knees and sucking cocks, licking cunts and arses or whatever in an effort to sate his sexual urges.
Harry lost track of time. he hadn’t seen so many people in his house before and didn’t recognise any of the faces. Stu came to him about an hour after the last guest arrived and removed the chain from the floor bolt and led Harry into the living room and refastened him to amnother bolt there. Harry was as hard as a rock, his whole boady felt hard. He then felt hands caressing is body and he looked to see men and women stroking his hard body. A naked woman had a bottle of oil that she rubbed over his body, massaging his shoulder and back. Another one held up a bunch of grapes to his mouth while she flicked her tongue across his firm and sensitive nipples.
The woman with the oil speard his arse cheeks and applied a good amount of oil to his hole. So much so that some was leaking down his legs. He was almost trembling in ecstasy and noticed a man and woman kneel in fron of him and share his cock, sucking and slobbering over it. Another man moved behind him and started to finger his hole. Harry looked around and saw that the TV screens were all showing various porn movies and the air seemed to be filled with an aroma he couldn’t place, a spice that made him feel energised.
Harry looked again and saw Jan sitting in a lounge chair with her legs apart and Derek and Stu both between licking her cunt and arse. She was staring at him while playing with her tits.
He could feel the cum building but somehow he knew it wasn’t to be released. he stood chained in the centre of the room and allowed the others to have their way with him, men and women alike. He didn’t know how long he stood there. People came and went, leaving their mark whether it was cum or piss or both. Harry felt so hard and accepting, so pleased he was being used.
Then Carlos appeared in front of him. The Columbian was not as tall as him but well muscled and he had a leer of his own that banished any other thoughts. Carlos cock stood proud and dripping pre-cum. A naked woman crawled to kneel in front of him to take his hard dick in her mouth. He gently pushed her aside and Harry noticed he was carrying something in his right hand. Carlos now stood in front of Harry, their dicks touching pulsing with the blood rushing through them. Carlos leaned in and firmly bit on Harry’s left nipple and with his right hand applied a mild electric shock to his cock. Another shock coursed through his body then another. Harry felt himself tighten even further all the while his mind screaming for release.
Carlos then knelt in front of him and applied a mild shock to his balls. Without wanting to his cock erupted with cum that Carlos greedily lapped up. His balls were zapped again and again cum spat from his cock. He was being milked, Jan’s gift for Carlos. Carlos then stood and went over to Jan and kissed her with a mouthful of his semen. Harry watched as the white fluid passed from one to the other.
A small thought lodged in his mind about escape and getting back to his rightful place. He leered at Jan while she enjoyed the milkshake from Carlos and the cocks of Derek and Stu and by now two other men that he did not recognise. He licked his lips and thought of plunging his hard cock into her hot wet cunt, of fucking Derek while sucking on her tits, of having Stu suck his cock while licking cream from her cunt.
Their gazes were locked together and he was thinking he was no longer sure whether the thoughts were his own or she had planted them there.
He knew that he would rise again. He knew he would have her and ravish her and debase Carlos and Derek and Stu with cum and piss. He knew it but for now he would wait.

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