Heart of Stone – 3

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

The young man shook his head. “I wish I was,” he told his wife, “but I’m not. The master’s statue has come to life.”

If it were anyone else, Miriam Jenkins would have thought the man had been drinking. It was, in fact, the only way that one could explain such a preposterous story, and yet, Miriam Jenkins knew her husband, Ronald, and she knew that there was no way that drink could be a part of this story.

But how then did one explain such a story.

Ronald Jenkins had come to work as an apprentice to Giuseppe Fiorillo. Although somewhat eccentric, the older man was a skilled and creative craftsman and they both knew that Ronald was very lucky to have this position.

But how then did a statue come to life.

“Is it possible that Giuseppe somehow put some kind of, I don’t know, robotics or something in there,” the girl asked.

Her husband gave her a withering look. “Come on, I work with the guy. We’re talking about solid marble. No, there’s no robotics, no bells, no whistles. There are no hidden mirrors. It’s just a statue or at least tat’s what it was up until the day before yesterday.”

“Well, there has to be some explanation.”

“That’s what I say, too, but quite frankly, I’m at a loss to come up with one.”

Miriam Jenkins shook her head. There was no way she could disagree with anything that her husband had said. There had to be an explanation, but what?

“You’re saying that the girl paid no attention to Giuseppe?”

“None at all,” her husband replied. “Treated him almost as if he didn’t exist.”

“Well, I must say that is rather cheeky of her. I mean, after all, he’s the one who created her.”

“I kind of thought so, too.”

“And how is Giuseppe taking it?”

“How do you think he’s taking it? He’s taking it hard, really hard. He’s devestated completely.”

Miriam thought that one over. “You know, I think I should like to meet this girl. Do you think that can be arranged?”

Her husband smiled wanly. “The only one she doesn’t seem to have time for is Giuseppe. For everyone else, she has all the time in the world.”

“Then do it,” Miriam told her husband. “I want to meet her.”

The next day, Ronald Jenkins came home from work with a naked woman in tow. “This is my wife,” he said as he introduced the girl to his wife. “She wants to meet you.”

Miriam looked at the girl admiringly. She hadn’t seen the statue before when it had just been solid marble but she had had it described to her and the girl was just as she pictured her with long, blond hair, stunning eyes and firm, round tits. “Oh my,” she told the girl, “don’t you look beautiful?”

“Thank you,” the girl replied.

“I understand from what Ronald tells me that you’ve been quite a busy girl, spending time with lots of men.”

“I love men,” the girl gushed. “I love them and I love their cocks. I love them so much.”

“Really? Only men? Tell me, have you ever done it with a girl before?”


“You’ve said you’ve been busy with the boys but if that’s all you’ve been doing, then you’re ignoring half the population. So, I was asking you if you’ve ever done it with a girl before, and if you haven’t, well then, perhaps you should try.”

The girl looked at Miriam and Miriam looked back at her. “I haven’t done it with a girl before,” she told Miriam, “and I think you’re right. Maybe, I should do it with a girl.”

Miriam grinned at the girl and then as her husband watched, she began to remove her clothes and soon, she was just as naked as the girl who was watching her. “Well, if you really mean that,” she said, “then there’s no time like the present.”

The girl stared at Miriam. “What should I do,” she asked in a hushed whisper.

Again, Miriam grinned at the girl. “You leave that to me,” she told the girl, and then Miriamm was leading the girl into the bedroom. She pushed the girl onto the bed, and then she was sliding between the girl’s legs.

The girl moaned as she felt the other woman press her tongue up against her clit and then she moaned again. Her legs flailed on the bed as the other woman drove her tongue even deeper into her cunt and then she gasped as Miriam’s tongue found her clit.

“Oh yeah,” the girl groaned even as Miriam’s tongue continued to work her clit. Her hands seemed to find their way to her tits and the girl moaned again even as that tongue worked her over.

Miriam pulled her mouth from that clit and she looked up at the girl even as her fingers continued to work the girl’s cunt. “I see you like this,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” the girl groaned even as her hands squeezed her tits. “It feels so good. Lick me again. Do it, please!”

Miriam grinned even as she slid her mouth back between the girl’s legs, and the girl began to moan anew. Her moans became more frantic even as her hands continued to work her full, round tits.

Ronald Jenkins enjoyed watching his wife work the girl over. It wasn’t the first time he’d watched his wife so something like this. He liked watching his wife spend time with other women, and as he watched, Ronald Jenkins couldn’t help pulling his cock out of his jeans.

The man groaned. His wife was just so sexy but then, so was the girl on the bed. The man groaned again. His cock was just so hard. He needed to have it taken care of and he was sure his wife wouldn’t mind.

Ronald Jenkins climbed onto the bed and then he was offering up his cock to the girl. She stared at his cock and then she looked up at him and then she sucked the proffered member into her hot, little mouth.

But as far along as she was, it wasn’t all that long before she was gasping as her pussy gave itself over to Miriam’s questing tongue and then the girl was cumming and cumming and pulling on her tits even as she came some more.

Miriam’s fingers were working the girl’s cunt even as the girl continued to cum. “I see you liked getting your pussy licked,” she told her.

“Oh yeah,” the girl groaned. “I loved it.”

“Well then, how are you when the roles are reversed? When it comes to pussy licking, can you give as good as you get?”

The girl looked up at the other woman. “I don’t know. I guess there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

Miriam turned and looked at her husband. “I like the way this girl thinks.”

The two women changed places and then it was the girl’s turn to kneel on the bed and to let her mouth slide down and slip between Miriam’s legs.

Miriam moaned almost immediately as soon as she took that mouth on her cunt. She looked over at her husband. “Oh my,” she moaned, “she’s good. She’s really, really good.”

Ronald Jenkins already knew that. He could tell just how good the girl was just from the way she made his wife moan. He knew she was good.

And then the man was kneeling behind the girl and pressing his cock against her pussy. The girl was unfazed. She just kept licking Miriam’s pussy even as Miriam’s husband shoved his cock even deeper inside her cunt.

Ronald Jenkins grabbed the girl’s hips and then he was pulling his cock back only to thrust it forward again. Oh fuck, the man thought, this girl was so fucking tight. He pulled his cock back and then he was thrusting it forward again.

“Oh jeez,” Miriam moaned, “she’s good. She’s really good. Oh jeez. She’s going to make me … make me … oh shit, she’s doing it … she’s making me cum.”

Ronald Jenkins knew exactly what his wife meant. The girl’s cunt was just so tight and watching the women fuck had made him so hot. It didn’t take all that much more to get him off so as he watched his wife start to cum, he was cumming right along with her, emptying his cock into the girl’s hungry, little cunt.

And even as he started to cum, he felt it
, the squeeze of girl-cunt as it constricted around his rock-hard shaft. He was cumming and so was she.

“You really are an insolent, little twerp,” Miriam told the girl after she finally pulled her mouth fro
m between Miriam’s legs.

“Why, what do you mean?”

“You have a hell of a lot of nerve. You come here and you fuck us, and God knows, we enjoy it, but Giuseppe Fiorillo created you. He may not have been the one that breathed life into you, but without him, you would not exist.”

“Yes, but–“

“No buts, girl. Fiorillo created you. It was a labor of love, but he created you. He may not have been the one who brought you to life, but he loved you so ask yourself this. Whoever or whatever brought you to life, why did they do it? Why were you brought to life?”

“I don’t know,” the girl stammered. “I don’t want to think about that. Can’t we just fuck again?”

“Try this on for size then,” Miriam told the girl. “Someone wanted you to exist but wanted you to have no interest in Giuseppe. So are you dense or what? Think about the effect that that would have on him, and then think if maybe there’s not someone who might want to do him harm.”

“Who,” the girl asked. “I don’t know. Who?”

“His ex-wife for one,” Ronald Jenkins chimed in.

“That would be my guess,” said Miriam. “So ask yourself this, girl. Do you want to be someone else’s pawn, or do you want to make decisions for yourself?”

“I want to make decisions for myself.”

“Then go to Giuseppe and be with him. He loves you, you know. Be with him and let him love you.”

“I … I … I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. It’s the only way that you can be free.”

The girl hung her head. “I don’t know,” she said pitifully. “I … I … I suppose, that maybe, maybe I can try–“

“Stop being a twerp,” Miriam told her. “Don’t try. Do it. Go and let Giuseppe fuck you. Just do it.”

to be continued …

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